Sold half of my Linkies for RSR

Sitting comfy knowing this is like buying Link at the ground floor.

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agreed and they are partners

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it's not bad

The biggest names in Silicon Valley are behind this project. It’s going to succeed and be huge

Why would you do such a thing?

RSR is a great project, but it's not gonna moon before LINK does. You just added like 5 years to your /make it/ waiting time. Congratulations.

posting this like it's a bad thing.

>The Reserve protocol comprises two tokens: the Reserve token (RSV - a decentralized stablecoin) and the Reserve Rights token (RSR - a cryptocurrency used to facilitate the stability of the Reserve token and confers the cryptographic right to purchase excess Reserve tokens as the network grows). The Reserve movement describes itself as a collection of people who believe that cryptocurrencies can do better than fiat money, and that none of the existing options will be able to scale to global use, maintain stable purchasing power, and not be shut down. The team's goal is to make the most accessible, economically strongest, and most robust-to-attack currency and over time, convince a large portion of the world to replace other currencies with it.
holy kek

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Posted without comment. You're telling on yourself.

How do burgers buy?

So buy basically every crypto then.

You're telling on yourself.

pls to dumping.


my fren is the market maker..

dont say i didnt warn u..


glad I picked up 2 million yesterday. this shit is about to pump. sorry you didn't finish accumulating.

You did good

did the same.....

Hope you all sold. Wouldn't want to be in RSR right about now

Time to buy back in. That was the dump.

I'd wait till 0.000012 at least

Feeling nervous yet?

Not gonna happen. You're gonna get left behind...toot toot.