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What happens in oct user?

Please use the words harmony and one when killing a thread about this shitcoin so you can be filtered out, you massive faggot

105sats today.

I mean but muh binance in September

Even though I hold harmony, and it's a definite 100x. Your probably should put ONE on the post. I hate when BR*P fags and stinkies get through my filter.

How will I sell my ONE's after September??

Coinbase. You didn't know?

You can send them to me now, and I'll sell them whenever you need to sell them bro. Then I'll send you BTC, BNB, whatever back.

Ima euro by the way, so I'm not affected by that US binance shit

Sent ;) thanks bro

Literally scroll past it. It's a fucking picture on the internet you entitled WASP

Link and Harmony are the only 2 coins worth owning

Eat my shit wh*te cuck faggot

Sure thing, Brad from Connecticut

Im Sergej from Serbia.

i cant wait that long

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We are going crabbing all night?

the ONE github is an absolute trainwreck.
its unlikely the team will have this vaporware even finished until late 2021 if ever.
its a crypto literally established by actual street shitting pajeets

> he didn't know

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lol Vitalik is impressed but contrarianon no.


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When will saking be open to everyone?