>Why Lition Matters?

>Many people are confused by our strong tendency towards the Energy sector even though we are building a Blockchain infrastructure for various industries. Let‘s clarify this. Initially, we started as an Ethereum P2P application designed to target one specific industry (Energy) but eventually saw a gap and therefore an opportunity in the market. Hence, we decided to revise our original plan and transform into a massive blockchain infrastructure project.

>Before we decided to run this project, we already were a licensed energy supplier with real customers and real revenues in Germany. In April 2018 we successfully launched our blockchain-based P2P energy trading app to offer clean and cost-effective energy to 41 million German households. Making us the world’s first blockchain based P2P energy exchange available in a mass-market. Currently we are in possession of customers in over 27 cities, including Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. This solution was built on Ethereum and is going to be migrated on our mainnet once fully live.

>During succeeding in the expansion of market share, we came to two important realizations: 1) that Ethereum—and indeed most of the existing blockchains!—has serious limitations that make them less than ideal for sustainable utilization in many business contexts. They are far from “green” (a key principle for the self-respecting clean energy supplier) and are hardly scalable to millions of customers, but even more importantly they are not compliant with the various EU laws governing secure exchange of private data and the requirements concerning the deletion of data mandated by the EU GDPR regulation. 2) If we face these challenges, then all enterprises aiming to launch and scale business applications in distributed environments using blockchain technology equally face these challenges.

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>In short, all the infrastructure solutions available, were just not good enough for real business in mass markets. Thus, we decided to increase the scope of its blockchain undertaking by moving beyond the dApp development to become a layer 2 solution on top of Ethereum as we did not saw the need to compete with it but rather complement it.

>To develop the blockchain solution, we entered into a Co-Innovation Agreement with the German-based multinational software giant SAP, which is in charge of developing the storage and smart contract layers, with us being the provider for the open consensus layer for this solution. SAP’s Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member at SAP SE, Dr. Jürgen Müller, is one of our advisors and actively involved in the #build process.

>Together with our partners we eventually determined that despite our sophisticated original business idea, the time was ripe for thinking even BIGGER. And this is how Lition, with SAP’s support, embarked on an entirely new exciting adventure: to develop our own scalable public-private blockchain infrastructure for commercial products, a system that would be equipped with deletable data features and fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, including the most recent EU data privacy laws. Our proprietary protocol aims to help blockchain-based applications to come out of their relatively small niche and enter the mainstream marketplace. The scaling solution that we are developing at this time will be offering a fast, robust, and cost-effective solution for a wide range of businesses and industries, including energy, enterprise data management, finance, insurance, logistics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, media, travel, etc.—in short: having started initially as a limited-scope decentralized application provider, we are now aiming to become a sizeable infrastructure project in the blockchain space and beyond.

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What is the realistic ceiling on Lition in the next 2 years? Is this a $400m coin, $4b, or $40b if everything goes right?

Not saying it will get to any of those numbers - but wondering the scale of the problem they are addressing

Look up GDPR and see for yourself.

There was an user that posted a realistic possibilities thread, with 1a 1b 1c etc would really be worth searching through the archives for

it all depends on the overall market. 2017 tier bull run would certainly be 100x from here.

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Lition need start trading on seasonable exchange before people can start taking it more seriously. Moreover along a good exchange this is going to worth a lot more in a short time.

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There will be competition though.

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Name one coin which is GDPR savy.

You make it sound like there's not ten other popping up the next six months.

Don't get me wrong, I'm also a LIT hodler, but I'm also realisic enough to know that they won't own the fucking GDPR market all by themselves. If you think so, you're fucking deluded.

You cannot name one? Than LIT has first mover advantage. Also Germany owns the EU. Getting their GDPR savyness from there is extra comfy.

please name a few i seriously dont know

No, because there aren't any, you moron. I know that. That's also why I'm very bullish on LIT. HOWEVER, I am also smart enough to know (contrary to you), that they won't dominate the market in the long run.

So 10 other coins with GDPR compliance are released, do they all have strong connections to the German government? I guess being 6 months late to the party doesn’t matter either! They’ll just magically write the code in 1/4th the time

>Germany owns the EU

No, kikes own the EU.

They'll just have strong connections to other governments, and other big companies. You are seriously fucking deluded if you don't think LIT will face heavy competition when there's so much money involved.

But I don't debate imbeciles, cause everything is lost on you, so over and out.

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