I just want to know what the fuck it feels like. I'm so lonely guys I'm ready to kill myself...

I just want to know what the fuck it feels like. I'm so lonely guys I'm ready to kill myself. I only have 300k link and I seriously don't think it's enough to find true love. Please guys you have to help me from killing myself

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no such thing as true love. sex is fine, and easy to come by.

Stop posting porn you gay cuck Jew

hope they wipe down the bench afterwards, need to press some weight!

ok faggot, you really want to know? I fuck my 8/10 gf every single day at least 4 times. It feels fantastic. There is no better feeling than sex, hands down. If you're too fucking ugly to have it, then fuck you, that sucks, that's natural selection. There is no single better thing on earth than slipping your penis into a beautiful girl's vagina, knowing that they have their legs spread wide open and are allowing you to use them to pleasure yourself. There, now get the fuck off of this board faggot.

u already made 600k why are you complaining?

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>I just want to know what the fuck it feels like.
it's disappointing, sex might just be the most overhyped thing in the world


Go ahead and kill yourself, otherwise find a job or go to uni, socialize with other winners and be a winner yourself instead of the FUCKIN LOSER you are RIGHT NOW.

if you fap every day, you wont feel anything and itd suck, in order to enjoy sex you need to go on a nofap for at least 4 days fill your balls with cum and get horny ad hell then ull feel it.
its kinda amazing women are like very soft, i guess if you want to simulate it you coul put spaghetti in a thin bag and heat em a little in the microwave put some lotion on the bag and fuck the bag, but you wont feel much if you fap too much

Send me some link and I can personally coach you to get laid. It's gonna take a lot of work, self-improvement and stepping outside of your comfort zone but it's doable.

had sex this morning. felt great. you should send me your 300k LINK and kys it would be better used in the hands of a handsome linkmarine.

Nah you're fucking stupid. I fap twice and have sex around 4 times each and every single day.

I've got reading material, know a good program to overcome social anxiety with girls and the best book on getting laid. Will work to get you better looking and more confident as well.

Why not just fuck?

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That's what I was thinking. Goddamn this makes me feel like a cocklet.

>tfw skinny pencil dick

feels bad bros

If i don't jerk off for 4 days before sex wouldn't i just cum in 10 seconds? How do i not cum fast. iv had a few handjobs/blowjobs but every single time i cum in under a minute.

>tfw 200 LINK and found love

Lol okay Satan.

True love does exist. Do you have any friends that make good wingmen? If I didn’t a have a very very outgoing roommate in college, I’d have never had the balls to talk to the girl who is now my wife of 7 years. I really really do feel your pain bro and I genuinely wish I could help.

Having 300k Links feels better than sex, even 100k or 20k links will feel much better than a loose roastie

>what are escorts
>what are escorts literally brought to your countries just to fuck for £40/$50 an hour.
don't tell me you have moral values user. if you had any real friends that would of took you to see jin quin much ealier in life.

bullshit weeb fuck boi


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>what are escorts literally brought to your countries just to fuck for £40/$50 an hour
disease reservoirs

Quit shooting heroin.

I wish I had girth like that. Fuck he’s stretching her out so good

Tfw 7 inches but no girth

i'm unironically a chad with an attractive face that never goes to the gym that matches with 9/10 girls on tinder, with a large portion of those being women who want to fuck. it's fucking easy mode when you're handsome dude.

okay there great gatsby, go cry on tumblr. Use your infinite money to do exactly what you need to do to develop yourself. If you do you'll find someone. If you dont choose to do what you need to then you got what you wanted most.

strap up user

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It'll happen user, don't listen to the fags saying that you need to fuck an escort. Work on yourself, that's the only way it'll happen. If you focus on yourself then they'll flock to you.
T. 21 y.o. hkv

Post face then you fucking larper

>Fuck he's stretching her out so good
Why do I get the feeling that user is a Pajeet?

I am white. Pajeets don’t have 7 inch cocks

i have an average face but lift a lot and i'm not short and i have a big dick and i just post body shots with dick imprint and i get laid pretty easily on tinder. i go to okc if i want a 35+ year-old mommy

Lose the foreskin

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