Why is penis surgery so expensive and not under insurance ;/

Why is penis surgery so expensive and not under insurance ;/

Jow Forums shill me some good shit and send women, im depressed ;(

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>penis surgery

Get rope

Having sex is to please yourself not the whore youre sleeping with


>why is it not under insurace

Because fucking degenerate shits as you keep making the insurance prices raising, just fucking kill yourself and we will be thankful

He doesn’t have enough length to feel though that’s the issue.

Buy matic matic soon moon

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Thank me later.

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how bad is it?

Ah hit her with stick, ah hit her with the stick, paint her face like whip, paint her face lipe whipp ahh

Kys small penis faggot

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get a bathmate penis pump. You can add 2 inches and .5 - 1 inch girth if you're consistent for about 2 years. Trust me user, I've done it

here's a link to get you started


Also add jelqing and stretching to your routine OP, it really works if you’re consistent

What if OP needs surgery cause he is too big?

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Get yourself a COTI bag and plan that surgery in advance, you can have it soon kek

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Good luck little user

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xFutures will be listing some nice coins soon. Buy it and kill yourself. With the gains you can make, you can fucking buy the piss of hollywood stars and drink that.

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> Not having at least 9 inch baller dick
Never gonna make it

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Natural selection at its finest

I have that pair

2D, just for you fren

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Imagine being this insecure about your size kek

What happened to your penis bud?


How long is your erected dick, fren?

hahahahahha dicklet

OP I'm sure you're fine. 8" is average size so unless you have a micropenis

I just wear one of these. my Boyfriend Loves it!!!

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>Why is penis surgery so expensive and not under insurance ;/
lol imagine paying for this

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1man1jar comes to mind

what the fuck is that atrocity? i don't even want to blow up that pic

user, buy coti now , its ieo price soon binance dex make it moon

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Is this Mohammed?

I actually need surgery because my penis is too long... I have to becareful not hitting my women cervix’ all the time..

>one of the few things Jow Forums is actually knowledgeable about

Photo proof?

You are fucking gay man

because it is not medically necessary for you, retard.

Doesnt this screw up your penis? Ive also heard of people using extenders that help people with corkscrew penises. Apparently it works by micro-tearing the shaft.

Jelqing and bathmate are said to work