OK Bros, we started normalising after sick dosage of FUD that happened to us in last days

OK Bros, we started normalising after sick dosage of FUD that happened to us in last days.

This would probably never happened if not somebody's ego.

Brapper is definitely /ourcoin/ here on Jow Forums and I feel like this will be wonderful adventure for these who entered and invested their ETH early.

Anyway - I'd like to proclaim that Xander should be definitely banned from the project, this person cannot be any type of CEO or leading project manager from what I've seen so far. His behaviour was totally irresponsible, reckless and childish.

There are serious people working there in this project and I respect the whole team but this kid needs to be entirely BTFO.

He may be the holder or not, that's whatever for me. He should never publicly speak in the name of the coin project again. What he should do is publicly apologise to people in the chat.

I'm not posting this in any internal group or so for a reason.

What do anons think?

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This coin was never "our coin" but at least you mongs are cleaning your act.

I think it's a good step in the right fucking direction.

Taking you all a bit more seriously now for sure


just shill us to 1 cent and we cool, holders still very low

Holder of MILK here

I wish you guys the best, really. I do. I think the best step for you all is to buy out Xander. I can tell just by looking at the website there are people who care. Talented people

Best of luck, and just so you know, some of the FUDers might have been MILK holders but it wasn't an organized attack or whatever. We had nothing to do with it

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basically he gave a lot of fudders ammunition because he was an unhinged, annoying druggie that kept on spouting dumb shit and apart of the core team, and people had been asking for him to be removed from power, or to at least take some of his power away so the project could move forward.

and so it seems they have

drop that shit and buy a real coin fren

Agreed, it was just an opportune hiccup in the Brapper lifespan which allowed a few milkers to get their fifteen minutes of fame.


brapper site is actually pretty crisp and all. things could actually take off

Honestly, I've been saying this for a while. He can't think straight, and communicate with arguments. Diplomacy seems a foreign aspect to him, and lacks the ability to see himself in the shoes of others. The only gateway to this project's success is his control over the token supply. That's it. Other than that, we could actually make some serious gains, and the project could be something--even if small. I don't know how that would be accomplished, however. It seems difficult. Of course, he could have a fair amount as the creator, but the majority of the 40% of tokens that remain in cold storage need to be controlled by more than one person. His public image is not compatible with a project. However serious. The project lead of ZBUX, for example, is currently arranging to show his face, and in public do an interview. He is responsive, reasonable, and even tempered. By comparison, BRAP's is only able to repeat token phrases. This would be largely harmless, if the issues we know about didn't exist. But that's not the case.

I agree

I will unironically drop 100 bucks on BRAP if this dumbass can lose some power

You know, I'll fuckin bite. How do you plan to get the 40% Xander is holding.

You still haven't delivered my tokens, by the way.

It is or either way you are fucking ignorant newfag.

I can literally count on one hand so called normie memes, 95% of memes come from Jow Forums.


in fact BRAPPER was and still is the Jow Forums meme for years now,


posting roasties with fat asses is our ritual, motivation and tradition

so somebody came up with idea, created a token and airdropped so many of them in initial stage to anons in here.

These are facts. Facts that are making BRAPPER ultimately /ourcoin/ and you act like sad retarded trolling faggot if you are coping with that.

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are we going to get
slammer for slam pigs?

we already got milk for tit cows

Is BRAP even on any exchanges anymore?

it's still on 6
etherflyer still most popular

98% sure it was delisted everywhere

i can see it on all 6
go check for yourself


Kek. Seriously he should just shut up and let the team run things. Hell, it looks like admins do the all the work anyway.

>admins do the all the work anyway
all he has to do is nothing
easiest job ever

Holy shit you little brappies are so immature and stupid. Your simple minded naivety almost makes me laugh. whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "farters" . It's not sexy. Farty coins don't buld on the sexy image for adult professionals. Why would they want to use "fart butt" coin. Think about it you pathetic brappies.

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>Xander gets banned
>penny stock king and Bruce are now in charge
>this is your plan


Yep...unless there is drastically more distribution or the project is dead....and I don't mean just sending funds to other accounts he owns which he did for a number of accounts.......they should restart doing airdrops

I once saw DRUGLORD XANDER pick up a hamster at the pet store and just star tearing its limbs off with plier, to just hear what kind of sounds it makes. He recorded it in a TalkBoy (see Home Alone 2) and had a visible boner in the store while it happened. He ran out before the cops got there.

Please sell me your BRAPs now

Who cares?

That wasn't Xander. That was Segey Nazarov, and that little punk had it coming to him.

what was the point of this post

Get those cheap braps now while you still can. A couple of camwhores will start using it and it’ll moonshot.