Marriage/children = financial scam

Marriage and children are the worst financial decision you can make, bar none.

>But its your only purpose in life to have children!
This is a feminine mindset. Only women believe children are the ultimate purpose in life. Men create and discover, women hold children as the ultimate calling.

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>demographic/sentiment thread
go away

It's true, but prepare for the pol christcuck white american larpers screaming at you and calling you jew.

This thread got shut down last time. Probably the BTFO polfaggots reporting it

Why does this exact thread keep getting reposted?

Why does this exact same response keep getting posted?


Why do Jow Forums cucks keep trying to shame people into having children on an anonymous imageboard?

It doesn’t matter ITT wether Creationism or Darwinism is correct because either way you are considered a failed human and a greedy delusional retard

this is coping bro, the fact that you have to make a post about it suggest that deep down you dont believe the shit u just wrote.

>Not wanting to pass on your immense wealth from your profits off of Link to your offspring

Without having children there won’t be any future you dumb retarded fuck.

Shit bait thread.

I encourage you to not have kids, you're useless. However you telling others to live your wine aunt lifestyle is reprehensible. Keep your status to yourself.

Found the feminine mindset anons

>y-yes, don’t pass on your white seed goyim!
>it’s perfectly OK not to breed, the Muslims and Latinos will have it covered anyways!

Yeah fuck off retard

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inb4 the childless men and roasties come to say you can get laid lmao


You can't take your millions with you when you die user.

What is with the discord jew posting today. Reported.

Kike spotted

Seething feminine """men""" spotted.

Go change some diapers you beta males.

You kikes are literally seething this hard about being btfo by the aryan user in the last thread that you just remade it. Fuck me!

Have sex and procreate

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What do you think that thing between your legs is for?

wtf i want to enslave myself to kids now

if you.can find a trustworthy women that isnt a whore and has a good job it could be a great financial decision to marry her