You've had enough time, user

LIT to 4000 sats in the near future is already a reality

Just look at dat volume

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>low quality shill thread
>bag shilling hopium thread
go away

not a shill, but a reality statement instead

you'll be left behind

> hopium thread
yeah must be really hard to imagine 6 mil mcap coin doing 2x at the very least

based go away poster

I'll bite, shill me your bags OP.

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1k EOY
there you go, shilled


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The team outsourced most of its development work to Belarusians because they can’t be assed to do it themselves or they can’t write the code. On top of that, the lead in-house dev (one of the only two) was involved in 2 other failed crypto exit scams. Red flags, you’re in denial or stupid if you think otherwise

Why do TA fags do this shit?
They always show some dumping or pumping shitcoin and claim out of nowhere for no reason the opposite will happen.

Then it never does and no one ever follows up on their bad calls, but when 1% of these faggots accidently get something right people latch on to this garbage like horoscopes.

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> Red flags, you’re in denial or stupid if you think otherwise
you're clearly in denial or stupid if you think this 6 mil mcap coin will only go down from here and won't pump once listed on new exchanges

>this is what every single bagholder of every single idex coin ever claims about their shitty investment

based and lambopilled


idk and i don't consider myself a ta fag
but i do believe certain patterns can be identified on price action

i usually try to combine TA and FA since I think using just one of them is kinda dumb (but I'd pick fundamentals if I had to chose one)

biz just wont listen. this is LINK 2.0 except we'll take 2 months to 10x not 2 years

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10k litties enough to make it?

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where is this screenshot from, litbro?

What about the part where almost 90% of the supply isn't in circulation yet?

> where is this screenshot from, litbro?
Weiss Crypto Ratings
Lition, Fantom: Two Deeply Undervalued Cryptos


Yep I'm loading up af

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Lition on Hackaton 2019

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Believed Jow Forums shilling an bought in @ .29 cents and I’m feeling like an absolute retard.

Sorry for being brainlet but what is FA

Fundamental Analysis

And if you sell now, you'll feel like an even bigger retard in 2-3 months from now, when LIT has mooned hard. Just hodl, and you will be rewarded.

> Believed Jow Forums shilling an bought in @ .29 cents
Yeah totally shocking that it corrected 30% after going up 300% in a month.

I believe.
Also why is the catalog listing threads by most posts? Is this a setting or did it change?

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who's this grill?