ODIN Blockchain

No brainer investment.
Working products ODIN.Chat
Working governance model M.A.S.H.
New projects RPG game
more and more.

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fuck off hypo

You ok bro?

stop shilling odn jr bro. nobody is gonna buy this trash. inb4 its not hurr odn. like i said. fuck off hypo.

They just released an update to the messenger play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.odinblockchain.messenger&hl=en_US. Pretty cool stuff!

XSN will make this useless

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the absolute state of forked obsidian

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pajeets cant even get a CMC listing

ODN was a cool idea. It then went to shit because of the team couldn't get along, and some were crooks that had a huge about of coins. These guys did nothing and dumped on the community.

Nevertheless, the idea of a private messenger is one that I still like very much. A messenger where I don't have to give any personal info to sign up. ODIN is trying to succeed where ODN failed. They fixed the problems with ODN: the community has the vast majority of coins (85%, and the rest is locked in a multisig address that is to be used for community projects), and they actually are producing what they said they would. We now have a second version of the messenger, a MN portal for easy masternode setup (soon with multiple coins), odinswag, and more.

Will this make you rich? Who knows. But the price is so low atm because of past ODN fud, and back luck with listing with Cryptopia, that you don't have to have a lot of skin in the game to see huge potential rewards. All it takes is them to get listed on a normal exchange for the word to get out. It's in the works from what I hear.

you just explained all the reasons to stay away from this dying project. its still have 50% or more of the same assholes from Obsidian. let it go dude. its not 2017 anymore. next gen tokens are the rage now in the new bull. not this old coin trash. look into it Jow Forums and you'll see i'm not lying. fuck off hypo.

why is Odin STILL not on CMC


Yes, there's lots of reasons to stay away from ODN. This is not ODN. They specifically did KYC to prevent any of the ODN criminals to obtain ODIN.

And the new coins, who knows which one of these are scams??? You'll have to wait another 2 years to find out that your cool new coin is nothing. ODIN survived the bear and has been delivering. At least I know it's not a scam.

%50 more?
The only member from obsidian is Pete :D? Are you retarded? Cant do math?

i member

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fuck off hypo and pels
see chart above? same shit gonna happen to odin. retarded is following the same pattern as obsidian. mfw you dumb motherfuckers wanted to list odin on cryptopia. top fucking kek. try a bit harder you fucks. we may be retarded but not as retarded as you.

Yes, that's what I wanted with ODN. Too bad they never released anything.

The ODIN messenger is not vapourware. It's a real product that you can get right now on Google play. In fact, if you send me a message ([email protected]) with ODIN.CHAT (play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.odinblockchain.messenger&hl=en_US) I'll send you 100 ODIN through the messenger.

Pels has nothing to do with ODIN. He's back with Blackstone trying to revive ODN lol.

same shit, different scam
keep trying son

is this the messenger never exist? You can download ODIN.Chat from googleplaystore.
Hypo was not a member of obsidian and pels kicked from odin team.
Ummm yes the reason of cryptopia hack is totally odin. They hacked them! LMAO
You butthurt xDDDDD got nothing to say! even said try harder to get listed on cryptopia.

New exchanges on the road ;)

I guess you hate money then. Send me a message with ODIN.CHAT, and I'll send you 100 ODIN. You can let me know if you think the app is terrible.

Scam what? ICO funds? Dump half of coins?
Both is impossible sir. Community holding the all coins.
Weird flex.

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no idiot. odin team is too retarded to hack an shit exchange. my point is why list on a fucked up exchange like cryptopia following the same pattern as the "coin that fucked us over" (ODN) . reading comprehension asshole. i'm warning Jow Forums of the fuckery you fags are up to. might as well team up with the brapper guy. he at least knows how to shill. scam better ya fuck.

Sir ODIN team not decide to list on cryptopia.
They do a poll and asked to community what exchange they want to see ODIN on.
Community voted for cryptopia.
You really missed the date claim your coins and crying hard. Keep crying baby
Again scam what?

good luck hypo and pels. you'll need it in the coming next gen token purging of the old trash. and please....fuck off sirs.

rebrand of Obsidian SCAM. CEO Pete the cheat literally cashed out to buy a TESLA and drew some ok viking pictures a year ago for a rebrand that STILL has bagholders deluded.

The community voted to list on Cryptopia. As I hope you know, the vast majority of exchanges have 99% fake volume. Cryptopia, along with Kucoin, was one of the only exchanges that didn't have fake volume. It was a very good exchange to list on for new coins since they didn't charge some ridiculous amount of BTC just to list.

So at the time, it was not retarded to want to list with Cryptopia.

someone gets it. hi fellow oldfag

Yes, and how do you have any evidence of this? I bought a house last year. Doesn't mean I bought it by dumping crypto. It's because I have a good job and I worked for it.

it's blank

yeah he funded the new coin to scam all of you again. (No ICO and community holding the all supply but you still saying scam idk how it is possible)
Pete is not pajeet like you spending his all time on biz. He is business man. you can keep crying.
Thank him to funding project releasing everything what old faggot devs promised to us.

jesus fuck you normie

Seriously, why the anger? I guess it was too much to hope for having an actual conversation on biz.

I used to be pretty active in the discord, pretty sure cashed out around $0.40 (took a heavy loss) when I saw it would fail. Great community and I feel bad for them. Team is criminally inept and everyone should have sold when Blackstone left.

i bet you all in ripple.

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I agree with you regarding ODN.

not angry dude. Jow Forums legit exposed everyone and anyone involved with this trash in 2017. good luck tho

Talking about obsidian right?
I assume this cry baby not sold and not claimed ODIN xDDDDD

>thinking we're in old shitcoins

You tried hard dude. See you alter in another thread!

till then fren

Hi fags.

Guy who called out the team and sagemark from 2017-2018 here.

You guys are literally retarded if you think this team that met in a crypto forum is anything other than money grabbing scammers.

This kind of shit wont fly and only did in 2017 because there was a false sense of security with all the stupid ICOs out there.

Alan Sheston was a twitter trader who was listed as an engineer on the team but did nothing

Sagemark has been involved in 3 ICO scams since 2014

Petey literally cashed out and bought a tesla. He is keeping the project alive to 1) have a side source of income 2) avoid potential legal troubles 3) has to because his personal info is all out there

OneDev worked on the project for 1 month and market dumped 300k advisory odn tokens

Everyone else on the team was literally fake or a discord admin

You all are so fucking dumb or bagholders from a dead coin in 2017 that only was around for 4 months/a cryptopia pump and dump scam

thanks dude.

That's good. The criminals behind ODN legit needed to be exposed. As they say though, the sins of the father and not the sins of the son. So why hate on ODIN so much. It's a different project with different people. The only one that's still the same is Pete. Why would he bother to spend all his money trying to make this happen without any ICO if it was just a scam? It would have been better in that case to just move on from ODN and start something completely new. Actions speak louder than words.

Petes a scammer too. He purposefuly found the ODN team because they were involved in other suspect projects in the past but were good at marketing and setting up a money making scheme.

That fag should be in jail

Thank you for exposing all those criminals. I've been saying the same regarding ODN.

The only thing that I disagree is with your statements regarding Pete. Wow, some guy bought a car. People buy cars all the time without cashing out crypto. Just because you put "literally" in front of something doesn't make it true.

You can freely sue Pete.
Many times i heard about someone is going to sue him lol. You forget a point. the other names you said would sue him if they have anything to prove but he is involved to obsidian later when most of ICO money cashed out.

Pete has a vision. His point not making money. He want to make this happend and want to make world a better place.

Obsidian basically is ODIN, after a swap and rebrand it's effectively the same. Of course I sold sold ODN for over 50x the current value of the ODIN it would have been swapped for. That's certainly nothing to cry about.

Atleast I learned a valuable lesson in project evaluation. No matter how cool it is (and Obsidian was a fantastic and beautiful concept), you have to judge the team! I prefer a B level project with an A level team than an A level project with a D level team (ODN/ODIN). If they couldn't execute the first time with a better concept, why wait around for them to get a different outcome with a worse concept? Pete and the team have no qualification for what they are trying to accomplish. They also try and solicit contribution for the skills they lack from the community. It's ridiculous.

For a good project with a great team I recommend crypto/monaco (token CRO and MCO), you can find $80 sign up bonuses in the telegram and they have a working cashback crypto card in the US with airport lounge access and ALSO an earning account with up to 8% interest in BTC/other crypto/stable coins. Great team and over delivering on a working product. Even if ODIN drags itself across the finish line, there are too many other great projects out there.

lol at thinking this guy has a vision and is in it for the good of mankind.

sure buddy. youre either pete or someone who is too naive to see that theres 0 point for ODIN to exist other than for being locked into obsidian as a business in the UK and covering tracks from ODN

I agree with you. The concept behind ODN was really cool. There's no guarantee that ODIN will survive, but at least I don't think that the people running it are actively trying to scam us. There's certainly issues, just like all projects, but they have delivered so far. My offer for 100 ODIN still stands to anyone that wants to try out the messenger and sends me a message so we can test it out more. I very much would like this messenger to succeed since I care about my privacy.

Regarding MCO, yes, they have a killer team. I'm very much invested in them! Although I'm not very happy with Kris' communication style and recent changes with the CRO airdrop.

ODN tracks are already covered. Pete released a rudimentary ODN messenger a long time ago, so he fulfilled what he said he would with ODN. If he was just worried about covering tracks, that would of been the end of it.

ok hypo. Go back to high school, come back in 5 years after you learn how the real world works

Top kek

Brb buying a 100k

thought hypo is me

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Uh, try again. I have a PhD. I guess that if you can't actually argue with logic and facts, you resort to infantile name calling. Good job!

pHD doesn't mean common sense or financial aptitude.

Enjoy your student loans and 4-6 years wasted not making money.

Kek make my starbucks frappacuno Dr. Cuck. I want the ODN symbol in the foam on the top so I can throw it in your face like Petey did when he jizzed on it market dumping the ODN books on cryptopia

Blackstone did the market dumps.
Foundation holdings still in same wallet addresses.


Lol, thanks for your concern. I make a good living and I'm doing just fine, thank you!

You can go and ask to blackstone to clarify lmao.

I have a PhD too (in a rigorous scientific field), it's completely irrelevant and you can usually tell the shit PhDs when they throw it out like this.

Same, rigorous scientific field as well. I just wanted to point out how ridiculous the original "high school" insult was when we are all Anonymous and know nothing about the other person.

respect the answer, keep fighting the good fight

I bought ODIN for the tech. Y'all buying BNB token of the months to try and flip it and end up getting dumped on and holding like a cuck.

Admit it, you have a gambling addiction Jow Forumslets