If you won a million $ in the lottery what would you do with it?

If you won a million $ in the lottery what would you do with it?

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gamble some of it with moon3d

like its worth getting worked up about 600k after tax money.

Kill myself

Would buy more lottery tickets.

1 million? I would be glad that the costs of all the real estate plus taxes are covered this year.

pay someone to kill me idk

What about the rest?
No meme answers please

burn it like the joker hehe

Fake pic

its not a meme dude...600k isn't fucking "life changing money" why are you asking dumb kid?
At best someone is just going to pay down their mortgage and payoff their gender studies degree...maybe after all that you have 10k left over to take a foodcation with...

buy 100 btc shove it down orange mans neck

>600k after tax money.
That's 186k LINK at market price. I'd be in heaven.

Put it all in LINK.

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How was my answer a meme?

In all honesty though, I'd throw 75% in LINK and the 25% in BTC or Monero, or ETH. Diversified crypto portfolios are a fucking meme.

Thats what I thought. Wouldn't the wind be fucking insane?

Put the money in index funds.

Pay off my RV, fix my truck, and move to the mountains.

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Invest in the stock market and make enough earnings to retire

Fvck yellow bitches and smoke weed

A million is like 20 years total earnings for a middle class person, brainlet

yeah, obviously the turbine isn't running if you can see the blades

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In my country lottery winnings aren't taxed so

Buy a $500k house
Buy a $50k car
Keep $50k in a checking account for short term expenses
Put $150k in Link
Put $50k in Eth
Put $200k on the stock market

>the gov doesn't collect taxes on lotteries...you get the full amount

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In Europe they aren't taxed. I can't imagine living in muttland where you get barely half the advertised amount top kek

You're lucky you don't live here. (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

>t. US person

fairly sure it differs from country to country, can't say that all of Europe have no taxes on lotteries

You have to go back

No you go back to building a wall to keep out all the Jews faggot

meh...it just means the tax is coming at different level...ie. the prizes you win are lower.

buy some property. $1m ain't getting far though.


>win a million dollars by pure luck
>no taxes

>work hard for an honest living year after year
>taxed 40%

Drop 100% of it into a total stock market fund and every month take out the dividends as an additional income source to my regular job that I would continue to work until around age 65.

the lotteries in Austria are partly owned by the government, so saying its a tax for the stupid, gives lotteries a whole new meaning

depending on the amount i
you dont even have to work anymore

would invest 100k in RSR, 500k in bitcoin and live off the rest until we reach the moon ofc

Probably just put it all in index funds, let it grow to the point where i could get 50k in passive income, and live the rest of my life

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I really just want a comfortable single-person house in my state. I'd get that, pay off my student loans, give some cash to my mom, then fuck off from the world for a while.
>ywn be financially secure

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That's why white people are the best.

Dump it all into LINK

buy all the tickets for the next lottery so I keep winning millions
Jow Forums has taught me well

That is why white people are the best???
White people are the best as has been proven and shown and experienced by this world for hundreds of years. We are superior. Period.

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Market buy Chainlink

So you'd have your entire house paid off and be able to keep any money you made from work to do whatever with.

Pay taxes.

>pay 50% tax
>pay off my house
>remodel house
>automate shit to save me time

depends 100% on what european country you live in faggot. I can guarantee you that it's taxed out of the ass in every single country in the western and northern parts of europe.

kys, you can't claim the achievements of better men

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waste it and go back to being poor like nothing ever happened

Do I? Explain, faggot.

Lots of blacks helped design and build the Saturn V :)

All in $BRAP

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All into LP through OTC, live off the passive income, sell half after it does another 4x

it was built in the 60s retard.

I said this before on other chains... shouldn't the blacks in the US actually be fucking grateful to be in the US now? Instead of demanding reparations because their ancestors were brought there?? Where would they be now if this hadn't happened? Still in some African shithole trying to drown whilst getting to Europe.

Really, US blacks should pay reparations to everyone else for suffering them


50% SPY (maybe wait for a dip?)
25% real estate (would pay off my mortgage entirely)
5%crypto (BTC)
10% bonds
10% cash

that was before the civil rights movement there wasn't political affirmative action

You go outside your home maybe after having a lovely kiss from your wife, and daughter and son, and off to work, American ideal, and what do you need to see? Some nigger. Your day is shot to hell right there already. See what I am saying? They owe reparations to all northern Americans for even still tolerating them in their society :>

Pretty much this.

He didn't. He claimed the achievements of his race, which he is a part of.

Exactly $1m?
Yeah $600,000 after taxes.
I’d grab 21 BTC, 32 ETH, buy a house for less than 200k market value, set aside $25k for 10 years of utilities and property taxes, and throw the rest into a dividend-paying stock portfolio.

Win a million on the lottery in bongland, you get a million. Not taxed.

There actually was. Through women's liberation and according liberal thoughts emerging. The government as well as Nasa felt a need.

And back on track as far this thread is concerned... 1 million dollars is not that much money really when u own shit. The running and daily costs of everything plus taxes, you wouldn't believe.
Which is why I am really angry with European governments claiming that we big bad people that rent out are too expensive. Especially the Germans... Faxt is, after tax, and renovating the place every 5 years and all that, not much profit is left in your bags.
Selling it all and investing in something else seems reasonable almost.

Pay my house off. 127k left. Won’t get a different house anytime soon.
Buy a Henry 12 gauge single shot shotgun. 0.35k
Buy a nice electronic game caller to kill coyotes and raccoons with. 0.4k
Debate hard whether to send remaining to mortgages of family (Are they really fiscally mature enough to handle being mortgage free?).
Prolly buy a few gold coins. Been wanting a 24k gold buffalo coin but keep sticking to 1/10 ouncers instead. Stopped buying when spot started rising this winter.

I would still go to work. That routine benefits me. I hate to admit that.

Maybe retool myself to be a laid back brush hogging bubba instead of being an employer.

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Not much. By the time I got done with taxes, tags, freight, shipping, handling, surcharges, fees, percentages, exclusions, restrictions, deductions, etc. there would be only a few thousand left. Maybe get my car worked on.

Unironically put it all in LINK

if its a million after tax i would
buy a 370k house "midwest so thats a mansion"
put 50k into ltc 50k into btc
100k into a roth or some other fund
buy a couple of small houses and rent them
use the rest to go on a poorfag vacation aka hostels for awhile

That is funny too. You can't with a clear conscience tell people who have nothing to put it all in link. If it doesn't work out they are fukd. I would never do what u just did.

I'd buy a prefab and wouldn't tell anybody how I paid for it.

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>Unironically put it all in LINK

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Lottery wins are tax free

i would but all of it into crypto and save 40-80k in the bank since i don't know how to invest in other things

People memeing about taxes don’t realize that the lottery is taxed by every government, they just lost the actual net prize instead of the gross. The US advertises the gross because it’s a bigger number that draws in more attention (and also because the taxes vary).

It’s probably since been changed but if you owned/operated a tax exempt organization and claimed the lottery through that you wouldn’t have to pay income taxes on it.

average us income is 56k.
600k means 10 years worth of yearly income straight up paid. Thats life changing and you are a faggot.


Set for life.

>600k isn't fucking "life changing money"
Maybe if you're retarded.

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Fake - reflection in glasses

Actual fucking retard


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depends on where you live

Invest and otherwise just live my life fairly normally.

Wow get a load of this internet detective

put 100% in Link and continue wagecucking for a while.