Reminder that Chainlink is still the 4th most traded coin by volume (after excluding spoofed wash-traded volume)

Reminder that Chainlink is still the 4th most traded coin by volume (after excluding spoofed wash-traded volume)

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That's bearish though

>shill thread
>discord edition
go away

>#16 in marketcap and #4 in volume while having in sats is bearish

I don’t even know why I’m helping you fucking people anymore. Nubiz is the absolute worst.

More like "halving" in sats

Is that good? Look at xrp

So why aren't we pumping then?

wash trading doesn't exist because of fees

>127M trading volume
That's pure wash trading.

Wash trading chink exchanges are cancer.

No shit. Sergey is dumping this shitcoin. The volume is essentially limitless as he dumps his bags on you.

This is going to be one of the hardest dumps on main-net and the project will basically fail because people will never use it for anything other than to PnD, which will completely fuck the tokenomics and make the whole thing useless. Sergey will realize this and just disappear along with the rest of the team. SWIFT and co will realize this, and begin to quietly remove any references they have to this embarrassing experiment which - who knows, might have succeeded if it wasn't for the retards who infest this place and run painfully obvious shill and fud campaigns. Many of you will experience the kind of hopium crash which actually kills people, and I suppose suicide is a fitting reward for some of the more smug retards who clutter up this board, but I hope it isn't all of you.

There will be no more memes, no more dreams of lambos or whatever NPC tier 'rich person's car' you've picked out in your imagination as you're left in the dirt holding a bunch of link bags. Even a fraction of the money some of you invested in link could have helped you make it during the next bull-run in a legitimate project. Imagine that. THAT is what you should be visualizing. Not your stupid fucking holiday home, not your imaginary future "faithful" gf / wife, nor an early retirement where you don't need to toil away at menial tasks for your betters from inside your 9-5 existential prison cell - you should instead be visualizing yourself scraping together what little money you have left in the wake of your devastation to try and ride something like BAT or Holo up, and your dream of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS suddenly becomes a much more realistic 10k-20k at most. I mean it's not bad - more than you intellectual runts probably deserve. You'll all see I was right. I always am.

It's not a coin, it's a token like tether on that list.

You have autism

Reminder you're coping and no one wants your bags

You lost me at BAT and Holo. Stay poor nulinker.

Many exchanges have 0 fees if you are a market maker. Also, the exchange itself can wash trade against itself to walk the price either way, so long as things don't get dangerously fractional for them.

That is from openmarketcap, aka volume EXCLUDING wash trades.
Some exchanges on coinmarketcap post non-existent trades to their books to appear like actual volume.

Every token is a coin, not every coin is a token

>b-but the literal definition says
Shut the fuck up. Only autists value some other autist's "definitions" over conveniently conveying opinions.

Check again, it just passed BNB


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