One day brap cryptocurrency will equal to belle 's pee per coin

one day brap cryptocurrency will equal to belle 's pee per coin.

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>extremely low quality shill thread
>signal unknown thot
go away

Based and brappilled

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If you aren't buying now stay poor, BRAP is the easiest 10x after all the pajeets dumped their airdrop tokens after that weak fud

Yeah, when belle hits the wall and then here fans will see that she is just an other worthless whore,

Holy shit you little brappies are so immature and stupid. whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "farters" . It's not sexy. Farty coins don't buld on the sexy image for adult professionals. Why would they want to use "fart butt" coin. Think about it you pathetic brappies.

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this formulaic FUD is extremely bullish. seen it on one or more BRAP threads by now. only shows there's people dedicated to this because of the potential it has.

You want low quality? This morning the had their summer road map, but it only highlighted what they have already accomplished......


op is a fag sage

truly a high quality response


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yeah, accomplished in only one month

try again

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Fart coin

fuck ecelebs

Yeah, a lot of people really want to.

How much chicken wire will it take to stop the FUD?


Why does the COSS girl have a B on her shirt?

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Yeah, all the stuff they accomplished in one month. And the stuff next on the list...

>get listed on exchanges
Damn what a useful coin, that’s an AWESOME roadmap! Very excited for its future

it's listed on a few already

you know that literally every coin has to do this, right? shitty fud

ok. I'm still not even getting near your bags

>not getting a suicide stack whilst they're at 1 vit
no worries man

Cope harder brother

Milkers, you can't beat us. Join us or stay poor you fucking cucks.

Wtf is wrong with her eyes?

If you’re to stupid to see that this is the next cryptographic ultra money, kill yourself now

See? Now you get it. That's the use case for the coin.

MercaTox listing soon apparently, did a bit of research

There's some promise in this project imho

non brappers will stay poor forever

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Except she is objectively not worthless, she's rich. When she hits the wall she will get hookers just like you but they will be half as expensive because they're male


>money has any value
oh boy are we going to go back to 2009 now?