Attention bizfaggs, some of you will read this and catch a huge opportunity...

Attention bizfaggs, some of you will read this and catch a huge opportunity, many of you will skip like the degenerate you are. Let me tell you about the future, even a retarded newfag can guess what the future will bring us. All shitcoins(LINK,VIDT,LIT etc.) on one exchange, no more swapping between exchanges when you cash out one shitcoin and want to put that money in another shitcoin. No more withdrawal fees, and waiting for your fucking shitcoins to arrive.

Traditionally trading is scattered over multiple exchanges. The problem is when you have multiple exchanges you have to divert your assets, you have to pay fees on each exchange and you increase the opportunity for failure. The huge breakthrough that I want to share with you biz was to replace all of those exchanges with just one exchange and that one exchange we call Bitcloud.

If you're wondering what the fuck Bitcloud is, you're not alone. I don't know much about the team as they're east Asian. But let me tell you what I heard through the grapevine, there are some serious venture capital people who had been in contact with those guys. And I have some insiders confirming they are supporting the project. I did my research and it seems Bitcloud is a very successful startup that's aggressively expanding here in the US, Europe and also Asia. They're official partners with Bitmax and they are working very closely with Binance, OKEx, Huobi and other exchanges.

Most of you bizfags invest in shitcoins, well why not put your fucking money in the BPRO token. Many traders will trade on it once everything is set. Why wouldn’t you buy the exchange token while it’s still so cheap, buy low and sell high. Look at all the other major exchange coins. Crypto is still in infant shoes. You are living in the best era possible where neets are richer than doctors.

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BPRO is still above IEO price, Who knows what we can expect from exchange tokens but have looked at BNB, OKB, KCS or HT? Can it go 5x? 10x? 100? possibly. But we are all well aware of one thing - we have all seen how well exchange tokens can do in the past.

My suggestion for you to take into consideration if you believe me: just take a few seconds of your time and check out the exchange and play with it. There will be some massive news coming soon of a crypto exchange partnering with 1# payment provider on this globe. Have your accounts ready because once this news breaks you'll have little time to respond before the prices are gonna move aggressively.

I bet you'll call me names right at this very moment you're reading this. But those of you that aren't, better strap your belts because Elon will not be the first person colonizing mars because the next couple of weeks will be spectacular. Take care.

Interesting.. AI trading?

Wow hidden gem, Need to check it out , was just in their telegram bitcloud pro , chinese team nice scammy and big pump possibitlies

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Nice larp OP
Show us your BPRO wallet
How much do you have

Seriously, sounds like a good gem.

#1 payment provider Visa partnership??

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Ding ding ding we hit all the shill signs!

Not buying your shit.jpeg

YEah, sure

Downloaded the app, Looks really good . Will test it out , i travel a lot need something like this!

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heard of moon3d? 10x or 100x your crypto. ez money

Didnt read, buying more link.

BPRO? Great another chink token to get added to the filter.

KYS. Next thing will be the Eve scammers.

Where the fucking MODS at?

Da fuq Is KYS , Larp so stupid can’t even type normal english

I bought eve and gained almost50% sold thank you.

user were this at? Bitcloud site ?

Bitcloud Pro actually has multiple Asian banks as backer, also Bitmax is in a strategic partnership with them.

All of you retards above are calling all of them a scam?

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where do these newfags come from? also kys

Show us proof user