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What's this Peak token shit and why did I just buy some? Contract: 0xa2a8dec9d963e2fe7a5ab8469586b07ef53bb505

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a meme but bought a little myself myself as this could go up. dev already burned 50% supply wtf

You aren't kidding user dev is burning up the supply check it out here

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PEAK "dev" here. Join us at as I will burn it all nude on cam

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The website is great, they get an A for honestly from me

Yup loved the website compared to all the retard hopium shit

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Dev cut the airdrop short and is in the process burning the rest of the supply to the ground as we speak. Currently at 379,219 in supply down from 1,000,000 LOL. Those airdropped coins just got a lot more precious

Wat 379000? Lol


what hapened to the picture of the dog?

Why store your wealth, when you can send it to the summit?

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Someone accused me of being a zoophile so I had to make everything look very professional because you know good PR stuff so yes I did it. Now we are legitimate.

Fucking pajeets doing half-ass copies of bombs aNd nuke. Get a job rather than trying to scheme on people. Kys and get saged

>Do you want to hear about a token that makes your penis 5 inches longer.

Unironically I do. Does peak do that for me or no, Mr. FreeMoneyDevMan.

Literal scam coin shilled on biz by discord trannies with hopes of parting you from your crypto.

>we are deflationary token
>not even 50% burned yet
PEAK is actually BURNING. We are not talking burning matches here, we are burning forests here.

Never got my airdrop REEEEEEEEE I want some shitcoins

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10 inches.

>being too much of a brainlet to ride the sine wave

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I like how this token presents itself
I'm definitely dumb enough to throw some money at this

alright, I put up a buy order on forkdelta
one of you peaktards sell some to me


good luck with that fren, strong hands on this one

Useless shit - Look honk honk dev you invited 5k fake users to your TG of which 30 are online at all times. You ain't done Airdrop and your only buy order is yourself. Have fun with your botfriend.

These deflationary coins made tons of money and now the scam clones come. They know with some bots and a smart contract they can start a quick exit scam. Stick to BOMB or the new one with staking, aftershock, if you want to be able to sell when all of these shitty coins inevitably moon.

Sorry but I haven't done anything wrong. Airdrop was actually happening and everyone who emailed me received airdrop. I am now waiting for a response from switcheo and ddex. If they need some fee for us to get listed, ok but if they don't want to list us, all remaining tokens will be burned. I already burned more than 50% just because I am not giving that much to exchanges.
There is no scam in this. You can call it worthless but a scam? I already burned more than 50% and will burn all of them after listing, not keeping a single token. The only holders will be those who received airdrop. My only plan is to get this on an exchange. That will be a + in my life.

Whats is the EOY?

No idea but hope PEAK will be the first deflationary to trade in decimals.

honestly if this gains any traction at all i could see it getting to 0.001 ETH per PEAK

Naw would much rather buy ZBUX thanks verry much tho

just put in a cheap-ass buy order lads
chances are some pajeet will cash out his airdrop for .007 ETH or something and you can make bank