Any Jow Forums niggaz on biz? what is your bodyfat % right at this second

any Jow Forums niggaz on biz? what is your bodyfat % right at this second

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And then you realize face is far more important when it comes to banging chicks


we know this lad but being lean can improve your face by a lot.

Lol this pic was made by a delusional faggot in self denial. You're a real nigga when you're benching 100kgs for reps while having viable abs, that other shit is some bitch nigga shit and you will look like a weak bitch when wearing clothes.

slightly less than 20
i am comfy

what did you say about me you little bitchass nigga

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>Paying a trainer over $220 Shekels for a little over a year and a half now
>Cut the carbs
>Eat whole foods, proteins, and veggies
>Weight lift and do cardio sessions at least three times a week
>Barely lost 23 pounds
>Still a fatfuck
>Over 21% BMI
>Meanwhile hipsterdudeweed potsmokers and naturally skinny people are pigging out and don't become overweight

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Forgot to mention that was 220 a month

Probably like ~20%.

Add intermittent fast onto his too and add Aton of fermented foods into your diet to help with gut bacteria...kimchi, miso, sourcraut.

Being fit never once helped me get laid, it's all bulllshit

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Me, but I'm not going to participate in this thread because I don't fall for the bullshit in your image. I lift for myself not so I can surround myself with brainless thots. I was lucky enough to get my fill of that before I got fit and know that there is nothing but disappointment and frustration down that road. I feel really bad for the virgins that make that their goal.

All metabolisms aren’t created equal. You might have to work harder than some folks, but so what?

Try getting back in shape

>naturally skinny people are pigging out and don't become overweight
cant speak for everyone but i know fat people that think i am skinny naturally, they don't realize i eat chicken and rice every day with no junk

8% fat, 49% muscle

Kill yourself beta

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>naturally skinny people
Put the milkshake down fatty and go for a walk

why are you still paying him? haven't you learned enough that you can train on your own now?

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around 35%
dont care cause my lifts are at 320/265/170/95 1RM, and am almost back to one milion net worth
also rippletits is satoshi

>scrawny jew can't get laid
color me shocked

Honestly not bad before pic, the facial hair is unkept and you need a better haircut, but pretty good foundation
Surprised getting fit didn't help you more

Where is the after pic when you're fit?


kilos obviously, fuck americans

Lol at the pepperoni nipples and soft midsection. Real men are shredded hard. Try going on a cycle of testosterone+masterone to experience what a manly physique actually is.

shlomo, try lifting

There is an irrational fear of not doing the proper form or regaining that weight back.

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im a "naturally skinny" person

the reality is that sometimes Ill eat 1k+ calorie dinners, but I often have just a small breakfast and one real meal each day

the difference between me and you is that you have no self control and gorge yourself multiple times daily. stop eating over 2k calories a day and you will lose weight without even exercising

thats it. now fuck off

All the men in that picture have good looking faces. Its a shame so many people on the chans are still so bluepilled about looks.

prolly arounnd 17 my niggah

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>good face + being shredded > good face under fat
so what is your point you faggot. not everyone is ugly on here

>it's a shame more people don't hate themselves for how they look because of mental illness
Yes, truly.

I went through a period where I was super autistic about being Jow Forums

I got to 1/2/3/4 and now just try to maintain that while improving my mile/400/200/100 times

I only need to go to the gym a few times a week and this is better for health/aesthetics imo

I'm at 14%, trying to put some more muscle on before I cut

I've been skinny all my life but I'm just starting to get muscular. My family took note and I can see differences in my arms and how my pecs feel.

The gym is a temple of discipline, if you go for any other reason than self mastery or health you are a faggot.

Haha same for my ass off and barely making progress for 2 years. Boy im retarded i cannot tell that anyone. Im like down from 107kg to 97kg....its not that good progress for such a long time. Still fat. You need to have luck and the right circumstances. Also not to be a total retard like me lol. I‘m 36 and already too old...

I know a couple guys who started out like at they are in their mid 20ies and killing it. If you start past 30 its too late

Thought this pic was gone after I deleted my instagram, but thankfully had it saved on my phone. This was taken probably a year ago now, but I don't have any current pics with good lighting like this lol.
Got crohn's here which is kind of cheat codes if you can tolerate meat, but I'd say 7%

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I have like a 17% naturally. If I skip meals or undereat I get super low like 14%. Actually had a doctor advocate for me to eat McDonalds just to put some fucking weight on me.

Fuck yeah retarded metabolism.

i can curl you for 12
eat more

v nice delts user, arms are solid but not optimal biceps insertions, but damn user you lackin chest brutally. ab genetics are not bad

Good call outs m8. shoulders are my best attribute, biceps look really good at the top, but you're right, super high up insertions (6'2, lanky spread in general.) And with the chest, I actually had pubertal gyno from age of 10 to 17 til I got surgery. Could never build muscle well there because of the excess fat lump at the bottom, so yeah my pecs haven't filled out at all. working on that now playa

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Scrawny faggots

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pretty low, but I'm extremely DYEL

Nice incense. Did your boyfriend get that?

looking thick solid tight. whats your height, weight, job, routine, diet like?

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>muh benchpress


The fuck is that tattoo? When will you people learn that tattoo's like that are degenerate as fuck?

6'1.587908, 198~202 lbs
2~3 big meals a day, lift whatever I feel like, swim and climb a lot in my free days

Shouldn't you ask the body fat/age ratio?
Everything else makes little sense.