Lets talk about this,

is a better tech then Fantom even nasesary?

up to 100k tps, 0.7 finality, smart contracts, 15 % stacking,
evm, fvm (2020), Transaction cost < 0.01 USD, etc

Even if a better tech comes up, the technical margin will be be pontless

so there will be no need for better tech.

How can you not be ball deap in Fantom?

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when mainnet hits, it will be the have the best tech existing on the market

also Redditors FUCK OFF!

Yep, not only that, they already have many well known players on board developping on fantom. This will take crypto by storm.

this is a cash grab made by scammers.

How can you be so dumb. How can it be a cash grab if team doesn't have a token fund?

Also: Last week, we finished reviewing #Fantom, and it’s got to be one of the best consensus mechanisms we’ve seen in the entire industry. We hope it gets the level of adoption such a high-quality project deserves.

#FTM #crypto #cryptocurrency

Is there even any real FUD?
exept mainnet?

You guys might not believe me, but i'm gonna say it anyway.

I run a fairly large student based organisation around investment and crypto in the college i attend. I happened to meet a dude who was heavily connected with the Fantom team. Now, I am an SE and experienced dev myself, but this guy was on a completely other level. Anyways, he basically told me to buy Fantom (I think it was around 10m mc around that time) and I blindly chucked some money in. He is really confident in it and say it's probably going to be the next eth level gains. Honestly, I have no reason to doubt him, considering all the factors (fast binance listing etc)...

There's none. Only anons trying to accumulate.

And it's at least 2 mainnets in Q3. Not just the opera chain main net

Holding this coin is so comfy just like QNT

what does QNt do?

goes up

i'm ball deep son

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i have 130k fabtom but im worried to get into RSR aswell. should i sell 30k for 300k rsr? i want to be in both.

talk me out of this

With so much tech, this is still so low. Ftm and Lit are golden. As for Lit it just needs a better exchange.

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The Fantom and Coti partnership is much bigger than we originally though.

This is a pump and dump project with a shilling campaign organized on discord by Michael Chang. It's run by a group of korean and chinese. Don't fall for china hustle #150. Lead dev Andre Cronje even admitted the project began as a scam and money grab.

x Token useless
x Private implementation which most businesses will use don't require tokens
x TPS is a lie
x DEV Team owns 70% can dump on you bagholders anytime

Anons avoid this

Why bother? Everyone with a brainstem knows thats false. Are u really that retarded?

Gonna be sweet Reddit nano and iota bagholders become triggered to shit.

the Sheikh of Dubai backed out of a FANTOM deal, get your ropes ready it'll just bleed out in one year.

They cope with a binance listing now lmao, never trust speculative value

do your research and stop lying








Can someone redpill me on Fantom? My tax return is Coming in and I wanna drop it into some Low cap coins.

What about the part where team holds tokens to dump on bagholders

korean pump and dump


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Is 65k fantom enough to make it?

one million to make it and that's already setting the bar low

0 to make it so you won't get dumped on

price wise, can't go too high, if it reaches this year #10 CMC price shoud be around .80 according to todays BTC price.

really optimistic #6 CMC price would be close to $3 I think.

Reddit and normies will buy bags so no worries. They still have no clue yet.

I just need it to hit .10 and I'll be able to pay all my bills. .20 would be great for me

Price prediction in a crazy bullrun like in 2013 or 2017 ?

ten dolla

eventually, it will suffice to be comfy but we need to accumulate as much as possible. I've been dumping my other alts to try and accumulate more FTM.

I heard 100K TPS is total bullshit. Can you back up your claim? Is this another chink scam?

Source and I dump my 150k stack

I'm losing money, sirs?

Shit coin nothing but vapor ware

Hahahahahahaha... this is possibly the worst fud attempt I’ve seen since browsing biz in 2016. It’s Michael Cheng for the record

>It’s Michael Cheng for the record

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Team holds 0 tokens absolute fucking retard

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300k theoretical limit, 80-100k tps in testnet probably about 20k in real world environment. The thing is fantom based bespoke networks can be deployed in parallel and add as much scalability as needed and they all will use FTM for staking and to pay tx fees.

>Andre Cronje
He is an utter scammer. Wanted to see how Constellation DAG solved their problems with TPS, feeless and spam attack etc, asked for their code to do a "code review", when denied he went crazy and just trashed the project. Later joined FTM and never informed Constellation that he worked for, or was in the process of working for a competing project. Slimy Snake. Stay the hell away.

Based and Checked

>80-100k tps in testnet
Where can I find the paper?

Are you unaware tokens are placeholders for a completely different product? Main net soon. Announcement before end of month. Get in waters warm.

1 token serves the same purpose on fantom as other smart contract platforms. Rewards for securing the network and paying for gas

2. Just like ethereum, some may chose to implement private versions some will implement public nets. It all depends on the purpose. You probably couldn't fathom the use of the internet in the 90s and thought all we needed was intranets.

3. Theoretical TPS is 300k, testnet 80-100k and mainnet, 15-30k (still unknown). Scalabikity is not an issue as additional parallel chains can be deployed to ass as much scalability as needed. All of these additional nets will use FTM.

4. Dev team owns exactly 0 FTM. All supply is in circulation except for the validator node rewards.

You are either a 50 IQ retard or a scummy piece of shit trying to scare anons out of a great financial opportunity.

Cool story bro. Nice creative fud. DAG is a shitcoin

T.Constellation bagholder

you should write a book

Add not ass*

New fud?

Go look at his own blog, idiots. You do "code reviews" bitch about not getting enough information from the teams and then join a competing project? Guy is a scammer and so is FTM. Cope some more, desperate bagholders.

>competing project

constellation team is 3 guys and a dog. check the team page lmao

Where's your buy order son? if you really thought FTM was shit, you wouldn't waste your time, writing this low effort FUD, filling out captchas, etc. You are here to buy in cheaper - actions speak louder than words user you can't hide your intentions. I don't waste my time shitting on Chainlink even though I think it's garbage - why would I? I couldn't care less about the project and filter everything related to LINK. People only FUD if they are interested. But what you don't realize is that Jow Forums doesn't affect the price. This isn't a tradeogre shitcoin with zero volume

I think you're the one who is displaying epic amounts of COPE.

Free binance, OKEX and Bittrex listings. OKEX chose FTM as the only other coin other than ETH to stake in their xfutures platform. Every single code review that cam out for fantom has been stellar.

And you're just some salty DAG holder making shit up because of COPE.

Last week, we finished reviewing #Fantom, and it’s got to be one of the best consensus mechanisms we’ve seen in the entire industry. We hope it gets the level of adoption such a high-quality project deserves.

#FTM #crypto #cryptocurrency

anmd the dog should be the only one who codes, that would explain a lot

you're literally retarded if you aren't buying this right now 2 - 3x incoming over the next few weeks.

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What if Bitcoin gets rekt? Would it still pump?

Is that why they are helping people implement the tech without using the token?

I'm waiting for LYM to rise so I can dump my bag there and move over to FTM. Shit hasn't been moving for days while FTM keeps rising, I was so dumb not to jump on this earlier.

Just like some people implement private versions of ethereum based on specific needs, fantom will have private implementations for certain use cases.

A public chain is permissionless where as a private chain is permissioned. In a permissionless/public chain the data is secured in a decentralized manner and is transparent and immutable. A permissioned/private chain is centralized and there are restrictions on who can access it and what can be transacted as well as less anonymous. They both serve a different purpose and should not be looked at as on vs the other because they already co-exist right now. Who's to say that the private chains won't be hashing some data to the public chain as well and being inter-operable that way? Also, I believe it actually speaks volumes to the technology behind Fantom's consensus/stack if enterprises are looking to incorporate what they have in a private solution (think Hyperledger).

easily the most comfy hold right now, shit like IOTA, NEO, VET, NANO reached multi billion market caps and they are all inferior to fantom

didn't see that many free listings and positive reviews in a long time

So Dubai will be private chain for sure.

Part of the implementation may be. Just wait and see.

Kek I love this pasta

The price will plummet if they announce a major partnership that doesn't use the token.

I heard there is a lot of fud on FANTA, founders scammed old people out of money and dumped coins on market and rekt investors after launch. also I think the tech is vague, and there are no specific use-cases. smart-city is so generic and does not mean shit. the kid in the chat, chan is also scammy. i saw some pm's between him and a reviewer, and he seems like a rat. not touching this shitcoin, even if it scammed its way onto binance. vapourware. watch out anons, dont get rekt

how high?

stop fucking lying they whole about 60 percent rn

CEO is a known NWO elite pedofile
he was arrested yesterday at the chinese border trying to smuggle baby organs

Every single shitcoin after NEO has proven that the day muh mainnet goes only is only followed by a dump

Chainlink? Tomochain?

You are such a retard. They hold 0 they burnt all their tokens

lol I hope you get dumped on. learn to do research

Whatever happened to Dubai news in 3 days?

Stopped reading here

No you fucking 80IQ brainlet. Team holds no token. Anyone can verify that information. You are beyond hope

theyre actually holding tokens to fund their development

source: conje's oh hey matty interview

This one's a bit unique in that every partner gets their own mainnet.

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whaa so how are they going to fund development?

They secured funding by selling tokens already and secured funding from VCs and grants

Michael Chen said they got enough fiat to enable the development for at least two more years

comfiest hold of 2019