This is the tastiest dip we'll likely ever see for this thing. Get the fuck in now. It might not be LINK, but it's a guaranteed ×2 within the next few weeks, and that's a very conservative estimate. Usecase is also solid.

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this thread is bearish. We are going to 60vits or even lower until you are scared shitless.

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Make sure you vote for binance listing:

I'm waiting for my next wagie paycheck to buy again

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> Already used by Airbus Defence & Space and Krohne
> Binance pump incoming
2x is too conservative. 4x at least in the next few weeks.

I only have 2300

Feels bad man

My bag is RSR, LINK,VIDT,LIT...

Idex only has 500k available to buy right now.

Someone could market buy the entire order book quite easily

I just realized...
...That the wage cage has a Chainlink fence thing.

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i'm going to be top 1000 today, feels good
how long should it take for my wallet to show up on the list?

It only shows public wallets, all the VIDT in people's exchange wallets don't show up there

What do you need for top 1000?


Are you on crack???

This is a X10 plus as soon as the exchange is announced.

And as far as comparing it to chainlink....lmfa...dude do you understand how markrtcaps work?????

VIDT would have to do a X130 or so to equal Chainlink's current cap.

Only a retard would be buying link over vidt right now....Linkers waiting 2 years for a X10....Vidt will do that this quarter.

4k does it. I'm at 5k rn.

I mean extremely short-term, as in the next two weeks.

stop pretending like dips are good. dips are only good for bears. everybody who is invested in this is financially ruined


I bought at 25 gwei, I'm fine and dandy thanks.

that's why you take profits you retard
protip: bagholders are pseudo-cultists who are just here to shitpost



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ICO was $0.20... so, nope

Heck i got in at 5 cents. This dip is getting ridiculous though