ITT: VIDioTs and LITlets

This seems like a fine time for the Wojacks who are still holding VIDT and LIT to console each other and practice our coping mechanisms while consuming tendies.

I am a top 50 holder of both LIT and VIDT and I bought at the top. I didn't want to buy QNT because it was already 7 dollars and it would cost too much for a top 100 wallet.

Why do I fall for these shitty shit coins? whyyy whyyyyyyy mommy help me copppeeee

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Top wallets are accumulating user, give it a week.

This mentality always loses lol the cost of the token doesn’t matter. It’s the future potential. You can still make it back with QNT when it hits 100 eoy

Better dump your VIDT. it's only down from here.

t. faggot trying to accumulate
iron fucking hands faglords, imagine selling this before peak hype

You got lucky with LIT hold onto it like it is an actual share in a company that is going to one of the only blockchains that ends up having use... look back at the dot com bust and see why google and amazon and a handful of others actaully made it out

It’s not even a blockchain you absolute mongoloid, it’s a token. This is the kind of person you retards are taking investment advice from.

i dumped both for a loss for one and link when they were low

already back in the green

Wow that is some hopium. Are you implying Lition could be one of the winners emerging from the ashes of the 2018 alt crash? How big do you see Lition eventually being?

And OP, I bought the top as well and have been accumulating both VID and Lit. They are genuinely undervalued because of real world enterprise adoption, but everyone assumes they are just the latest PnDs

wow your bags literally might go to zero

Lmao look at this dude. Look at him and laugh.
You VIDT faggots shit in EVERY SINGLE Lition thread even doe the two coins ARE NO COMPETITORS. I fuckin bet that you think that LIT is a scam because you faggots @ VIDT HQ are an acutal PnD and see more things going for the seemingly other new PnD coin LIT.
Funny will be the moment where you deluded potheads will realize the 70% loss on VIDT and cry yaselves to sleep because you cannot afford even a bag of weed anymore. Stay silent while going to be poor you pack of niggers.

Switch the 2 and this is exactly how I feel about your curry shitting threads faggot, LITfags are the worst for thread hijacking, go fuck yourself. Btw this is a VIDT and LIT thread but I bet you forgot because you think every fucking thread is a LIT thread. Moron.

KYS nigger. I KNOW that you are a bunch of scammers because this is not the first, second or tenth validation token. All went to nowhere like your portfolio will. I have NEVER experienced more obnoxious shilling faggots than your bunch (except mobius and Trust cunts).
>N-no you

Fucking low IQ nigger scum I swear to God.

Both Vidt and Lit are experiencing pre-exchange shakedowns

So easy to accumulate massive quantities from pussies by selling and buying back

It's easy and safe given the lack of liquidity

Look at this scammer. How exactly does LIT generate revenue? What businesses are actually using it?
>muh innovation partner

Means it's one of SAPs thousands of small gambles, it doesn't mean shit.

VIDT benefits from an actual revenue generating business. The fact that you retards would even buy a PnD like LIT over an operating business like VIDT is hilariously retarded.

LIT bagholders shitting all over VIDT as usual. Can't wait for this scam to hit 0 after LIT stops giving away handouts.

You are so full of shit it is not even funny anymore.

Your arguments are either copied from LIT (they already sell energy on a P2P basis in 200 german cities) or literal projections of your shitty community. I wont even adress the basic bitch low effort lies.

KYS Nigger.

Scammers get defensive when they're cornered.

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Lition is not the first, second, or tenth energy token that will die. The market was oversaturated as fuck with them in 2017, just like muh supply chain coins. And your SAP partnership isn’t worth dog shit. Plus the LIT devs are outsourced belarusian coders because the devs are too stupid to write their own code. The lead in house dev was in charge of 2 other crypto fails. Enjoy the inevitable bleedout into oblivion

I am offensive you fucking nigger. Is that everything you can come up in 10 minutes?

I don’t see what’s so hard to understand here, I own both and I think LIT definitely has more potential to 100x. Their platform can support use cases in multiple industries (Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare) while VIDT is a dApp that has a single use case. Furthermore, LIT is the only blockchain company that SAP has signed a full co innovation agreement with and not just signed up on its Leonardo startup program. If you’re German you would realize that co innovation agreement is an actual signing of contracts and due diligence is heavy

Another VIDT faggot
KYS Nigger.
Outsourcing is as normal as the Amen after a Prayer you shitskin. Also the lead dev thing is a straight up lie. Their lead devs are inhouse and have won hackathons.
Did I mention to KYS Nigger?

Where you faggots at? Did you already an hero? Fling some more shit around you monkeys, cmon.

so salty he's monitoring the thread kek

don't care enough to check up on you more than once an hour

Typical lit pajeets itt. Enjoy the dump to 0.0001 when the team dumps 90% uncirculating tokens on your bagholding ass. You’ll probably but from them too

Vidt $5 EOY
T1 exchange this quarter

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Feels good being a stockchad, enjoy your scams and losses cryptofags

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Typical for literal niggers. Mocking something without having anything going for them. Its also not that hard to monitor.
KYS black newfag

They’re mad cause the LIT flippening will happen by Monday. VIDT bleeding badly

Man you are one frustrated person. Bought Lit at the top? Get some therapy brother

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I bought at the bottom (900-1300 sats; 10k)
KYS nigger. You VIDT shills are not white and streetshitters should stay away from quality.

autist speaking;
accumulate LIT

nigger please kys, nobody cares about your faggot bags

>muh energy trading app
wepower already did it and their dead in the water

>muh SAP
literal throwaway money for them

>muh enterprise blockchain
nobody's using it

Admit it, you didn't catch the bottom on VIDT and now you're trying to make it on some obscure shitcoin scam. The only thing Shition has going for it is its reddit-tier Starwars handouts, and once that dries up you're gonna get dumped on.

enjoy being poor faggot, I'll screencap your niggerdom to celebrate when Shition hits 0

Nigger KYS
You will buy my bags while your PnD has nothing going for them except a brainless and toxic bunch of niggers roaming biz threads.

im all in on VIDT at this steal of a price and im comfy af. 20k vidt with more coming soon


I have literally NEVER heard one good thing out of VIDT discussions. This thread is just the perfect example for that. Every LIT thread has more informational content than VIDTs application for the Binance DEX KEK.
Guilable faggots


Because it’s boomer tier easy and it takes even the simplest brainlet 5 minutes to fully research

“You guys are annoying with the shill/fudding. Vid is a legit project
“Holy shit kill yourself you deluded pajeet nigger your bags are going to zero fucking scammers”
Lel really jogs the noggin

Annoying is an understatement you fucking faggot.
Also metokur is a pussy ass faggot.
LIT shills can acutally talk about their project and are ALWAYS willing to debunk FUD and show upsides of their project while you bunch of niggers cry DYOR or just shittalk the coin in the topic.
VIDT therefore is a PnD and will (thank fucking god) make you poor.

Well put nigger

Litiots so mad they chose the wrong coin

Enjoy the dump pajeets

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I wish it didnt take weeks to get money into crypto

It doesn’t retard

Whats fast then?

coinbase idiot

V-ID is comfy.

just got my stack to 22k im stoked

STOKED?!?! baka fukcing idiot niggers from PLEBBIT. U chose the wrong pill dumbass. It's LIT! LITERALLY!

LITerally a PnD scam

You cant move off for like 2 weeks dumbass

You are a huge retard holy shit

Crypto is not for you, sorry

Then explain how you fucking bypass moving off coinbase when they make you keep shit on there for a certain period

are you a burger? there shouldn't be any kind of constraint like that. literally link bank account, submit proof of identity, then buy whatever, whenever, and move it around as you please at any time.

Oh, you like Egyptian Mythology?
>I'm a normie.

buy with a debit card. no good funds hold for that. fees are higher but it's worth it if you want to move the money fast.

I signed my friend up for coinbase a while ago and he has a buy limit of like 10 fucking dollars with buy/sell and withdrawals. He went through all the KYC steps too. Thank fuck I’ve been on there since it opened because it’s a fucking joke, I never had restrictions like that.

This is debit card, I think the ACH transfers is something stupid low as well. He doesn’t want to drop the minimum amount required for wire transfer by our ban either. Had to send him the ETH out of my personal stack and rebuy it, which fucking blows for tax purposes.
>I shilled him to throw half of the $600 on VIDT at $0.13

VIDT has better tokenomics. You guys get blinded by promise, everything is a moonshot and lambo for you. You're more likely to make money off the scam scarcity tokens like SHOCK, BOMB, NUKE. Good luck selling if volume drops but the math behind buying something deflationary and scarce vs abundant and inflationary is easy to get. Poor souls chasing LINK gains. Some day you'll get a 100x