That fact that you are browsing Jow Forums RIGHT NOW means your IQ is most likely in the 130-160 range

That fact that you are browsing Jow Forums RIGHT NOW means your IQ is most likely in the 130-160 range

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Pajeets arent that smart


the influx of newfags from the BTC/LINK rally diluted it to 105.


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Don’t insult me like that, bitch.

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klubto kurrezi

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I'm unironically retarded

remove 100 and that's accurate for me


im actually black

pee pee poo poo

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I had half my brain surgically removed

My iq is 100. Ive tested it and had it peer reviewed. Op your dumbass

>not limiting your IQ to get into the mind of an NPC in order to predict the market with 100% accuracy
not gonna make it

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>implying being an NPC is about IQ
schizophrenic detected

IQ is a measure of problem solving
if you solve your problems by ignoring them then you aren't very bright

Holy christ, the timing - played golf and i am sitting reading “I have some money in checking and a savings account...from another Biz thread (with red hot financial takes, just the best) to make my “regular people do so know about money” friend laugh. This place is a tragicomedy. Never make it biz, who would i look down on?

I'm 6'3'' and 83 IQ. Guess how much LINK I'm holding.

Agreed honestly now that I'm retired at 25 it is all starting to click in how it was just impossible for someone as smart as me to simply not make it

Can confirm.
>t. 138 IQ

That fact that you are posting reddit wojaks RIGHT NOW means your IQ is most likely in the 13-16 range


>mfw novice historian
>know tons of random facts, areas of expertise include the Greco-Bactrian kingdom and culture, the Swedish Empire, Chalcedonian Christianity and the Schism, and feudal Japan

the Tokugawa Dynasty (or shogunate), the last and most stable Dynasty of feudal japan, lasting until the Meiji Restoration in 1868. Widely regarded as a golden age in Japan due to the relative peace, stability, and flourishing of arts and culture, the rulership of the Tokugawa Shogunate over Japan was ensured by the actions of Tokugawa Ieyasu, a hero of the Sengoku period and one time friend of Oda Nobunaga. The Sengoku period, which preceded the Tokugawa Shogunate, was a period of intense suffering and turmoil as the entire country was engulf by inter-clan warfare and peasant uprisings against the ruling class. Oda Nobunaga was one of, if not the, most successful of these warlords, challenging the might of the Ashikaga Empire itself and dominating several rival clans. However, what is NOT known is that, while Oda Nobunaga was publicly a brilliant tactician and accomplished general, in private he was a pathetic cuckold who let his best friend, Tokugawa Ieyasu, fuck his wifes and daughters. Eventually, Tokugawa decided to fuck Nobunaga himself, by having him killed by assassins in his castle one night with the help of Nobunagas own family. It was rumored that Tokugawa would never have been able to do this if it wasnt for how much Nobunagas wifes and daughters loved Tokugawas cock.

Therefore, it is entirely based and redpilled knowledge that the Tokugawa Shogunate was, indeed, founded by dick.

>tfw 137
youre not wrong

114 reporting in

I like to think everyone here is pretty smart. Normies tend to avoid this board on the pretense that topics here are boring and not worth lurking, which just leaves the Anons that are either passionate about the market or autistic to the point where they know exactly what they should invest in or not. It's like a secret club hiding in plain sight and we're all trying to work together to make each other rich.

I love this thread boys, we are gonna make it together. LINK and ONE right BOYS!?

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136 medicated moron reporting in

Yeah idk op

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