GUYS I THINK I FUCKED UP. I had sex for the first time ever like everyone told me to have sex and I went on tinder so then okay this girl is into me because I start telling her that I am into trading bitcoin on the first date and she is very into me after I told her how easy it is to make 6 figures although I'm just a stinky links with less than 2000 links.

So I had never had sex before and she took the lead and I had only known her one day then I told her we need to be using a condom and she told me she was allergic to the plastic so I said okay then we will get birth control and she said it's okay she would just lead and then she will pull out when it was time with her on top.

Oh my God it felt so fucking amazing but then as I told her I was about to cum she kept riding me and riding me and I cummed right up in her pussy so now I AM DRIVING TERRIFIED BECAUSE SHE SAYS NOW I AM GOING TO SUPPORT HER CHILD IF SHE ENDS UP HAVING ONE OH MY FUCK I'M ONLY 21 YEARS OLD AND YOU GUYS TOLD ME TO HAVE SEX AND I TRUSTED A WOMAN WHO IS NOW GOING TO TAKE ALL OF MY LINKS AWAY


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my sides

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have sex

you fucking moron
we were talking about BOIPUCCI...

fucking kek.

Don't worry. You are sterile.

didn't read kys, I'm never fucking selling

I will never have sex , my 995 link are mine and will never go to supporting thotspawn

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Uhh.. ew.

fucking lol, you were too easy to manipulate. Enjoy child support.

Did she lead or did she rape you?

Put all your money into XMR on a GUI wallet, fuck her a few more times, then tell her you lost it all.

Lmao thanks for the blogpost, now I don’t feel so bad about having a 4k linklet stack

if you give your real name, not use a rental car, or an airbnb for raw hookups, you deserve everything that happens to you.

Link is a meme is a meme

Have sex is just a meme

You should have lurked more

RIP user

At any point did you tell her to stop?

Bro learn from me and force her to take a plan B pill. Tell her how you said you were about to cum (next time just push her off and pull out, better than pregnancy) and that she owes it to you to take the pill, and if she does get pregnant for not taking it tell her to find another man because she wouldn’t take the pill and chose to take the sperm.

>not having sex with a girl that you love so much to the point where if you accidentally knock her up it'll be an absolute blessing and not a curse

you fucked up, kid

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Ok I'm going back to her place with and I'm going to kick her in the stomach so the baby aborts. It's only been one day so if I kick her real good it should die. Fuck this roastie nigger kike

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have more sex


I think i found your problem.

hilarious, and also kind of hot
perhaps i should try this

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>breaking into her property to commit battery

Plan B. There’s pills that do this for you.

Decent fake story op. 5/10

call her and tell her how hot and beautiful she is. call her 6 times a day - every time call her 'baby' and 'sweetie' and that you can't wait to try anal with her. after 2 days send her a text of the bitcoin crash and tell her that you lost it all on this new interesting crypto that does artificial intelligence research and send her a picture of the guy from AGI and say you lost almost everything and cry a bit. then ask her if she can take you out to Friday's for a burger and milkshake and tell her that you want to be a dedicated father but you guys should move in together - since you're out of your link stack you'll need to move in with her. at the restaurant tell her about a friend of yours who's sister is married to a deadbeat dad who doesn't work and that if they get divorced now she has to support him for 2 years alimony but if he stays married for 1 more year it will be 5 years and then she will have to pay him alimony for life -- ask her what she thinks of that story. propose on a knee with a super shit ring from some zirconium clearinghouse.

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>people really think this is true
Absolute state

have sex incel


2/10 you sound like a gossip girl. Kys faggot

shit like this happened to me except I was a chad not a virgin and she didn't want to keep it but it could easily have been different. I pretended to be really into her and make her think that she'd get another chance at hooking me later on.

Hide plan B in her food

no - you go to prison for that. psychological manipulation is the only route

hey dumbass, you know it takes more than one day for a baby to start to form right?

Why didn't you just tell her something more vague like "I'm in the finance business" or something like that? What fucking woman wouldn't take advantage of a guy who openly admits he can make an easy hundred thousand without even trying?
You God damn fool.

>he actually had sex

What the fuck were you thinking?

We're talking about high class escorts silly, not plebian normie women

>talking to a thot about crypto, let alone money

you deserve this

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user wouldn't even be lying if he did that

Nah dawg I got you. You gotta file a police report and say it was rape. Sure the cops will mock you, but essentially it's the same thing as a dude poking holes in his condoms to impregnate a chick that doesn't want to get knocked up. You had a verbal agreement with her and she broke it. Gotta flip the rape script on them roasties. Seek out an attorney if she doesn't capitulate and take plan b and take her to court with the filing as evidence to nullify child support if she does become pregnant. That's your best case scenario here.

Nice pasta

Now sell your links and buy brap to be filthy rich and leave her to live on the Bahamas

You still can kill her... just saying

You should always put the peepee in the pooper

She can't take your linkies if you never fucking sell

have sex (protected) incel

>You gotta file a police report and say it was rape
raped young boys have been required to pay child support to the pedo ladies that they impregnated. just sayin'

pretty sure this is one poster who makes all these posts and they're fucking based, keep it up

nah we werent fag

Yeah I've heard about that. Depends on the state and the judge I'd say

based and lovepilled

BTW, in 4 months you can check out if you have HIV. Have fun with it.

Holy fuck this is so fucki g retarded that a woman would fall for it and you would never here from her again.
Ty for future life tip

This almost never happens with normal vaginal sex if the girl is a carrier unless he's packing serious heat or they were swapping major spit.