When trump starts regulating crypto, people will flood to XMR

The IRS has already been talking about sending subpoenas to google, facebook and other big tech companies to try and determine if you have downloaded any crypto wallets... not only is this a huge invasion of privacy, but it will show people the true use case of monero, since nobody will be able to tell if you have it or not


regulation is coming, will you be prepared?

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where have you got your monero stored?

What's the point if you can't sell it into FIAT?

there are multiple software wallets out now, the offical GUI is a little clunky but works. there is also Exodus, Monerujo for Android cake wallet for IOS
mymonero is another one
trezor and ledger hardware wallets both work also with the offical GUI

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>selling real money for fake money


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Ok, let me just pay for my groceries with this totally untraceable electronic currency known for it's ties to drug and/or human trafficking then... oh wait, you can't!

>totally untraceable

What is a view key for 500 Alex

elaborate pls

Monero is opt in transparency.

You might as well pull out your cheese pizza collection in line while you're at it. They are going to drag Monero through the fucking mud before this is all over.

What are some actually private coins then?


monero is private but you can voluntarily provide your view-key for tax purposes or whatever u want

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Good thing i'm never fucking doing that then

lightning network is more sustainable than shit like monero
go mine with hidden asics and gaming computers you shitcoin nerds

might as well store your money in a bank

if you're too retarded to understand it than yeah maybe a bank is the best place for you

lightning still doesn't solve the fungibility problem sorry

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Enjoy the irs swooping in on you at the day of the reckoning

Were interested in peer to peer electronic cash that’s private not some tainted boomer e-rocks that cost 6 grand and a week just to move around

yes it does monero is finished
with wasabi and lightning it's no wonder why monero is .008

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Using the wasabi wallet will get your btc flagged for suspicious activity

you probably don't even know about all the bugs monero has
this weakly designed project is for children with gaming computers

Rrright then please go ahead and point me towards the example website where there are some of these 'monero public wallets'. Should be easy if you're not a liar and there's actually a way to do this.

Go ahead, find me a single website I can plug my 'view key' into so I can show the police I didn't buy all those drugs they're accusing me of

I bet not all the hopes and dreams in the world will make you come up with this link for me or anyone, sir.

>posting a bug that was patched over a year ago
You do know bitcoin had an inflation bug right ?

Just wondering, if you trade buy10k in Bitcoin, and then it devalues next to nothing, do you get taxed on the 10k or do you get taxed on is current value?

wasabi is opt-in privacy and opt in privacy is not real privacy because the sheer fact of you using a coinjoin service can put you under suspicion

>Oh user i see that you mixed some of your bitcoins....you want to tell me why you would do that?

with monero its private by default so this problem will never exist

not to mention, in order to use wasabi you need a minimum amount of .1 BTC which is over a thousand dollars....privacy for the rich only?

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You clearly don’t know how view keys work lmao

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yeah just keep deflecting
sorry kid your 1060ti isn't going to make you rich go back to playing minecraft



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Oh so then I'm supposed to just give the police a view key and they what .. just suddenly realize I'm not a criminal by the magic of diffusion or what?

Why are you deflecting so hard? it's just a link, for proof, bud. Should be easy.

hes right though

'money I've been accused of using for drugs' is definitionally not a 'cold wallet' brainlet.

Try harder.

how would monero prevent an inflation bug it's so private who's coins would you reject from consensus

also what did monero do about all the coins unfairly mined under hidden ASICs and FPGAs
nothing their chain is a scam

How fucking dense are you? you can use this on a cold wallet or a hot wallet or whatever fucking wallet you want to call it. A WALLET IS A WALLET

the ABSOLUTE state of these fucking retards

inflation is prevented through pederson commitments that basically guarantees that the amount of inputs is equal to the amount of outputs within a transaction. the math to prove this is pretty simple, and has been audited multiple times

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Did you even read this shit tard? You fucked up here, because there is no way yet to verify funds leaving a wallet!!

"For clarity, there are possibilities to do this. These have been discussed extensively before and implications have been posted in this thread. Furthermore, an important "feature" to do so has been merged into master a few weeks ago. From the pull request:"

monero will fail if it ever gained popularity because it doesn't have a block size limit
it's basically as retarded as bcash
also tari dev fluffy is bought and paid for by all those capital investment groups
total comped scam

its an open blockchain, for the devs to roll back the chain or do something about this would break consensus rules and destroy the integrity of monero, so sadly we have to live with it

but dont forget that bitcoin has the same problem

same problem?
I don't think so it's a free market everyone knows SHA-256 is the algo

monero devs get insider knowledge what algo is next in their scheme and probably sell that info to FPGAs to get them ready for the fork

why's that chart so bouncy for monero
must be some funny business going on with ASICs and FPGAs rigging the rewards in their favor

forgot to post chart
what's up with this shit, is it some kind of fucking joke?

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if you knew anything about monero you would know that these algorithms are developed and announced months before they are actually launched
Part of moneros mission is to keep mining as egalitarian as possible, so when ASICS are detected on the network a hardfork is put out to try and stave them off. currently, an algorithm called RandomX is being developed that will hopefully push ASICs away for a much longer period of time its going to be pushed out in october i think

Trump will not even be in office in 2021.

lol libtard detected

you all are so new it's laughable. i bought bitcoin when people were saying this about bitcoin.
you don't deserve monero anyways, bootlicker.

>MusT Be SoMe FuNnY BusInEss

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You realize with the IRS you are guilty until proven innocent right? Even if you moved to Monro you're still fucked

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Using dumb wapanese cartoons to promote crypto reminds me of this shitshow

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Oh do you have a link to a public facing website that will verify my outgoing transactions without having to give full access to my wallet?

No? Maybe you just need some more time. It's okay I'll wait for you.

Monerotards are so deluded

all exchanges with fiat will delist it
all stores that accept it as payment will remove it

that makes your criminal token completely worthless other than buying drugs. monero tards really are the most deluded fanbois in the entire cryptosphere

heard of moon3d? 10x or 100x your crypto. ez money

you can create a view-only wallet retard

Privacy is not illegal. Why do you lock your front door? Let it open for the public! Go naked to work! Shit on the streets!

ah the classic poonero line

money laundering is just like being naked! say that line to the judge when you get arrested tardboi

low IQ worm, look up for the definition of money laundering.

concealing wealth that wasn't taxed is money laundering moron

You can though.

>buy gold with XMR
>sell gold for fiat

Substitute gold for literally any other physical commodity.

exactly. Now, tell me what this has to do with monero pls.

so, you don't want to tax evade, you don't want to buy drugs and you aren't a criminal. what exactly you want poonero for? you just want to buy dragon dildos without anyone knowing?

what about financial privacy? HMMMMMMM

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Our country is barely run by barbarians. They'll launch like two high profile cases against a Craig Wright type and then give up

>durrr privachi!!
privacy from who moron? who are you trying to hide from? and why?

>inb4 durr naked metaphor

anyone whos looking

Privacy preserves individuality. If all value transfers are public & recorded, privacy is eroded. The erosion of privacy is the deterioration of the self. monero preserves the self.

Exactly my point dick fart. It only confirms incoming transactions. Now tell me how that helps me at all if im being accused if buying drugs with monero? They sure as fuck don't have the alleged dealers view key.

exactly.. thats why the majority of people use banks, so their transactions aren't public. why would anyone ever bother to use your shitcoin if he isn't a criminal?

if you want to use crypto you just make multiple wallets. your shitcoin is a glorified address scrambler without any usecase for the average person that will get banned anyway and become more worthless

even if you could see outgoing transactions it wouldn't really matter because monero uses stealth addresses, so you wouldn't even be able to tell where it went. so in this situation what you're asking for wouldn't even help you

just wondering where did u pick up "low IQ worm" insult from because i am probably the only person on this board to use it, user?

crypto was created to subvert the banking system, if you don't understand this, why are you in this thread?

And thus my point of monero not being 'optionally transparent' is proven and anyone claiming otherwise is lying or completely uneducated.

you are posting on an alt-right image board, your IP/ISP and government are aware of everything you do and if you ever start to write anything questionable your bank account will be closed, your credit cards will be denied, you will be labeled as a nazi.

privacy gives you freedom. projecting from a standing point that you only need to hide criminal things is something a low iq worm would do, if you arent one then give me your passwords, your emails, your phone number and your address, after all you have nothing to hide user? you arent a criminal right =) ?

>crypto was created to subvert the banking system

and the internet was created for the military, whats your point?

literally none of these ever happened schizo nazi incel

so you are saying Amir Taaki never had his bank account closed, he was never blacklisted? should we ask him? Charlie Shrem didnt go to jail? People arent being deplatformed from social media/banks? SF giants arent controling the internet ? Google wasnt caught with proof of lead search engine manager to rig search results for election by project veritas? Cody Willson wasnt framed with pedofilia?

why are you foaming Zooko?


I just want privacy, without you looking at my balance. Cause you might be a thief.

fair point i guess you can provide a small peek into whats going on with a view key but thats about it
why are you using crypto if you're fine with using a bank in the first place? thats my point

Snowden didnt leak NSA is listening to every move u make?
Android/FB/Chrome arent tracking your every move and reselling it to thousands of marketing agencies?
Assange wasnt put in jail and assasinated for leaking CIA backdoors in every possible hardware?
Intel CPUs dont have ME backdoors?
x86 hidden instructions dont exist as proven by xoreaxeaxeax?
You dont go to jail and lose your job in Sweden for saying the truth about refugees and rapists?
You dont go to jail in UK for saying the truth online and being labeled as hate speech/transphobe?

because blockchain isn't just about transfering money dumbass. also, I am pretty sure you and literally everyone else in crypto still uses a bank account

>look all those criminals that got caught!! poonero would help them!
thanks for admitting your shitcoin is for criminals not the average person

can you look at my bank account balance? no. so I already have privacy

dero > xmr

You are a fucking retard in the greatest sense of the word. I hope you are a troll because if not you will stay poor and be a slave to your retardedness

I hope you are all in poonero and have all your money dump 90% when it gets banned. I will be here laughing at you retards when that happens

>telling the world that government is listening to every thing they say do and think against their will is criminal activity
>telling the world CIA has backdoors in every hardware and does psyops is a criminal activity
>telling people that jews are doing psyops to manipulate the human race is criminal activity and you deserve to be deplatformed for telling the truth there are only 2 genders
>telling people the proof that search engines are manipulating search results in favor of their political agenda is criminal activity
>telling people your phone/browser/social media accounts listen to what you say while your device is idle, collect every keystroke and mouse movement you do and sell it against your knowledge is a criminal activity
>revealing that top 1% elite have offshore tax-haven in Panama Papers is a criminal activity and you deserve to have your children suffer for the rest of their lives because you are a criminal and deserved to have a bomb planted in your car for publishing panama papers
>one of the best security researchers on the planet is a criminal for exposing hidden backdoors in hardware

what a tiny bootlicking worm you are, disgusting trash defending his bank account balance because its the only thing he has, monero gives you freedom that is unlinkable to you, unlike with tainted/colored BTC/other open ledgers. they can not deplatform your XMR, they can't silence you because you will always have your own private swiss bank account you retard inbred worm

Imagine going 100% all in on a speculative rising asset. You really are fucking mental. If you don’t have a suicide stack of perhaps the greatest thing created since the internet itself, you are a retard. Stay poor

delusional poonero bagholders are hilarious. stay dumb and poor
take your pills schizo

>can you look at my bank account balance? no. so I already have privacy
so why are you here anyway? Go and be happy with your -2% annual interest.
I like to have my wealth in my hand, w/o trusting others.

you are probably too dumb to notice this but not all crypto are criminal shitcoins

you are pretty ignorant, aren't you. I hope you will get robed after paying BTC to a random guy.

but everything i mentioned is backed with evidence, why cant u refute any of those points?

is Sargon/Peterson a criminal for saying the truth or questioning ((( media ))) propaganda? they need XMR, they are far from criminals, especially Peterson since he is a college professor with a PhD, clearly a criminal that beheads people in his free time

also, lets go for another round

>criminals use AES to safely communicate
>terrorists use AES to safely communicate
>pedofiles use AES to safely spread cheese pizza
>Intel/AMD has AES hardware implementation in their CPUs, cleary Intel/AMD will be banned because they enable criminal activity
>Linux is developed by thousands of companies
>Linux is used by NSA
>Linux is used by ISIS/terrorists to build bombs/navigating rockets
>criminals use cash
>terrorists use cash
>normies use cash

Hope you rope yourself after your poonero stack dumps 90%. stay dumb and poor

so are you saying poonero will help pedos and terrorists and and other criminals hide their money easier than cash? thanks for doing the arguments for me lmao

>Hope you rope yourself after your poonero stack dumps 90%. stay dumb and poor
why should monero dump 90%?

anonimal u will never get ur PR perms back if u keep shitposting here

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>poonero will help pedos and terrorists and and other criminals hide their money easier than cash
People dont deserve financial sovereignty because I dont like them reee.
Thats the entire fucking point

because its gonna get delisted from everywhere and all normies will dump on you

>pedos and terrorists are fine people too!