Aesthetics > money

aesthetics > money

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get money to be gaypilled.

even with all fortune, you will have a babe like those.

Imagine putting pussy on a pedestal.

Money buys me freedom to do what I want with my days. This is something legitimately desirable.

Does that still work if I'm a Jow Forums asian?

have sex

As someone who blew a small fortune in college getting laid, taking drugs, and smoking, I can definitively tell you:

Lol. I’d rather have the comfort of knowing I won’t have to work another day in my life, be able to travel to Japan, eat at high end restaraunts, and spend time on my hobbies.

—uggo user

health is side effect of aesthetics so you just confirmed my point you dumbass nigga

you're right, I will

I need money to exercise all day and eat right .

'aesthetics' has nothing to do with health you idiot

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you only need to exercise 3 hrs/week. eating right is cheaper than eating shitty prepared food. cooking food for a week in a crockpot or whatever takes 30 mins to prepare on a weekend max. you're just a neet moron.

Hahaha oof. Yea, sorry bud. Unlucky

he's right though. starving and dehydrating yourself while injecting test is NOT HEALTHY. the healthy way maxs out at the natty look.

you only need to workout twice a week and eat quark+oats+eggs which cost cents to get lean as fuck.


im a girl . money>body, see ya losers

you still need to eat veggies if you want to be healthy. fat+protein are not enough. good thing is that veggies are still cheap as fuck. just fry some spinach with butter instead of eating quark and you're all set.

implying 12% bf with good mass isnt already aesthetic enough to mog +99% of the world

you're right, but the pics in the op are obviously not natty.

Why not?

Bones > Muscles

lmao. only 2 might be not natty, the rest is doable natty if you dont have shit tier genetics including your frame and willpower


Theirs a limit to vanity.
Imagine having more money than half the world
>Now that's power

this is literally just Jow Forums-tier coping for being poor losers

your goal should be /fitbizlitsci/

Get cucked lol

you can have sex for 70$ an hour

Women are trash

Oats are vegetables, retard.

and its not the same when a whore craves and lusts after you because you a greek god or simply only wants your neetbux, dumbass nigga

Trying to sow the seeds of discontent in the Jow Forumsbiz/ alliance seems like a Jew trick user

how to achieve those lines? any specific exercises?

Lose weight fat ass

There are no exercises that target that area. It's a bone that cannot be seen if you have a moderate amount of body fat. The exercise is to stop eating like a pig

yeah, 6-packs are largely just getting below 12% body fat. chicken breasts and rice are the way to go.

stop eating nigga

Girl here, not LARPing, the face is the most important part. I’d rather fuck a skinny chad than a ripped incel.

There's something funny about quoting what I assume to be some sort of Greek or ancient Roman philosopher and relating it to picking up vapid whores on tinder. That shit is pathetic.

wew, oats are fruits of a type of grass. they're commonly classified as grains. yes, they are healthier than other grains, but they are not nutritious as vegetables are.

no shit you dumbass bumass hoe, aesthetics includes face you retard

I don't care about the preferences of women because I am asexual.

Money is the only thing I care about. Just lmao @ you if you waste hundreds of hours of your life in the gym trying to impress roasties.

starvation; I cringe when I see those lines, its just the pelvis.

greek philosopher
he was into guys anyway

rate me, bitch

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3, im a girl. so skinny

>...Anonymous (ID: Vavvj4uF)
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> (OP) #
>Trying to sow the seeds of discontent in the Jow Forumsbiz/ alliance seems like a Jew trick user
ure a poor loser too

Not so good haircut.
Beard needs redefinition
You're almost basedboy. You should have a shape, men shouldn't be women with a flat chest. But rather have large muscles.
Such genetic potential wasted. Go hit the gym and see more sun my man.

ITT: Closeted homos ogling pictures of half-naked men and trying to convince themselves it's about girls

> see more sun
> get free cancer

cope thread
women like muscles on good looking guys
no Jow Forums virgin is gonna become a chad by getting ripped

Why do you assume that it's all closeted homos? Some of us are out and proud of it. We're just fishing for these closeted hubby.

>he thinks literal whores are lusting over him
oh no no no

Face is alright, if you wear clothes that hide the fact you're a manlet you can be easily be a guy above average

0/10 frame
5/10 face

>get more sun, palelet

I'm northern European descent living in the southern Midwest. Uh, no thanks, I'll use spf 50

Jow Forums Jow Forums masterrace

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Yeah as long as you're attractive. Attractive people of any race are attractive. It's just that unattractive people of certain races are super unattractive and that pulls the average down for that race down.

I’ve been ripped and poor for years though, I need to make money so I can go somewhere where the women aren’t all fat and disgusting

What would be a good place to get steroids, paid in privacy internet funny money?

Money > Social skills > Aesthetics

biz hm is the master race

bwahahahahaha cope ugly ass nigger

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I had like 10% body fat in college and girls were repulsed by me.

final redpilled: all chads with abs eat mcdonalds pretty often, you just have shit genetics

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Are you American?

>lifting for women
Not even once

not over him, but over chads

money is cope

either u missing bone frame or are ugly ass shit. its a doggy dog world bro

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Do working on my appareance matters if I'm below 5'8?
Tell me the truth Jow Forums, but be gentle, this is a very sensitive topic for me

I have a pretty decent face and a good jawline but I was skinny and probably too effeminate looking.

two in the center look chill. One on the far right looks like he might suck two balls, the one on the far left looks like it he has told a gf to shove a dildo up his ass, or at least thought about it.

>improving yourself so that you can have sex with herpes dispensers on tinder
imagine being this much of an incel

why not both?