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What is the 2019 equivalent of Ethereum?

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>not buying TRUE for 61% cheaper than other exchanges
>Doesn't know how to use real decentralized IDEXs
> Not shorting OKeX
No wonder you're poor

because its more guaranteed than gambling shit coin that the IRS will tax you for


it's not gambling. its easy money. most people are lazy or don't know how to use dex so they dont bother. you can make serious profit

Any guidance on learning how to spot good arbitrage opportunities? Any good tutorials / guides on this stuff you'd suggest?

Dropped a hard eth thanks


Last i checked, RLC was a shitcoin, can rlc give me the price of ETH like link can?



its still ethereum

checked and based

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It’s fantom you retards.. c’mon biz I thought you were better than that

lol stop trying to scam newbies

Staring everyone right in the face for a year now. You can't help them, user. If they haven't listened now they won't until it's top 5.


it's not difficult

There's only ONE right answer


LIT will fucking pump the fuck up. Its ROI is negative rn and the product finally gets its deserved attention. 100 Dollar EOY 2020

Stop fudding to trick anons out of financial freedom so you can gain another 500 ftm you scumbag mouth breathing pajeet




Getting link vibes with this one

>development ongoing since 2013
>fast/free transactions (Skycoin) with web-of-trust consensus
>decentralized internet (Skywire) - incentivized mesh net, already 10000 nodes globally (more than TOR)
>blockchain programming language (CX) - dapps, games, gambling, etc.
>blockchain platform (Fibre) - infinitely scales using side-chains
>parallel currency (Coin Hours/SCH) - internal currency of the ecosystem, paid hourly to SKY holders
>binance listed
>$1.60 / 15m circulating / $25m mcap

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Going to 0

not an argument

all your scam ico shitcoins will be destroyed very soon

It wont pump
Devs will abandon it

Link 1k eoy

Easily. RLC will outpace link EOY, do to having 1/10th the total supply


Damn. Wish I knew about this a week ago. Still, good arb


Get it now or too late.


have an award for the laziest fud of all time

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Just buy the new wave of cryptos


Also buy some Link

EOY guaranteed riches


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unironically this

>trusting the french
even frenchfags don’t buy this


Intel, IBM, ali baba, EDF, and Ubi soft seem to trust it. You might just have to stay poor user




Think FTM could easily skyrocket in valuation

I just get bored and have been searching through some stuff. I don't believe in any of these projects just looking to make a quick buck and turn it over to some other shit. The ones I've been look at are

Heard someone talking about this one. Forget his name. This one has been going up nonstop. Don't know if someone is just pumping to grab attention or not. I'll probably just throw 300USD at it.

This one has been going up and down. The only problem I have with this one is that I can't find any information about the team. On their Twitter they have pictures of them at " Crypto Gatherings" but other than that I can't find anything.

went up for a bit but now it's down. People have been talking about this one for some time now.

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Shut up fag

Quant. It will be top 20 at least by the end of next year.

?? Why

Checked. FTM.

Integration into South Korean market is inevitable and on the way.
Ties with Singapore and Dubai government.

I could go on, but you should figure it out for yourself if you're that interested kek.

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Whale phal. First stablecoin 2.0 that doesn't have it's price hinged but instead based on solid tokenomics.


Shit coin

Fact, see:

Whales migrating into FTM, 2019 colorized

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Data products are already a trillion dollar economy. Success stories like Cloudera and Databricks show the massive demand for big data related products and services. IBM’s acquisition spree in the cloud, stream and data providing market as well as the notable RedHat acquisition, paint a picture of an even more data centric future.

Data products like address data, location data, investor tax filings, weather sensors, price feeds, movement data, customer preference data, AI training data, analytics etc. are in high demand. Demand will increase with the growth of IoT devices and sensors that generate and contribute to thedata products of tomorrow. In that sense Constellation not only allows for the secure connection, traceability and interoperability of devices but also enables their data monetization.

Constellation’s unique feature is that it allows for direct on-chain data processing. No other blockchain infrastructure is able to do that. Ethereum as a world computer falls short in that regard, as it cannot process any sizeable amount of metadata.

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Less from a tech point of view but a practical investor one given the circumstances for the potential of this coin

It seems like the de facto Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG) going into 2020 as it does both IOTA and NANO's jobs better but has 1/180th the marketcap right now with so much room for growth. This shit looks primed for the perfect storm.

>Dropped right when the 2018 crash was in effect BTFO all the initial investors

>OG-CEO found daytrading with cuck earlier investor funds, forced out

>Devs all burn their personal stacks as a sign of good will to keep centralized threats like what happened with NANO

>Coin has completely bottomed out just in time for the next bull run while the tech just keeps getting better and better compared to all other DAGs.

Regardless of the team refusing to lose face over their Ex-CEO fucking them over, this coin is primed for a megamoon given its potential. Just reaching the IOTA market cap would be almost a 200x, and with the bull run raising all tides, normies flooding in in 2020 as Libra, and financial institutions being on the table soon, Constellation seems like the Ripple of 2020.

At the point you realize what a gem this is, the price is going to explode rapidly. You can't expect to make a big profit investing with the herd. When something is obvious it's already priced fairly, or more likely in crypto, overpriced.

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ADA right now is like buying Ethereum at $20.00

Already locked in


ADA has potential but it's still a work in progress. They underdeliver constantly and you would probably just baghold for another year.


heard of moon3d? 10x or 100x your crypto. ez money

Old meme

flipped 6 eth based af desu

Quant is the only 100x left. Screencap this.

Synth killed his own project last summer. Why you still hodl this?


hottest dark horse of 2019 and 100% chance of being a money maker in the 10x - 100x category is RSR. but i hope none of u street shitting nu-bizlets believe me. all i see is mostly absolute dog shit being shilled ITT. dyor niggers, RSR will be listed on Coinbase in 2020 and its already a blue chip crypto and launches this Q3.

XZC unironically



Lition has a chance of long term success


I sold this trash at a loss. Its useless now that Libra exists.

thanks for the discount bags, dumbass.
learn to research before you decide that losing money is a good thing. brainlet


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Already mooned

>did she died?
June 2019 updates:
1. Wallet v0.26 release.
2. CH burn reduction from 50% to 10%.
3. SwapLab integration with wallet for anonymous purchases of Skycoin.
4. First USD pairing to SKY.
5. LAToken listing.
6. Coinsuper listing.
7. Bastionpay listing.
8. Mobile wallet updates with internal and aesthetic changes.
9. Synth's CoinsBank cruise speech.
10. Japanese support for Wallet
11. CX v0.7 release with CX Chains for CX integration with Fiber blockchains for dapps programming.
12. CX Labs launch
12. Coin Hour Bank private beta
13. Coin Hours to list on LBank July 29th, with SKY/SCH pairing

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>that edit

BZRX. It's a decentralized margin trading token.

Decentralized exchanges are going to become the answer to government crackdowns on crypto. Dex's will need margin trading to provide utility to its users and BZRX does exactly that.