Getting married and starting a family is the worst, most cucked financial decision you can make in life

Getting married and starting a family is the worst, most cucked financial decision you can make in life.

Prove me wrong.

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It's true, but prepare for the pol christ cuck white american larpers.

>Getting married and starting a family after you already made it and are financially secure.


>Getting married and starting a family while you're still living paycheck to paycheck in a shoebox

Bluepilled and retarded

First post a photo of your hair user. Ill listen if it's not a jewy black.

Think about it

>50% of what you earn is no longer yours
>if you didn't sign a prenup 50% of what you earned BEFORE marriage is no longer yours
>you have to support another adult human being because muh true love
>you can't quit your wagecuck job to take risks because you have to "provide"
>spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on kids that may turn out to be disappointments anyways

How is marriage not a complete scam?

>getting married and producing offspring
>getting cucked
Pick 1

only if you marry a roastie

It is quite literally getting cucked. If you have kids, your testosterone decreases. That makes you a cuck by DEFINITION.

Fucking this.

This is acceptable too if you lean more on the NPC side and can't handle all that freedom.

Weird still no photo of hair. Surely, just surely OP isn't a jew?

fuck off to redditpol

Given that you're a Jow Forumstard, it's likely you are some hispanic American. I am whiter than you and thus don't have to justify my opinions to you.

This. Very odd getting the same thread every day. I can't think of a group that would have an interest in destroying white nuclear families. Actually maybe just one.

So OP about that photo?

>he doesn't know

Creating a family opens the door on a geometric increase of assets, simply because you can dodge shitload of taxes and even circumvent bankruptcy...

Extremely redpilled post. That part about not being able to quit the job is the most chilling thing. Husbands and Fathers literally need constant employment and money stream or they risk the wife divorcing them and taking everything including the kids, house etc. Which would mean all the effort from the last few years is all gone, down the drain, as if it never happened. And this can happen over something as simple as you getting laid off.

Marriage and having a family is literally a turbo nightmarish hell of being forced to be a wagecuck forever. It's wagecuck but with even higher stacks and you can never quit.

You paranoid schizophrenic.

>Jow Forums talking about white nuclear families
My sides

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Im more than happy to oblige, and this is unwashed hair thus looking darker than normal.

So so far we have one white advocating for marriage and children, against one jew trying to stop it.

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having a family gives the potential of your offspring to make it big.

having a family means your property can be built on the names of your children so you avoid imminent adult tax

having a family is free foundation or trust creation opportunity, and the government even subsidizes your initial costs

having a family means you can fake a divorce to literally save ANY amount of taxable money

having a family means more people trust you to do risk-free choices meaning you can cuck them

the only way that a family means being fucked is if you're a beat, which is.... lets face it... most of you.

OH, and not to mention finding a working earning high asset wife means you DOUBLE your shit

Wew that is thin hair. You're gonna be a baldie user.

Umm jew, you're spiralling out!

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>OH, and not to mention finding a working earning high asset wife means you DOUBLE your shit
Jow Forumstards don't advocate for that, it's not "traditional" enough.

Im on a medication that thins hair, not a heriditary balding gene in my body, that's much more of a jewish thing.

By the way you forgot to attack your photo still, what's wrong jew?

that you think that this a real argument is pathetic
have sex

Barron, get off the computer and go outside. Tell your dad to legalize weed and gambling

>not getting married with a good woman and making white children.
I wonder who could be behind this post?

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Oy vey! This thread is annuda shoah!

Stop having children goys!!!!

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>Im on a medication that thins hai
Someone with shit genes that needs medication is advocating having children, no surprise there.

op is beaten
are you gonna step it up op or continue hiding your jewfro?

Literally a man's only purpose


being 40+ and still coping in your bedroom, paying disgusting whores to touch your rotting willy


>is so genetically defective her needs to be on some weird fucking medication

user, it's best if you don't let your genes pass on.

>where's your photo

I'm not OP.

Haha you jews are fucking seething. Thanks for playing.

Remember guys, white people advocating for having children makes them this mad. When the day comes remember that.

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>Man's only purpose is to get married and have children

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You mean an NPC's only purpose. A man finds his own purpose. That you think childfree player characters only course of action in life are whores and consumption just proves you have an NPC mindset.

this. OP just summoned the horde. prepare for the shitflinging

Yes, I was targeting you, what are you even trying to imply here? Sometimes I do pity the people like this, the government's biggest trick was getting the tinfoil hats to believe that every single thing they didn't agree with was the result of a conspiracy against their worldview.

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Whatever balding faggot

Blame whoever you want for the state of things, but getting married in the current year is fucking retarded, and martyring yourself isn't going to change things.

ITT: idiots that think you have to get married to start a family

>hehh im so enlightened by my intelligence. I don't need a girlfriend, future or relationship. I want to play bing bing wahoo and pay to fuck mudsharks until I die

All your little "skills" and "accomplishments" only matter to increase your self worth so you can find a good partner and survive. Keep coping though

/Polturd with weak toxic genes and has to be on medication that thins hair to stay alive. Bet your balls shrank and you have gynomastia twink tits. No wonder you are all emotional about having kids and disguising as my white pride. T.have sex twinklet

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>All your little "skills" and "accomplishments" only matter to increase your self worth so you can find a good partner and survive
Your logic is literally semantically equivalent to "muh dick muhfugga"

It's incredible the amount of mental gymnastics you pol faggots will go through to defend the most high risk/low reward financial decision you can take cuz muh white race.

50% of marriages end in divorce retards. That's like taking half your assets and flipping a coin on their existence. Some courts already disregard prenups so don't even consider that safe.

Only way to really defend yourself is by putting your assets in an irrevocable trust with yourself as the beneficiary. Course you must trust that the trustee will act in your best interests. But even if you do that, you have a dark cloud over your marriage for the rest of your life.

You can't even maintain a logical frame of reference because (((jews))).

How nuch percent are roasties this days ?
I tip about 80%.