Taxation is theft

Anyone that can avoid paying any tax should pursue the means to do so by any means necessary.
Billionaires should pay 0% income tax, poor people should pay 0% sales tax on their bum wine and 711 pizza.
Change my mind.

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Cool pol thread OP

>Billionaires should pay 0% income tax

The rich already avoid taxes whenever possible. It's the working and middle class peasants that pay all the taxes. People love to bring up the "roads and hospitals" argument but who knows where the money goes. What we do know that immigration is rampant and everyone think it's a problem. The government doesn't care about the people so why should we fund them? I know I don't.

you're right but i dont care if billionaire kikes get their money taken (which they wont)

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I agree OP

>It's the working and middle class peasants that pay all the taxes

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Get the fuck out of here, limpwristed commie faggot.

i agree. Property tax is the biggest fucking scam im ready to revolt at any second

Labour is not inherently valuable


What the fuck are you doing here on Jow Forums?

>A faggot lefty meme which is both empirically and conceptionally wrong, mashed with a Jow Forumsshitter edit.

Taxes on large companies are many times their profit margins, and "surplus labor" is conceptionally meaningless, since "value" is not created by laborers, but by demand.

>labour theory of value
Communists are so fucking stupid

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It's true. Rich people pay more in % than poor people, but the super rich pay less in %.

Found the triggered kikes. Strasser was right


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Any anons planning on dodging taxes when they're finally ready to cash out the majority of their link/btc gains? What are your plans?

I'm thinking about about Panama residency, as I'm not in the EU (not a burger either thankfully). Seems like the best option. Don't have to shill out hundreds of thousands or anything.

capitalist work places are dictatorships like the USSR and it didnt just collapse because people were sharing grain do a modicum of research into theory.
taxes wouldnt even matter if i "made" it that money would change my life forever

It collapsed because of perestroika when people realized that people in capitalist countries have much higher standards of living.

Communism literally doesn't work because people would rather live in capitalist countries.

if you don't like taxes, move to someplace without any.
if you are unwilling to move, you have inherently agreeing to the contract between you and the state, and are granted the resulting membership.
taxes are a means to committing their citizens to involvement with state mechanisms.
once you have agreed with the state, you have agreed to, at least in monetary forms, support the state with a certain percentage of your efforts.
income tax is higher on individuals who earn more in the free market, because the state is incentivizing these individuals to become more involved in the expenditure of the money being collected by the state.
the end goal is that the most capable individuals should do their best to guide the use of state money in ways that waste the collected proceeds the least.

this position is logically flawless and can't be refuted.

How do i invest in rolling turbos?

The top 1% make up 40% of all tax revenue.

Except the fact that the state just ends up wasting the money anyway

yup slaves agreed to be slaves by not quitting
fucking social contract brainlets deserve the rope

>its working and middle class peasants that pay all the taxes
quite right given the proliferation of tax havens; what drives market competition drives all these tax havens (islands being the fittest in evolutionary terms) to provide ever better evasion services through obfuscation and hordes of lawyers and accountants innovating brilliant new structures
>who knows where the money goes
>what we do know that immigration is rampant and everyone thing it's a problem
>the government doesn't care about the people so why should we fund them?
You're not alone in your way of thinking. In fact many among the educated and cynical subscribe to extreme individualism. The threads that tie together the individual to the collective are woven through with narratives. Narratives of common ideals, shared identity and collective aims and aspirations. Taxation, then, is not seen as a burden on the productive citizens, but as, in the best cases, a contribution to the common good, to your kinsman, to your people, to an extension of yourself and, in the worst cases, charity for the poor and needy so that they may uplift themselves and, of course, so that you get bragging rights.
These narratives, so strong and entrenched by the two world wars, have gradually whittled down as the gap between producers (those who can adapt) and losers (those who cannot adapt, probably because of low IQ) widened, exacerbated by the importation of millions of untermensch from abroad to compete for the scarce blue-collar jobs have enforced the idea that one's destiny is no longer intertwined with that of the tribe, but wholly due to individual effort. The pathetic inefficiency of public services only serves to better drive home the point of 'going your own way'.
In a fairer world, resources would be instantly and constantly redistributed to those that make better use of them, but in the real world pareto outcomes are neither fair nor 'optimal'. With crypto, coercive taxation draws its last breath.

state funded programs can always be improved, but that's not an argument that they shouldn't exist.

Healthcare, public services and protections create a net benefit to the community, providing a secure and educated society that's more comfortable taking part in the economy.

also, I'm pretty sure a lot more money is wasted by the billionaires who dodged those taxes, either on personal enrichment or charity du jour

They get mad at some winning NEET for not slaving it up like they do.

one of the biggest lies ive ever heard is "we need taxes to pay for roads" lol. actually it's called a toll road and it works the same way except its more efficient because only the people that actually use the road pay for that particular road vs the current system where everyone pays for roads they may never even use.

I already said, it's a given that money collected by the state will be wasted, the goal is to minimize the waste.
what's your point?

Who’s gonna pay for poor babbys school? :)

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