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First for crashing Turkey

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Awwww shit here we go again Edition

How do you guys spend your weekend while the market is closed?

Amazon, Tesla, AMD: The road to prosperity.

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Posting about Amazon, Tesla, AMD.
Come on guys, buy some Amazon, Tesla, AMD tomorrow.

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It’s habbening! My MO-babies are growing!

Hey, you think if we called it “climate-redistribution” people might give a shit?

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Im have my Teslas. 300 soon after the 250 bagholding small specs sell

Tomorrow is Sunday...

Boeing is going to cause a stock market crash, just like their world famous 737 max 8.

I hope XLF has shrugged off Fed shit and the yield curve keeps steepening otherwise I am fucked for about the third week running


>Hey, you think if we called it “climate-redistribution” people might give a shit?

I feel like I care more about all of the garbage everywhere and in the oceans than just the crap in the air
what about the big fishes in the ocean?

bet on a sure thing. I'm going to take the momentum trade here and say ur fucked

thanks to the new age stress test, we know banks are more stable now than previous times in the past where the 10 year yield was low. as long as BAC, C and JPM keep raising dividends they will survive any inversion

I have no idea why you think those are comparable threats. Seems very irrational.

If I put a call on Tesla, do you believe it will reach $320 in a week's time?

>DB lent trump organization money
>Trump defaulted in loans
>DB sues T to get money back, wins lawsuit
>Trump borrows money from DB to pay settlement

This bank is retarded...

>tfw back in AMD calls
33.5 and they end the day after the ER. Hoping they go 1 dollar more than the 1.3 i paid for them

WKHS ticker is really starting to heat up. Still Cheap and the real news hasn't even come out yet.

Buying All Dips along the way.

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People in LA are with out power. I bet they blame this on Trump.

>As Juul grapples with teen vaping 'epidemic,' CEO tells parents 'I'm sorry'

This fuckkng asshole. I should’ve faded the rally, I think MO cheapies May be inbound.

Manhattan is not in Los Angeles...

And I blame Obamahalo
Also, all professional wrestlers other than Roddy “RIP” Piper and Hulk Hogan.

Louisiana is not Los Angeles or Manhattan.


That headline isn't quite what he actually said. From same article:

>“First of all, I’d tell them that I’m sorry that their child’s using the product,” said Burns, who joined Juul in late 2017. “It’s not intended for them. I hope there was nothing that we did that made it appealing to them. As a parent of a 16-year-old, I’m sorry for them, and I have empathy for them, in terms of what the challenges they’re going through.”

Can any of you guys recommend either high dividends or hidden growth gems?

Thanks, gymposting so I haven’t read the article yet.

Kind of feel I should thank CNBC and Gottlieb for the cheapies.

Bet you good ole Brownie is at it again!

Reiterating buy targets
AOBC - 8.25
VSTO - 7.75
RGR - tbd

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Uhhh unfortunately movie night is cancelled tonite. This is the last weekend when my parents are visiting and I’m with them and their rich surgeon fren at a nice restaurant. I’m drunk as shit and won’t be home til 11:00pm Mtn (chad) time, 1:00am EST, and that’s probably too late. I’m sorry this is two weeks in a row, next week’s will NOT be cancelled, it hurts my brain (and your consensus reality) when rigorous, punctual schedules get disrupted

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Manhattan reporting in

Have electric, light, ac, water, etc

Lot of sirens downtown. The clubs are probably a mess.

Day = ruined

I give 1 out of 5 on the happening scale
how about the whole city goes dark for 36+ hours? try that next time

it is unfortunate, but we are very grateful for the movie night streams that we do get

Daily reminder that the Holocost was a farse.

Now the Irish Potato Famine, THERE was a farce

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Tell that fucking bonesaw that modern medicine is a hoax and that the human body is knows how to heal itself.

Nominating Glengarry Glen Ross for next week movie night.

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TA wise, FDP should be making huge comeback ;_;

but it entering "dead company" pattern
maybe it really am over for canned goods

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all of you, fools. remember when i was shilling RKUNY at 6$? all of you are fools for not buying, while here i am, sitting on the moon.

>maybe it really am over for canned goods


Eating canned salmon on my greens tonight.
Without a movie.

Welcome to stock market general, where we talk about how the holocaust was super real and make 5% a year annualized gains kek Daily Reminder all Faggot Boomers get the rope

Here's another One

Energy Fuels

Its Been a steady $3 uranium stock all year, Like almost no Delta.

Friday Some Australian Reporter supposedly leaked something about US imports, the ticker was halted, along with other Uranium companies, and it fell to $1.90.
Turns out its was nothing confirmed, and really has no affect on them. Going to Try and snag some cheap Call options at the open and ride it back to $3 Wheres its been pretty steady at for A year.

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>Proctor and Gamble was $83 last year
>It’s 114.00 now. Feels fucking great.

How are stock market prices decided? "Supply and demand and what people are willing to pay" but what WHO is willing to pay? And what about during the day when it's constantly changing? How is the value chosen? Is it literally Jews spinning dreidels with numerical values assigned to each side? WHAT IS IT?

If I work for a tech company and invest my money it that isn't considered insider training, but what if I knew about the probable success of a product that was in development? Why isn't that insider trading?

Can someone give me a breakdown on how to short and long treasury bonds? Feel like now is the time to get dirty and short 2 years. Drop incoming.

how does it feel knowing that you may never be able to take money out of your bullshit runescape tokens and put it into actual money that you can buy things other than drugs on tor with

If I've invested in commodities, is there somewhere I can go to acquire the commodities? If I've invested in lumber is there somewhere I can go to pick up the wooden planks?

This isn't the dark ages.
The dreidel-jews were long ago replaced with random number generators, which were then replaced by algorithmic AI traders.

If AI can now beat humans at Chess, Jeopardy, and Poker, what makes you think any sort of trading is safe?

Short humanity.

kek. you know that's not how commodities futures work.
You have to go to the future to collect your lumber.

But which AI decides the stock price? I can use AI, or I can choose when to buy, but I can't decide the stock price I buy at. Who/what AI decides this and what is it's input?

Ways to thwart AI:
Trade long-term
Don't set stops
Buy within the Bid--Ask spread

>Don't set stops
I just double fucked myself in the same penny stock by setting a stop... again

Everyone says trading without a stop is suicide though...

>Buy within the bid--ask
Why? I always limit buy below the bid.


Do any of you guys got "meme" level stocks?

You may collect your lean hogs at the NYSE on Friday evenings. Be sure to bring your contract certificate. One of the men in blue coats will assign you a loading dock pass. Place the pass on your dashboard and back your trailer up to the dock.

thos would bee so fuggy cool for do O_O

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I live in Texas, how the heck do I get all the way to New York and back in time for Friday's Bar-B-Q!? What did these little-black-hat-wearing weirdos think I was gonna do with 200 pounds of hog? It's not like you resell the meat you buy at the grocery store. I NEED MY

The first people/broker to figure out how to let people invest in crypto in their IRA’s is going to make a mint.

I’ve always thought mining was going to be way too difficult for small timers, but if these numbers are nearly accurate...

Fuck, I wish I was still all in stocks and cash, this shit is complicated.

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Chesapeake Energy is about the memeyist hedge you could go for now
Also CannTrust right now


Don't we all.

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I can understand canntrust since they were busted for their hollow wall trick but what happened with CHK?

me pretty sure you can easily exchange yur certificate at almost any auction house that sells lean hog in texas because of cash settlement hedging O_O

p-please no mention CHK ;_;
it only stock own atm that in green

mention it on /smg/ will make it crash

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How do I learn more about investing in stocks and investing in general? I have found out the basics from the Internet in a few hours, but I want to learn more in depth about stuff. What books/etc can you recommend? Would you ever take a paid online course? (I don't plan on ever doing that but I'm just curious if they are all scams or not).

Am the joke that the snakey's mouth looks like an upside down vajina?
Don't ever pay for anything. If anyone asks you for money to learn something you shouldn't trust their advice anyway. Read hundreds and hundreds of articles on investopedia, watch (and take notes!) the khan academy finance courses, pirate ebooks if you really feel the need to. The most important thing to do to learn is to unironically have skin in the game, even if it's just a few hundred bucks start trying to analyze stocks (fundamentally, technically, sentiment, whatever) and just trade. Nothing teaches you faster than participatory activity.

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I thought you died. When are you going to livestream another autoerotic asphyxiation session?

peacocks can sing?
Is this a song lyric or something?

Evolution is generally repetitive, most orifices have a similar general look to them.

Wait what? is there an archive of this?

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But school costs money, why wouldn't good stock advice cost money? I already know it's a scam and don't plan on paying for anything, I'm just playing devil's advocate.

School provides something that (at least nominally...) provides value to you, a degree. Nobody will hire you because you took some greaseball's online course. Similarly telling people you read a lot of shit on the internet won't win you any favors.
The second benefit of school is making lasting connections and having responsible professionals to help you. Self-study does not provide that, sure, but neither does an unaccredited online course.
What's the quantitative value of an education aside from that? It has to be the information you retain from the material. If you're capable of retaining the same information, 100 percent of which is available for free online through self-study, what's stopping you?
What are the costs? 40-65k a year for college, a variable amount (probably a few grand) for a course, and just your time for autodidacticism. The choice seems clear to me, either go whole hog and go into finance as a career through college+post graduate work, or minmax the other way via self-study.

Nah, the market is too liquid for arbitrage.
You don't see bitcoins going for cheap in Iceland just because they are cheaper to mine there.

It's just competitive advantage like many other commodities.

Self-study lacks external structure and deadlines, as well as guidance in selecting what is important and how to understand it. This has some advantages, in that you may see things others do not, but I think most people would benefit from these things.

Additionally, people tend to place more value on things they pay for. Most people would learn more enrolled in a traditional course, unless perhaps locked in a cell with textbooks and printouts.

City/community college is a great way to get those things for the beginner-level courses at an extreme discount. Some also offer further training and education, usually to a select few who make it through an application and screening process. These may require extra research and relocation, and fulfilling certain requirements like having taken certain prerequisite courses.

Lastly, your cats are NOT behind your walls, because they are literally mounted on your wall.

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But that is what we are seeing. In Iran, people were mining bitcoins in mosques because the electricity was subsidized.

What are you saying exactly?

some good points, I do think that actually participating in trading gives you a pretty good structure though. You're not studying for and taking tests, every day is a test and your returns are your grades. I hadn't considered the community college route, around here it has a reputation for basically attracting burnouts and druggies (not like me! definitely not like me!) but if you can find good classes and professors that might be the best choice overall for people who don't have assburgers for charts.
You guys aren't ever going to let me forget the cat thing are you

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You’re the one who brought it up, it’s the first song on that album

>your returns are your grades
Definitely failing this class, might get kicked out of school at this rate.

I don’t feel like the stock trading game is as rational as all that. There’s a lot of gray area, and you never really know why you were right or why you were wrong. Mistakes often very difficult to learn from.

I’m more interested in the finance and macro right now, want to learn about rates and debt, growth and curves and models and bonds and whatnot.

But rat BTFO of me last thread when explaining why national debt doesn’t matter. I still don’t understand. Maybe this field is not what I should spend my time learning. But it’s interesting and feels important.

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>When are you going to livestream another autoerotic asphyxiation session?
>p-please no mention CHK ;_;


>Wait what? is there an archive of this?
I know I've been at work a lot lately, but did I really miss this?

Messing with that dividends every week idea. I'm still missing a few weeks but I've refined the idea down to around $400 by looking at low cost dividend aristocrats. The big hole in the plan right now is week 9, 22, 35, and 48, which all happen to be the last week of the second month. Any way to sort stocks by dividend payout dates?

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>27k USD
>750 USD a month

Will I ever make it?

I just want to be able to retire between 45-50. :(

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Maybe if you jump in front of a moving vehicle and sue the driver.

kike, holocaust is jewish myth for goys like you

Don't forget to thank me sir


sure why not

CBOE probably, not the NYSE. Unless you can find NYSE-settled LH futures contracts

Please adopt a trip so I can filter you.

>Nothing teaches you faster than participatory activity.
I've posted about it before at length, but it's always important to remind our readers here that you cannot learn from participatory activity alone. It is necessary, but not sufficient to grow your understanding and skills.
you have to also study the mechanics of the marketplace and fundamental concepts along with your 'practice' trading to learn anything.

>national debt doesn’t matter. I still don’t understand

it does matter, but there is a huge amount of FUD around it. It's just like the 'the derivatives market is a quadrillion bajillion dollars and the world is going to end ' headlines that we've been seeing since 2011/2012ish.
Basically the national debt is a problem, it is a sign that our political system is broken. BUT it isn't a sign that our financial or monetary systems are about to collapse any day now, which is what dozens of clickbait articles will imply, explicitly or implicitly.
That's the short version. the long version has numbers, some of them are very large numbers, some are percentages.
That's all nerd stuff though no one cares. The important thing to know is that if politicians, and especially boomer politicians, can get away with spending money, they will spend as much as they can, regardless of where it comes from.

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Damn, Samsung secured key supplies from Japan. Already sold because I didn't expect this to happen for another few months at least..

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Don't forget to thank me sir


When's the crash?
I wanna normie load up on REIT and dividend stocks, but everything is way too overvalued.

I'm holding some CBL at the moment. Unfortunately the only likely crash that's gonna happen this week is Bitcoin.

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I tried writing a program that found all the dividend stocks, then analyze them by P/E, % payout and day, and rating, but all the good APIs seem to be shutdown.

This week:
>Retail numbers
>Fed speech
>Jobless reports
>Consumer sentiment
With how wild and irrational things have been, I don't think I can play this week

Just buy SNSS

Got in at 2.77. TY WKHS bro for showing me the light.

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Idk, I think I'm done playing pump and dumps or get rich quick dreams.
I have been playing SNAP recently up to their earnings. Up 5% this month. Nothing to brag about, but safe, easy bets.

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This isn't a pump and dump, it's more long term. Likely sell around January 2020 will be what I do.

Guessing you're holding for the FDA trials on Vecabrutinib?
Looks like they're working with Vanderbilt on recruiting for Phase 2. Maybe I'll try and lose more money with this one :)

Do people in this thread live off trading or is it profitable to just do all this work on top of your normal job?