Reading article on BAT

>reading article on BAT
>Brave has 28k verified publishers
>article published in January
>Brave has 200k verified publishers
>holy shit they 7x their publishers in 6 months
>that's early days facebook level of growth
>check price

Tell me right the fuck now why I shouldn't go all in on this?

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It's supposed to be a stablecoin

high velocity token

No it wasn’t TF you getting your info from

It's a meme newfriend. Same as the $1 price cap according to white paper.

Join us, user.

BAT will never go above $1.
The point of this token is to stay below that price, read the whitepaper.

because BAT isn't stock, and its value is tenuous without something to spend it on and a reason to spend it instead of usd/other crypto

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500 BAT when moon

Verified publisher here. I never use Brave, I don’t own a single BAT. I signed up just in case, but I’m not a proponent of the network and I don’t care if it fails. Also, I’m a jabroni in terms of actual value I could even bring to the network, and I’m still probably higher level than >50%. In short, my gut bet off of this anecdote is that 99% of the publishers are worthless and aren’t even engaged with the product.

Because it doesn't have to increase in price to be useful and you can get it for free so there's no intensive to buy. You can't even sell the tokens you get from BAT rewards so there's no point in hoarding them. I feel like I'm going crazy when I see you people talk about how BAT is going to explode.

>You can't even sell the tokens you get from BAT rewards
Lmao wut

Such a faggot.

Tokens you get from ad popups on Brave Rewards can't be sold. They can only be stored to be used for contributions to websites. You could technically contribute them to your own website to sell, but another user said he tried that and they caught on pretty fast when all of his BAT was funneled into one place.

what about the actual content creators receiving BAT tips? its almost like its designed to keep pajeet scum like you from farming ads

>he's criticizing my favorite shitcoin he must be a pajeet!!
Yeah, that's what it's made for. I don't have anything against BAT I just don't see why people think it's going to make anyone rich. It serves its purpose at its current price. There's no reason for it to increase, and there's no reason to every buy it when you can get it for free.

10x your crypto with moon3d. bonus schemes awaits

literally this. how fucking broke of a pajeet are we talking about here that they feel the need to complain about not being able to cash ~$10? Spend it on your favorite verified publisher ya cheapskate. If you wanna be a jew about it, then hoard it. ilke the jew you are.

I’ll be honest I don’t care, I’m not broke enough that the $5 a month I make really matters to me, and I like supporting content creators anyways. Just gave like 10 BAT to earlier today.

It absolutely isn't.

BTW, Everytime Boomers at my work bitch about Jewgle's politics I tell them to use Brave.

We need to kill the beast. We have to aim for the shekels.


why is brave any better

still see blue hairs and faggots galore

Is it like those shitty tokens you get in pay 2 win mobile games for watching an ad? What a gimmicky waste of blockchain tech.

You asking strangers to tell you what to do with your money?

Never gonna make it.
But yes, all in on bat

Fucking trannies