ETH code base

People who understand core ethrereum and solidity:

Is the code really a mess as biz claims or is just baseless fud? Do the devs have handle on it? It seems they are quickly building things and Scalability is not far off what is the future value proposition of this?

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Language is only a mess in the hands of a shitty writer.

hmm people shit talking a token almost like they want it go down so they can buy

which client? you know ethereum is a protocol and it is up to the client devs how to implement it. your question is wrong. which client codebase?

eth isn't a fucking token first of all


>Language is only a mess in the hands of a shitty writer
>shitty writer comes along
>$50 million hack
>that's okay, we'll just patch this clusterfuck as if it were any old software

>Scalability is not far off
Proof of Stake in 2016 - we promise™

It's gas. Like a nice brap. ༎ຶ༎ຶ

I think it's insane that they have made purely stylistic changes to the language...making breaking changes that nullify supposedly "immutable" smart contracts. The standard now is to make every smart contract upgradeable by a core team who are majority token holders. There isn't a semblance of immutability or decentralization left in this system. A complete sham

ETH devs didn't even know they were breaking their own codebase.

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lucky for the cryptosphere that someone else was paying attention

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ETH is a mess

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oops. such a shitshow. devs were using twitter to discuss whether or not to postpone constantinople. this shit was discovered the day before it was supposed to go live.
does it sound like the devs have a handle on the codebase?

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There are several ETH clients written in different languages. It's not about the codebase, it's about the protocol.

Ethereum will always have a target on its back as being one of the first movers in the smart contract/blockchain space. Its got a huge market cap, tons of competitors, and has the aftertaste of many other tokens/companies profiting off the ICO craze.

As far as the code base goes, its got a huge developer community and time will tell what 2.0 delivers.

I always viewed ETH as a conservative bet. Will crypto and blockchain be the future? Possibly. If it is then ETH will be there. If it isnt and its a niche market, Ethereum is already the foundation of many many technologies and projects.

heard of moon3d? 10x or 100x your crypto. ez money

Inexperienced code monkeys shit on all sorts of popular software for having what they perceive to be shitty code because their professor or code camp instructor told them "Never do X!" or "Always do X!" and they see some project that doesn't conform to their limited exposure of programming styles so they declare it shit. Idiots who can't understand a complex code base also declare it "a mess" while never having designed something as complex. Its only "a mess" to them because they are too stupid to understand it.

As for the programming language eth node clients are not written in solidity, the smart contracts are. A popular eth node is geth, written in golang. But the implementation doesn't really matter as long as it correctly adheres to the protocol. Solidity might be shit, but it doesn't really matter, since smart contract code is usually extremely small and lightweight. Dapps only implement the bare minimum of what has to run on the block chain to reduce transaction fees. 99% of a dapps logic will be traditional code, running on any platform in any language, interacting with the smart contract which itself is very small.

A lot of alternative platforms advertise the ability to write smart contracts in different languages, which might sound cool, but it really isn't a big deal, its a slight convenience at best. Actually, if that is listed as a big selling point that is a red flag that the project is more of a marketing based cash grab than one that really has good tech.

Good post, have a (You)

>they are too stupid to understand it
yes, ETH core devs are apparently too stupid to understand the software they write. Amateur core devs who don't know to design a programming language and don't know to account for overflow/underflow - and that mistake cost tens of millions of dollars. or do we need to wait for yet another ETH hack or major fuckup before we conclude this? The constantinople shitstorm should have been a clue for you.
>Solidity might be shit, but it doesn't really matter
that's some serious excuse making for inexcusable design decisions. solidity - call a method that has not been defined it automatically calls a backup method and uses that. this is fucking stupid security wise. accidentally mistype one letter in a procedure call and instead of being notified of your mistake solidity just runs something else. fucking amateur hour - and here you are making excuses for it.

What about BTC?

What about BTC?

>constantinople shitstorm
Other than delaying Constantinople, everything worked out great. They found a potential problem that wouldn't have affected existing contracts, but would be a potential attack. They fixed it, and moved on. Things worked out perfectly. The guy you're replying to clearly has a much better understanding of ETH and programming than you do. You're embarrassing yourself.


>Constantinople, everything worked out great
"They" did not find the very real problem that would have affected existing contracts. "They" did not know that this very real problem existed at all. On the eve of the launch an outside group discovered the problem in the codebase. "They" were surprised by this. "They" used twatter to debate what to do. "They" were lucky as fuck.
>Things worked out perfectly.
yes user, that sounds like a perfect way to manage a financial system with billions of dollars in value on the line. let's let someone else find the problems we introduce and hopefully those 'someone elses' will do so before we push shit live.
>you're embarrassing yourself
yes you are

>yes you are
Great comeback, brainlet

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who gives a fuck about bitcoin? start a bitcoin thread - sounds like an interesting topic. perhaps an article NOT from coindesk (the ETH cocksucking and fluffing rag) in order for anyone to take it seriously.

Coindesk sucks, but that doesn't make the bug any less real.

no facts - just an attempted gotcha
>impressive user

well start a thread user. like I said, sounds interesting.