Can I have a quick rundown on pic related?

What's the story behind?

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What ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽ is this

Anorexic emo chick fucks rich crypto chink and will eventually leave him and get blacked. Nothing to see here.

it's samson mow's girlfriend who's self-chosen meme is headphones and they call her headphone girl

he apparently is the chief security officer at blockstream (major bitcoin company that's legit and not some retard side project)

try quitting porn thru titration, friend. theyve actually succeeded in controlling ur mind, but its reversible

This, it wont last long, so typical.

Lesbians in crypto.


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>attached earlobes
that's gonna be a YIKES from me dawg

What about aerodynamics?

Tyrone is going to DESTROY this one

so many salt shakers on this board. lmao

Have sex, incel.

yes, they control bitcoin core.

Amount of jealousy and cope here is unreal. Just go workout you salty fucks. Who the fuck cares if some asian dude is dating a white chick. Do you incels seriously have nothing better to do with your lives

>trips of truth
most racists are unironically the most uneducated and saltiest types who are incapable of looking beneath the surface of skin color

Racist NEET losers on Jow Forums are triggered because a Lee which is the Asian version of "Chad" is piping a hot white chick. I'm white and I give this dude major props cause he probably has A+ game. Anyone hating Lee for banging top tier white girls is coping hard.

>he has +A game

you mean money? how naive are you retard?

>being this pathetic

Samsong is pretending they are fucking. Protip: they aren't. He's just the betabux best friend. She only accepts chads dicks inside her.


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Asain boi cope: the thread

If you already know they're dating, then why do you need to respond/defend it? Grow up ads in incels, stop getting triggered by bait.

the girl is white so she was blacked


they are NOT dating

>try quitting porn thru titration, friend. theyve actually succeeded in controlling ur mind, but its reversible
its too fucking late, theyve destroyed me

The absolute state of wh*te “””””men”””””

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Fuck no! Bunch of kikes that hijacked BTC and pay these faggots to kill the development with segshit and lightning gayness.

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user, that dude is clearly asian

t. butthurt subhuman he's not sentient and the most desired race

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rofl whites don't use public trans. we can afford our own vehicles thanks to our oppressive system where we keep everyone down -thank god.

>most desired
>even goes cringe in disgust
Whatever helps you sleep at night

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You do know chinks are subumans right? There isn't even a question at this point. Do I need to start a chink hate thread? Because I will.

Oh no. A Jow Forums thread. I am financially ruined

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Holy shit, you really are pathetic creatures aren't. Also, you did a wonderful job cherry picking jewish men and asian women. Who would have guessed that a race well known for soullessness and a race known for schizophrenia (ie the jews) would create fucking intolerable creatures. A very astute observation chink-man. Now why don't you go back in the nike factory, and make more shoes.

Seethe more faggot

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>"oh no, my day is ruined. please, not another hate thread."

is that maplestreet?

Whew lad, what a gross picture. Fucking faggot and leech girl. He and FluffyPony are huge fucking faggots, as are all Bitcoin maximalists. FluffyPony might be a pedo too though.

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janny wake up

Hearty kek

The fatso has an aryan gf tho

i don't get the last sentence joke, are white men loud on public transportation? i never noticed that stereotype.

seems like she was abused by her white dad to me

this is a uk chav and his whore in pattaya. the lowest of the low

Good luck with life.

this is an underrated kek

this lmao

why don't these roasts just grow a spine and say that they hate niggers like everyone else? they always have to be so cryptic about it

>most racists are unironically the most uneducated
is that why racists base their racism off of facts, statistics, data, and evidence?

i thought you lefties fucking love science, right morty?

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Fck off Chang. Your not white...

>Asian version of "Chad"

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>Didn't realize the pic he posted would work against him
Asians have higher IQ than all other races you mong. If you wanted to prove we're better than them you're doing it wrong

>what is no true Scotsman fallacy

Pffffftttttttt hahaha. ಥಥ

>Asians have higher IQ than all other races
so you agree that racism is legitimate.

anybody hating on this man and bitcoin should off themselves immediately for being jelly as fuck coping poorfag shitcoin scammers

Hahahahahha is this what America is like?!

Nobody's hating on him. They are not dating.

>Nobody's hating on him. They are not dating.
This delusion is really sad


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in all honesty I'm filipino. come at me with the chink jokes. doesn't offend me. all i date are white girls i can only imagine the kind of cope i get from incels who hate interracial relationships.

all the ugly people come on here and use this place as an outlet for their hidden hate.

deal with it.

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>All other races
You can't spell Ashkenazi without Nazi
Higher IQ, and subverted the master race. Asians don't even get close to social-engineer geopolitical events. They just get JEWED

lina seiche bf is a filipino chad.

If you think she would fuck samson YOU are deluded my friend.

Whitey btfo on yellow fever actually being a real thing.

rofl you can have all the ugly fat white girls you want my brother. no self respecting white woman dates a smalldick lmao

Imagine a world where Ashkenazi Jews, Whites, and Asians are living together peacefully. If you want some Milkers go for it, if you want some rice enjoy it.


I've dicked hotter girls than you've even seen irl

>t. knows math and karate

*blocks your path*

this is unironically 90% of biz

Elusive girls like Lina always find their way to the top. I love how she quickly made her way to the top of bitcoin influencers. Those autists all fall in love with her and betabux big time to be around her.

trips of truth

I can guarantee none of those autists are putting their dick inside her. Imagine samson making a move and finally confessing his love. Awww samson it's so cute but you're like a brother to me. Let's just be friends ok? I-I'll always be there for you m'lady

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>white bois always dating ugly asian chick
almost equivalent to coping asian beta male when seeing afwm

top kek. virgin incels,.. i feel bad for them

I can caption this picture for you:

Figure 1. Bitcoin maximalist chad/alpha cucks into oblivion white numales/pajeets basedboys.
Colored, 2019, All rights reserved.

true, this is why white girls go for the BBC :)

there's some of us filipinos who have black genes, there's an island called negros look it up.

pacific islander mandingo getting blacked by an asian guy and breaking stereo types like whoa

#cope virgin incels

Is this how you're coping with the fact that the Philippines is the go-to prostitution place for boomers? Oh, you're named after a Spanish king, kek

>I'm so happy you were born

Feels. I'm so lonely.

>shoes in the house
poor guy. he knows he should've gone asian

honestly don't give a fuck. my last name is spanish and i also have spanish genes.

this board is full of pathetic racist incels that need to neck themselves

Kek. Are you one of those LA wannabe nigger Shitipinos who thinks he's hood, or a LARPing call center worker in Manila?

i see you have finally moved on from spamming Jow Forums with your asian incel cope to spamming Jow Forums instead
good for you man

lmao you got jokes my dude.

Most of these white girls with tinydick Asian males are basically Slav and Russian hookers, right?

If we start seeing large numbers of Anglosphere white girls or Western Euro girls with Asian males, then there's going to be a problem. How will Jamal and Achmed react if microdick Asian males with frail girlish bodies become more popular than they are?

they like the taste of my 8" eggroll cuz

i dip it in onions sauce and stick it in their ass