Based Thomas, legend

whatch out or youll get the hodge

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Im so lonely fren, breadcrumb hunting and link posting with my frens here was all I had for as long as I can remember. Literarely stayed in on weekends linkposting while getting baked and watching all the meetings and conferences live as normies went out to clubs to get drunk and chase roasties. Now it's almost over. I know you should be glad that it happened but it hurts fren. I don't have any frens besides all my frens here. I'm gonna miss everyone of you marines. You beautifull bastards. I love you frens so much.

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dont worry user , we are never leaving this place

this is our life now

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ive lost most of my friends because of link. im down to be frens

>Looked more closely, the whitepaper of this project is almost unreadable

You know me and I know you.

We will always keep in touch through you know who

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We are all in this together. No one else will ever truly understand what we have gone through and we will forever be united by that.

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One day we will post something as usual without knowing it will be the last time posting here.

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I love you frens so much, I pray that you find enlightenment in your journey and do good to balance the evil in this world. We truly are all united frens. Godspeed marines

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It's ok fren, we will post for an infinite number of times to come. We will always be in this together don't you ever forget that. I love you fren.

based fren

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I wanna suck your dicks at the yacht party

why are these fuckers so dramatic?
it's just a fucking coin, and probably a pretty one if you compare to most other coins.

Lel @ the comments.


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You don't seem to understand

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Whelp I fomo'ed because of this. I am now the proud owner of 153 linkies.

try to get to that 1k suicide stack

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No, I don't. It is just the ultimate cringe and I wish this coin never infested this board and the minds of these young individuals

Middle is you

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I thought 10K was the official suicide stack?

100k is suicide stack, 1 million to make it

Useless shittoken, he just handwaves over the "decentralization" portion. Basically a useless shittoken

153 is enough to buy a house if it actually reaches 1k. I think im good. Im not sure enough about link to dump all my holdings into it. I still think bitcoin is going to beat it long term.


i never thought i would become brainwashed and part of a cult.

proud to be a fren ,frens.

i am a bartender last night i conivnced a guy to come along for the ride. he was a UPS driver making 38 an hour, he bought 1k links in front of me and i showed him the memes. and told him about meme magic. he was really into it. he was a fren IRL

it does not change the fact that you are incredibly annoying and that you have not accomplished anything worthwhile, other than browsing this forum. if you have such high iq, I assume you have written many smart contracts yourself and played around with chainlinks code just like thomas did, in that case I want to ask you, why are you not part of the team? with such a high iq you could be really beneficial to sergey. but you probably know the answer to that question, you are a worthless piece of shit and your existence on this earth is totally meaningless and if you get rich at some point you will probably kill yourself, because you can't live with the fact that you are such a fucking loser

and there is also a possibility that chainlink will fail, or that off-chain oracles will simply become irrelevant, just like many of the old technologies in the 90s. what if that happens? have that ever occurred to you? it might or might not, but companies do fail, for numerous reasons and it is impossible to anticipate, only retards would invest their whole life into one fucking crypto

I never claimed to be high IQ.

jesus christ there really are going to be people asking if .5 LINK is enough to make it very soon. you would have been laughed off this board 3 months ago

That's not what your diary said last night, bitch.

1k suicide stack
10k make it stack
100 fuck you stack
all numbers based off $1000 eoy

Dont feel bad, fren.

Come hangout in the pre-mainnet based channels.

10k is a number because way way back in the day Sergey said having 10k was having "skin in the game." Thus 10k became the official minimum amount required to "make it."


>only retards would invest their whole life into one fucking crypto
Where do you think you are?

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That's not what your diary said last night, bitch.

>one time you and your friends went out to play one last time without even knowing it

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The fellowship of the link has reached a place to rest. The first part of the journey is past. But our destination is far away and we have not even begun to understand the difficult tasks ahead. Enjoy the affirmation of knowing you are on the right path. But do not let this brief respite fool you. The stakes will get higher and choices will have greater impact. Millions of dollars on the line with every decision. We will turn on each other. Fortunes will be lost by some. Marines might off themselves or someone else in response to these decisions. Marines will lose friends and family to jealousy. Marines will be targeted by cons and thieves. Marines may be murdered for their possessions. We are all in this together and we must not lose sight of our duty to each other.

what a fucking terrible interview, the absolute state of crypto 'journalism' lmao

based and elrondpilled

You need to go back!

This is exactly how I feel. I miss the excitement of digging through crumbs. I stayed in every night, every weekend reading. And I wasn’t even that autistic at work. I had co workers invite me to drink all the time but I always just told them no because I knew I couldn’t discuss link, which is really all I care(d) about.

This. In a few years another eth, another link will show up and every marine will report in again. But link is still honestly just starting. Theres another 2 years at least of shitposts and fud until 1k.