Masturbate 7-8 times a day

>masturbate 7-8 times a day
>pain all through my body
>sleep because it causes me not to hurt
>27 year old virgin who made it from ethereum
>nap through out the day in between masturbation sessions
>mom asks me to bring in groceries
>hands hurt so much I can barely lift in the bags
>end up dropping the milk and vegetables all over the drive way
>mother screams at me asking what the fuck is wrong with me
>tell her him not feeling good and go lock myself in my room and turn on Tara tainton again
>wake up in even more pain thinking I can't escape this cycle

You guys told me after you made it from crypto everything would be better. You guys fucking lied.

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>I have a lot of money but it doesn't stop me from literally ruining my body what gives crypto is a scam!!!

Move out of your fucking mom's house and build a home gym with your gains, you fucking faggot.

If you're rich, why do you live with your mother

Get your bloodwork done and have your thyroid checked.

You could airdrop some ETH to your Jow Forums crew, a little altruism might make you feel better

>responding to a stale pasta



Or you can just skip the bloodwork and buy thyroid hormone here:
Thank me later

Masturbating too much or too little is bad for your health user. I've tried the no fap thing, and while I usually can last 2 weeks, if I blow a huge load my balls start hurting and I feel like shit.

You need to cut down on the masturbation.

Pasta on top of pasta. Might as well be a podesta thread.


Go to Mass. You sound spiritually dead OP.

>made it
wierd flex but ok

For me, it’s the Tara Tainton video about being caught buying porn with Mommy’s credit card. It’s just so meta.

>Watch jojos bizzare adventure.
>set alarm clock everyday 5am aztec gods waking up theme.
>push ups till you're crying.
>shower and pose infront of mirrior in jojo poses.
> find a workout and meal plan that is healthy and balances your diet.
>6 months later watch hokutonoken and channel the spirt of the forbidden martial arts.

Once you've done all of that and become an ABSOLUTE chad of thid century you can send me a shit tone of eth so i can make it too.

Email me soon so I can add you to discord : [email protected]


>masturbate 7-8 times a day

Money can do a lot of things OP, but it cant stop you from being a faggot

>tfw all those thing but didnt make it
>even tara tainton

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how do you masturbate when you're in so much pain?

You're in good company.
R. Crumb used to masturbate 8 times a day and bragged about it.

You need to masturbate more

>reddit punctuation
Cringe to be honest

But you have to go back

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you'd never understand, normie

normalfags i swear to god

>shoot out absolutely every last bit of my life force virtually as fast as I can turn it into cum
>I don't feel good
Fuck you OP, I'm not going to be made to feel bad for you. Some people have real problems, yours are entirely self-made and you're embarrassing. I'm ashamed just to share a board with you, so I can only imagine what your mother is going through

stop fapping and quit porn. go to church