Guys what does it feel like? Please tell me I have to know...

Guys what does it feel like? Please tell me I have to know. I've tried everything from a hollowed out banana peel with ductape wrapped around it put into the microwave.

I've stolen the soap dispensers from work and taken them home cut it open and put it inside the plastic bag only to sting the tip of my penis.

I've tried the vaccum cleaner only to have it cut the side of my sack and began to bleed out.

I carved out a watermelon as well and after I stuck it in found out I had a skin allergic reaction to the watermelon which resulted in a very irritated skin rash. I've tried it all.

Please guys I really need to know what does sex feel like. I'm so depressed and riddled with social anxiety that I can't talk to women in real life and am still a Virgin at the age of 25. I really need to know guys. I'm scared to try a hooker because I've heard you can get aids with stds and end up paralysed.

Can someone here please tell me what sex feels like and is it worth it? I really need to know

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Shemale assholes feel better

stale pasta but to answer it anyway
feels good
isn't worth the trouble

have sex

For me random tinder hookups are eh unless you get a good one. I would personally rather just rub one out and not have to deal with the chick afterwords.

But if its someone you actually care for and are really attracted to its one of the best feelings in the world. Dont really know what to compare the feeling to but you should experience it once in your life user.

Like that good feeling when you sneeze but longer and better

she's perfect

I feel your pain man. I wish I could get laid and smell a woman's asshole. I'm 25 too. I'd never see an escort, either. The risk of being blackmailed and the utter disgust I'd feel afterward far outweigh the hour of pleasure.

It’s honestly the most overrated fucking thing in the world and yet I still want it every day.

here's the deal user. fuck all that social media tinder bullshit. go to some bars and talk to some girls. girls want to have sex, you just need to create a path from the bar to your bed. you must interest her. once you start getting dates and girls back to your place you can start by placing your cock on her shoulder, tell her to suck it, then immediately ass fuck her and enjoy the smell.

I want to be a cute girl with a nice innie pussy so fucking bad.

>I’m not virgin
>Hotwheels is not virgin
>Eggman is not virgin
>fucking CWC is not virgin

How the fuck did any of you above the age of 20 fail this hard. Explain yourselves

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Milky pennies

blowjobs feel better desu

High standards, lack of real interest in sex. Making money is more fun.

Like salty coins in wet sand you're not missing much desu op

are you a girl?

Not using a pool vacuum for ultimate pleasure. Never going to make it.

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rip fren

99% of the time not worth it with a condom.
Unless you're a chad and put in almost 0 effort

just buy a fleshlight you pathetic virgin
it feels exactly the same

can confirm. if condoms are required then I'd rather just jack off. you cannot feel jack shit. condoms are for pre-ejaculatory sex amateurs

This is so true. Once the girl is there, bent over and I insert, I'm pretty much over it. I finish of course because Im not a monster, I just want to see the girl present more than anything else.

Women only want really outgoing and muscular guys. You can't get laid if you're average looking and don't have friends.

bags of sand

33 year old archmage reporting in; unironically have an 8 pack and a medfag sales job $$$, but am far too depressed and ADHD’d out to try for fear of making a fool out of myself by making my interests known. Used to drive me nuts when I was hormonal and have easily pushed away a dozen women that blatantly made their interests known.

I would likely need therapy to ever undo this lifestyle.

I was extremely socially isolated as a child. Other kids tortured me during my learning years. My father terrorized me until the day I beat the shit out of him. Still a pussy though. Even if I made millions I wouldn't be able to experience things normal people do every day like being able to go out in a crowded street or go to bars and other social places to have a drink like it's nothing. Many girls over the years complimented me, people said I'm beautiful and so on, never believed any of them. Out there there is probably lots of people that think I rejected them, either socially as friends or as lovers, when it's just that as a matter of fact intimacy with other human beings terrorizes me.

I am fundamentally fucked up.

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ultra cringe. No wonder you haven’t gotten laid if this is what you think. Is an escort or even a decent looking hooker too expensive?

how long will you keep telling that lie to yourself

I unironically pushed away a hot girl who wanted to have sex with me because i feared getting that psycho pregnant

I think that was the pivotal moment of my autism, at my 20, if i didn't do that i would probably be chad by now but with unwanted sons