How many small business owners here have empathy?

Over the past year I've been building a forensics company while holding down the same menial blue-collar 9-5 job I've worked full-time for more than six years now. My 9-5 is a tiny company (four employees) but insanely profitable, despite the utterly absurd claims of poverty by my boss, James. As an example, James always owns multiple personal vehicles- since I've worked there the least valuable of the most expensive car he owned at any given time was probably in 2017 when his most expensive ride was his 2015 Aston Martin DB9. I wouldn't begrudge him for it AT ALL if he didn't seem to care about his employees financial situations at all, and seems to enjoy it when they struggle. I could never be like that- I'm starting to wonder if avarice is necessary for the success of a small business and if I'm doomed to fail.

I don't mean to turn this into a rant about my boss, but here is a good example. When James's son (my coworker) turned 26 and was going to lose health coverage, James told us he was going to offer us all health insurance. As such, I quit paying my Obamacare premium as I awaited the imminent switch. After 'getting around to it' for what turned to months, I and the secretary finally lost coverage and told him we needed details ASAP. He angrily tells us he's getting around to it. A few weeks later when I ask again he asks if I had any idea how much it was going to cost him (I did, $700 or $800 per month per employee, I was so grateful for his generosity that I had been redeveloping his website for free in my spare time at home). He was sorry but he couldn't afford it. After all, he has to pay for his own health insurance too.

His personal (pre-tax) income that year was over $840,000. If I were making a tenth of that and had made a promise to my employees and they were left without insurance, I think I would do everything I could to uphold my promise. The secretary was left with two uninsured kids FFS!

Is greed something I have to learn to succeed?

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I work from home running a Minecraft server and every month I get emails from angry parents about charges on their credit card bill. I have had kids literally spend thousands of dollars maxing out their parents credit card.

I never refund when this happens and I always win the chargebacks. I have had parents literally beg me for refunds with big walls of text and sob stories.

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What do you sell on the server? I run a rust server, was thinking about dabbling with some other shit. I thought the mojang EULA prevented certain dono perks now?

I understand tough decisions have to be made. Do these decisions turn into a total lack of empathy for your employees? I refuse to become that type of person. I'm afraid to become that type of person. I also want toake lots of money and ive been working my balls off to get there.

This felt good to type out too. Fuck my boss. I can also put him in jail

No you don't have to be an asshole. Good luck.


how does one start exploiting the weak ? i want in.

How many employees are at this business?

I sell items and ranks to the players. I don't follow mojangs EULA and my server has already been blacklisted. You can bypass the blacklist using SRV records though so it really doesn't do anything.

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Post examples or LARP

I make players from the server "staff" members and make them do all of the work for free. If you can make someone feel like they are important they will do almost anything for you.

What the fuck is a sentiment thread and why do I constantly see threads being accused of it? I’ve been here every day for years but somehow I’ve missed this piece of lingo.

Yes, everything is a ponzi scheme in this society. You must be greedy and SCAM your own employee to be successful.

$840k pretax isn’t enough to buy an Aston Martin unless the retard leases it which he most certainly does.

making money > feels

Four full-time employees, three official part-timers, several under the table part-timers and a lot of subcontractors

When you say blacklist, what does that mean? Isn't a SRV record just like a custom domain for the server? Sorry man i've never dabbled with minecraft shit.

I don't really want to give enough info to dox myself but he is in the used car industry and his most expensive vehicles are usually kept in the company name with dealer plates.

>post OP with question, story, any other emotional signal
>scrap reactions
really go back to feggit

In that case yeah you're dealing with a boomerjew, he does not value your work and believes you can be replaced. If it was 40 employees or more I'd understand not wanting to cover that even if he said it. It's be wrong, but I'd understand. If it was 200 employees it wouldn't even be wrong. But for 4? That dude's peak boomer.

Thanks dude. Do you own a business?

is running a mc server ez?

It's just a different way to set up the DNS records. Their blacklist attempts to block your domain from working with their client so when players add it to their list your server shows up as offline.

Nothing wrong with that. Neither the kids nor the parents will ever learn if they just got the money back.

Its hard when you start out but once you get a small player base you can recruit players to do all of the work for you. You just have to keep them compartmentalized and restrict their access to certain things so they can't steal your server files and attempt to start their own server.

Welcome to (((capitalism))).

>You just have to keep them compartmentalized and restrict their access to certain things so they can't steal your server files and attempt to start their own server.
Yup. And these fuckers love being "admin". They don't care that they aren't getting paid, they will be online 24/7 for the off chance that they actually get to mute someone.

This is actually noble, user. These parents thought they could relegate their kids to electronic gadgets. This will help them own some responsibility as as parent.
You are doing God's work, unironically.

i've been home hosting for 7 years, its a ton of fun at first but the constant chasing of bugs and player issues/politics and making sure the machine is running 24/7 takes its toll on you. if i learned anything is that if you're running the server to make a profit and not for fun you're gonna have a bad time

Your boss is a just an incompetent asshole. His incompetence will catch up to him eventually.

I'll try to find some good ones for you. This one was one of my favorites though.

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I've run my own business for 5 years now. Yes your boss is a piece of shit.

But a conclusion I've come to after having employees is that there isn't much middle ground between being a tyrant and being a nice boss. Tyrants get rich, usually quickly. Nice bosses make a decent living and rarely get rich.

So for me it's a question of, can you live with yourself? The Waltons, Ray Kroc, they were all fine being tyrants on their way to becoming insanely rich. I'm not.

Your boss simply made a choice that money is more important than people. And believe me, when you own a business, the temptation to make that choice is sometimes overwhelming. Especially when you treat some employees well and they still bitch and do garbage work.

I start my employees at $20/hr and I've had to fire many people who did shitty work.

Good job redacting it.

Unironically I feel you user. My take is that being an asshole with disregard for others' feelings makes it easier to be successful in business. Probably quite a bit easier.

It is possible though to succeed while being a good, empathetic person. It's harder, but it can be done.

Good luck.

Don't you get ddosed all the time running it from home?


If your boss is an incompetent asshole, why not just start your own version of what he is doing.

That's exactly what I did. I worked for a slavedriver similiar to the boss you are describing. I quit and started my own. I now make $100k a year and win a lot of contracts that my old boss was trying to get too.

Feels good.

Thanks fren. Don't forget to attend Melbourne's annual Queer Celebration.

I don't think you are doing anything wrong here unless you are being deliberately deceptive. Any of these cases ever hit five figures? Can you imagine the moment that the parent realizes their retarded video game addict 13-year-old just destroyed the family's finances for years over fucking MINECRAFT?

make them feel important

be nice and talk with them without making them think you're a friend

be clear on what task they need to do

acknowledge when they put some efforts

let them know they can disturb you

make them feel part of the business, share stuff on the future

show them they can evolve in your business

get their feedback

respect them

have a quiet, clean and functional workspace

told them stoopid wageslave I'm wealthier than you

Yes, some employers are essentially slave drivers. They will offer $15-20/hr to illegal immigrants, and put them as independent contractors and make them work 60+ hr weeks. Essentially this is equal to earning $12-15/hr at a regular job, but the immigrants aren't aware. They are actually not much better off than a minimum wage employee that regularly gets overtime, but they don't know enough about labor laws and tax code to understand this.

If they complain about their pay, the boss goes on how he has to pay insurance, taxes, rent, etc... as if it was standard practice, and how they are lucky to get X$ per hour even though they are illegal. He might bring up how he started at $5-10/hr working in terrible conditions, even though that was a lot of money back when he started.

Almost always, a few employees will stay 5-10+ years earning essentially just over minimum wage but making the boss $30-50+/hr in gross profits, because they have no English skills and a mortgage/bills.

There's tons of companies here in Chicago doing this. Almost all of them are 100% Mexican, Lithuanian, Greek, Polish, etc... Huge advantage, because they can avoid hiring lazy Whites/Niggers that can actually negotiate for a market rate of pay. Most of the millionaires I know in the Chicago area got rich this way. They have houses worth $1M-5M+, all drive brand new pickups, luxury SUVs, Porsches, S-Class, and replace them every 2-3 years. It's really an employers' market here when it comes to illegal labor here in Chicago. You can't get rich this quickly hiring Americans at market rates.

Leave the job, you absolute retard. Have some goddamn self-respect you fucking slave. Your boss lied to you for months and you just take this shit? What kind of megacuck are you?

>I can also put him in jail
Elaborate? Is blackmailing a shitbag ethically wrong? Serious question.

Do it, he treated you like a used cumrag

The biggest one was for a little over 5k. I'm not doing anything deliberately deceptive and I think the parents deserve it for their negligence.

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How do you win disputes on Paypal over that?

I sell a botting service for an MMORPG, and whenever I get a chargeback, I send all kinds of proof they used it like logged IP addresses, which I state should match the user's IP when they visit PayPal, I send screenshots of our emails and Facebook convos, tons of proof showing I was talking with the PayPal account owner and they knew they were making the purchase.

I've won like 3 out of 20 disputes.
I just gave up, and instead refund them AND report their accounts to a GM, who can easily confirm they were botting and ban the account.

It's petty, I would prefer to win the disputes... Any advice?

Just state that trying to refund will result in getting the account banned.

Wtf are you talking about. Nigger could pay cash for an aston Martin. Dbs super is like 300k.

Do they know that you are not necessarily under the jurisdicion of the judiciary system in their country?

I actually do that, no one takes it seriously until after the fact.

And sometimes, it's actually not their credit card, but their parent's/partner's/someone else in the family/etc.

You're the sort of guy I wanted to hear from and I appreciate your insight. Chasing money is fun and I love expensive cars too, but more than anything I'd like to be able to support myself while doing what I'm passionate about. I have no need, want, or interest in a large house (but who knows when women are involved....) If my business is successful I'm curious to see if my attitude shifts as the years go by. I've been an entrepreneur since I was a kid and experienced my first 'business' failure at 13 (a retarded web portal with about a 0% chance of success) and moderate success with a piece of software at 16, back to literally working at McDonalds at 22. I would also hate to see a good loyal employee struggling financially (unless they did something like let their kid spend $25,000 on Minecraft... Lmfao). Perhaps that's a difference between my boss and I- it's not only my kin that I care about (or pretend to care about, maybe more accurately).


You have to call Paypal and explain the situation over the phone. For Paypal disputes I usually don't even have to submit any evidence when I call.
I make the buyers enter their email+home address when they make purchases and buycraft checks their geo ip info to see if it matches with their address. You might be dealing with legitimate fraud with stolen paypal accounts or credit cards.

I doubt it. I get people threatening legal action against me as a scare tactic all the time.

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if you have a good upload speed and a decent router bridged to your modem they have ddos mitigation.

>health insurance
Doctors are for soibois and women. If you die you die.

I will tell you some harsh truth fren.
There are masters and there are slave(nothing to do with skin color). The job of a master is to exploit, ride, rape slaves. The job of a slave is to obey and please his master. Working task, creating revenue - are just next layer of this master-slave dialectics, it can be good or it can be bad, but it will never be good if the core level (master-slave relations) doesn't work as intented. Boss has to be an asshole, worker has to be a cuck, or rather to say they don't have but that is what they are, if a boss is not an asshole but a good samaritian - he will lose his biz and position sooner or later.
If you don't like to be an asshole - that's totaly ok, boss positions are not for everyone.

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I don't know if it's completely necessary, but it's definitely a boomer mandatory trait to fuck over their wagies. The company I work for, the owner is a literal billionaire. He's a sole owner, and the business profits close to a million a day. Everyone thinks it's so cool and "down to earth" that he literally flys in on his helicopter to come play pickup basketball with the wagies once or twice a week. But every year the Christmas thank you's get 25 bucks shaved off, and the Christmas bonuses (for a critical yet voluntary role) get a couple hundred shaved off. Started at 1k, to 800, to 650, to 550.

Sad part is, unless they're jewing their taxes significantly... those "extra expenses" would be a welcomed write-off. But na, cutting out 100-150k in payroll to keep your business open over the Christmas/NYE week is WAAAY too much out of your 6 grillion cash in pocket that week.

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Empathy? Your boss lied to you and your coworkers. You guys made plans based on that lie and it's fucking you over to no one's benefit. That's sadistic. One question: Is "James" a Jew?

>$840k pretax
>Less than $400k after tax
Nobody’s gonna waste most their annual income for a $300k car.

Mate I didn’t ask you to dox someone

Based and redpilled

You know what's fun?

>open business that can benefit from hiring and retaining skilled labor
>pay a safety wage and offer good bennies
>watch everybody fume as you get to cherry pick the local labor pool for the best employees and they're left with the dregs who are still demanding higher pay

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It always happens when your boss is named James Aaron Shlomo Rabidner

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He's not incompetent, just an asshole, and I've considered it but I'd rather do something I really enjoy. I'm only a couple months away now from quitting and supporting myself 100% from my own business. I could actually quit tomorrow but there would be a lot of pointless down time at first.

I want to give myself the best chance of never having a boss again once I leave, and the work can actually be a lot of fun. I have evidence of him altering odometers on an expensive vehicle he made a terrible decision on. The problem is our mechanic could be implicated. Yeah he knew what he was doing but I wouldnt want him to get fucked too

>queer festival
>health promotion
A mental illness that spreads disease at obscene rates is "healthy" in clown world.

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James is a boomer. They're all like that. Handed everything so never had to grow up.

They'll get theirs, don't you worry.

What type of server do you have? I would do the same but I couldn’t be fucked making an entire game mode/map by scratch

Fuck that

honk honk

I had a buinsiess not anymore as I am extremly sick. A friend is runing it.

I can say this. Being a good boss is way way harder than being a shity boss.

but just form you saying you dont want to be like your current boss. I have faith you will stay on the right path and become a good boss. that your underling will look up to and want to follow.

But its harder much harder. and there are plenty of employes that are just like your boss. pure indluted assholes. that dont want to work. and only want to leech.

its gona be hard mate. but its well worth it. threat them right. and they will follow you til the grave.

gl man.

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>Handed everything so never had to grow up.
Don't you know how hard it is to give a firm handshake?


Small businesses are cancer outside of the white collar tech sector. There are 2 people you never trust in the work space, 1) wagies who are dependent on the job and have no other options, basically slaves 2) small business owners who are usually economical bottom feeders that create nepotistic hellholes that can't compete without shady business procedures.

>One question: Is "James" a Jew?
No, non-practicing Christian. His father (who I work with frequently) is a retired business owner from a different field, but he's super genuinely religious and seems like he would've been a great guy to work for. James's dad has given me great insight into business of then and now, and he can tell you how the forced integration of blacks ruined everything from unions to infrastructure to traditional American quality

>it was the blacks
>not outsourcing, union busting, and politicians looting the treasury

Ah. So that's how they keep the boomers down up north.

You should find ways to sabotage his business with plausible deniability. Fuck over as much of his business as possible while keeping a good name for yourself. Start getting things lined up so you can quit, start your own competing business and take a bunch of his clients with you. This is optimal if you live in a state like California where non-compete clauses are unenforceable.

He fucks you over, you fuck him over back so hard he never thinks about it again. Don't be a beta chump, it's business and business means war. It's you or him.

Id say being a good boss is more profitable if you are hiring skilled workers in high demand. Turnover is costly. Making a little less profit over two years is better than making a ton of profit for 6 months.

Based dad is based greatest generation. Tell him to dust off the old M1 Garand, sweep the boomers and parasites off the face of the earth and give the grandkids a country worth living in.

>To whom it may concern,
>I wanted to notify you that your personal data is being displayed without your permission by a former business associate of yours.

>Screenshot and archived website in the attachment.

>Sincerely, Anonymous

I'm going to do this. I love fucking people over, especially faggots on Jow Forums

Oh no someone call the Minecraft police

>When you publish information about someone without permission, you potentially expose yourself to legal liability even if your portrayal is factually accurate. ... This legal claim can only be successful, however, if the facts in question are not legitimately newsworthy.

Are you still here man?

You have any throw away emails or anything for further questions ?
Posting US laws that only exist in 18 states from some website you googled when the email clearly states they live in Australia

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This man is the big brain, fuck zoomers and 30 year old enabling boomers.

I used to play on a Minecraft server for a fairly popular YouTuber. It was all fun and games until this femcunt joined and started trying to turn this Minecraft into a fucking tribal war. What a shit show, that was one of my first red pill experiences. She managed to turn the simps on the server against me for whatever reason. All I wanted to do was play Minecraft and this cunt was on a power tripping rage when she became mod. Women do not belong in power at all.

I love based minecraft server user. I want to be like you.

made you concerned didn't I kek.
Don't worry faggot I didn't send that email. Don't know about the other fag tho

hey man, care of tuting me?
the amount of money you make in a month would put a dent in all my lifes problems. in a year i would be set for life.

>turned the simps against me
>women don't belong in power

You probably sperged out and went reeeeee over a wiminz and everyone turned against you because of how toxic you were. I have a few people like you in my various friend groups. You guys are basically landmines that we have to shuffle around and avoid mixing you with anyone who's going to trigger you to go off and force us to do something about you. The worst part is that you guys never appreciate all of the plate spinning that the rest of us do to keep you out of trouble.

>get to make a fortune running a minecraft server and cucking leftists in the process

absolutely based.

Project harder bitch tits

holy shit i cannot stand people like you.

and more money wont fix your problems.

more money will just make you do more stupid decisions.

money is not your problem, You are your problem.

Do you know about gmod? Is it profitable? Probably not as much considering lower average server slots. I get what you're doing, back when I hosted a gmod server I had a fake "moderator" account with basically no permissions. Problem is I never was able to monetize it properly, kids weren't that willing to pay for donator/mod as I thought they'd be. This was many years ago and I was also pretty young, I'd give it another shot since it's fun.


Welcome to the real world.

Everyone‘s an asshole
No one gives a shit
Give me what i want and get the fuck out of my way

Shhhttt.....dont tell anyone!

>is not in my skin
>24, no job, no education,no insurance, 3d world country
>live alone in old house, built by grandfather
>roof falling apart, pidgeon nests(100-200 pop) in 2nd floor of the house
>when it rains, water and pidgeon shit leak in my house through the walls and shit
>roaches, maggots and flies from dead pidgeon carcasses in the summer through the windows and under the doors
>mold and stink.
>tfw no dental insurance, teeth are falling apart and out
>in the winter its so cold, the water in my pipes is freezing and i have to sleep under 3 covers

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You sound like you're 15

Are you white?

[email protected]

I know of a guy who explicitly told me he needs to press the wages of his employees down so they stay in dependency to him. No joke.

dark haired slav.