If youre not long youre wrong

We have just bounced of off 3 important confluence lines....do with this info what you will....
t. Your friendly ghost of TA....

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>do with this info what you will

I swear this phrase is the "Do the needful" of larper "insider" whalefaggots.

We're about to bounce
test 12.9
and then dump to 9.5.

screenshot this.

wow a triangle
they never break down

no faggot thats not what this is about....what this is about is the risk reward ratio which is fucking fanstastic right now...

youre right user, sounds gay...anyway i was posting yesterday telling anons to go long, which makes me a good person (just to prove im not a pajeet).....

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you just made this shit up

im caping it, will post in a few days

explain to me how the r/r ratio isnt pretty good right now?

He can't because he's a fucking moron.

I got BTFO on my long entry about 12 hrs ago and am barely hanging on in the trade. The 1hr chart is looking VERY juicy though.

so youre just gonna ignore this shit here?

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i'm pretty bearish on BTC but H&S don't seems to work on Bitcoin


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tick-tock tick-tock

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drawing memelines in scamniggers HQ

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doesn't have pic related this time tho ...

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Way too many people want the price of BTC to come down right now. Its probably not going to dump... Even if literally everything indicates it could and should.

dude have you seen peoples on youtube and trading view ?
sentiment is overwhelmingly bullish right now

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you might have a point, fine sir

its the same shit as coinabse ora anything else....if bitmex follows spot exchanges than i see no reason to not chart bitmex.....if it deosnt and it unironically leads the market - than i dont see any problem charting bitmex again...

There's no uptrend leading into it.

Looking at the daily chart and the weekly chart. MacD and RSI is about to crash unless there is a huge rally

rsi on the daily looks like shit indeed

even pajeet is right once in a while

this must hold otherwise ...

look at the weekly if we don't pump we're going to close a second red shooting star

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>continues to crab
>frantically readjusts meme lines before posting new thread
See you tomorrow, fren

Nobody is going to buy in at these prices, nobody to dump on.
Fine! Ride this shit sideways forever.

Still over 1 day to weekly close

it need to close above 13k to avoid the shooting star ...

TA not work in a market with a tether printer

here it goes....double bottom or straight into the abyss

Just having a wick doesn't mean it's a shooting star. Single candle signals like that tend to fail in this market as well.

you what?

Shit like this is the reason TA has a bad rep. This is terrible TA, basically a meme. I'm not saying BTC isn't likely to go up, but not because confluence of whatever.

> you what?
look at the chart....broke the "bear flag" on the small time frame but bounced frow previouvs low.....lets see how this hourly candle closes....but for now looks nice

desu i thought the same 2 weeks ago when we formed the first one yet we went up ánd closed the next one higher. from the looks of it btc just doesnt give a fuck in terms of candle formations, so why would it be care aabout a second one now

please explain...if you get multiple lines meeting at one point or multiple indicators telling you the same thing.......how is that not confluence? what else would you base your buying/selling (or margin trading) decisions?

I read 'or' as 'and' cause i'm retarded. Carry on.

doesn't look good tho

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because they can just print tether and pump it regardless

and yes i get it if we form another one it just shows that theres still tons of sell pressure. so why didnt we dip last week?

they have printed 400M usdt since jully first twitter.com/usdcoinprinter

You remember the big sell wall with +7000BTC in Binance?

Whales are taking profit. I already saw this in 2017.

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yes i did. i was watching it getting chewed away til the bulls gave up and we ended up dipping
>Whales are taking profit. I already saw this in 2017.
why wouldnt they just slowly market sell the coins instead of fucking up the whole trend?
also, why cant they just print another $500mil and deny the shooting star again? why are you certain this ones gonna play out? sorry if i seem like a brainlet but im trying to learn here

Except your bottommost orange line is based on literally only one datapoint, the day of the big crash below 10k, so if the price goes lower you can just adjust your lower line down

Which is in fact what you kinda did, seeing as all your lines touch candles, and not wicks, except curiously that last bit of that orange line
It actually looks like we've already broken your bottommost orange line too, if you go by candles and not unreliable wicks

>also, why cant they just print another $500mil and deny the shooting star again? why are you certain this ones gonna play out? sorry if i seem like a brainlet but im trying to learn here
the court hearing is approaching and this shit is already pretty ridiculous
I wouldn't be surprised if they did tho

This sell wall created an upward presure maybe to put safe shorts in Bitmex.

Then they created a downtrend with a tether buy wall a few hours later.

i hope they just get this shit over with and tether and bitfinex will leave this space. though i gotta say the tether pumps were pretty noice to ride
in addition to this comment i dont think the market makers quantify the current market sentiment on some youtube shill who just wants to make a quick buck like pic related. from what i can gather they are monitoring twitter (and maybe even Jow Forums) the most

i see

>i hope they just get this shit over with and tether and bitfinex will leave this space.
that's gonna be a massive hole if this all goes out the window, 1k isn't impossible at that point
I don't think it will happen finex is founded by Wall Str boys after all they will find a way to stay alive theys might have to burn a shit load of tether tho, and that will also crash the price

thanks for the explanations. appreciate that

this thread aged badly, kek

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Close below 21 daily ema is deadly.
Btc has 6 hours to recover.

in fact closing below 21d ma is a huge red flag

we already did that several times a month ago
that mean nothing in a tether market

it's a red flag, and sure, it can actually prell there and go up, but still if you look back statistically you are better off taking profit at that point, and buying back when a whole candle is above the 21d ma

also add to that recent weeks volatility historically signals tops.


Just longed right now

balls of steel man if this closes below $11200 i'm taking profit and short


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looking for a small bounce at the next support level at $10600. pretty risky though

Yeah this thread didn’t age well. 10.8 k and freefalling. When will ppl understand that ta doesn’t work in a unregulated highly manipulated market?

thats a retarded thing to say, yes btc doesnt give a fuck about stuff like rsi, macd, stoch etc. but every tradeable asset has some sort of support or resistance area so theres that

Dumb money doing toddler TA thinking its going to pump just got destroyed by smart money TA who knew this was a giant bull trap for months. Get ready for the new bottom bullfags.

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I am financially ruined


Jow Forums doesn't even know classic investopedia patterns that fail 50% of the time to begin with.

Target $8500

>Target $8500

just checked the charts - this is correct

Literally tanking.

this, OP is an absolute fucking retard and of course won't return to his thread.

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what are you talking about it worked out perfectly you brainlets

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I was pretty on point 2 days ago

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they're literally addle-brained bulltards praying their 13k+ bags won't result in a month-end roping, pay them no mind

try a few hours

Hurry up and panic sell and drink yourself to sleep so we can pump it back up to 13k

You do know that's not how it works right?

They print Tether because people are selling BTC, not to buy BTC. Tether isn't backed by BTC at all and they're not blowing Tether by buying BTC; it's paper that people are buying with BTC.

you're a moron
they print USDT to buy the btc and pump the price, they tried to create fomo and it failed normies aren't buying this time

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>Tether isn't backed by BTC at all
yeah, there's quite a list of things Tether 'isn't backed by at all' nowadays

Are you stupid? Look at the correlation. Tether and BTC aren't causing price to change for one another, only the volume of transactions is tied to one another. As people sell out of BTC, they take profit in Tether to buy back into BTC. But Tether itself doesn't need to buy BTC because they'd just be blowing their fake money on something they don't need. Binance is acting like a bank, issuing scrip that others will buy with BTC so they can enrich themselves, not to increase "reserves" backing tether, but to take profit in fiat or exchanging it directly for property. Tether's printing is dependent on demand from the market, the dumbass traders who think they are dodging taxes by exchanging BTC for Tether when they're selling BTC for worthless scrip.

>Look at the correlation

> October 2018 1B tether is being burn
> btc drop to 3k
> November 2018 start the printing again
> btc bottoms
> April 2019 start the turbo press print batch of 100M
> btc skyrocket in a 400% parabolic move

that's the correlation faggot, beside the NYAG investigation has already proven that bitfinex essentially print tether then loan it to trader
the USDT is literally backed by nothing but the hope of future gains. which isn't hard when you can just buy an asset and make it go 400% up

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this last pump was people exiting tether (buying corns) due to the fud, and using this pump to cash out into fiat

moral/lesson: tether fud causes btc to pump not to dump

they just printed 5B USDT retard

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this is going to crash it so hard now

high demand for USDT because btc price is high as fuck. Most people buying btc are looking to sell into fiat they dont trust tether, but many still trust it therefore the demand

you're to fucking retarded to understand what's happening
finex printed 5B USDT by mistake and the price just pumped because the market immediately reacted to the new now they will see that it was a mistake and it will dump

Just sold

its you who doesnt understand. Everyone is thinking and saying the same as you, "muh tether printing" "muh endless fake dollar injections", therefore each time new tethers are printed in mass people are looking to gtfo of the market -> buy btc -> sell into fiat, cause all this shit could come down anytime

Not a mistake. This fake money minted has avoided a dump to $8,500

if you are holding thousands or millions of USDT and you see a zillion tether being printed what are you gonna do stay in tether? no you'll buy btc to gtfo

Never sold anything. Only bought and holding. I'll see how I'm doing in 10 years.

saved by the bell btc above 21d ema

yes it was a "mistake" to avoid closing the daily below 11200

Trend lines are for new traders.. resistance and support are what you should learn to start trading