In all honesty, how can I profit from being able to match and seduce women on tinder and bumble...

In all honesty, how can I profit from being able to match and seduce women on tinder and bumble? Do I just shill them LINK? There has to be a way to actually make money from this.

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Post your profile

They should be paying for your meals and buying you gifts. You could resell the gifts, maybe take food to go so you save money the next day.


offer them to be brapper mascot

Those matches are men, OP. Nobody cares

nice miranda looks like a dude, that's my fetish

>what is human trafficking

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Come on dude, nobody renames phone screenshots, even cropped ones.


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tell them to buy LINK

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>match with 1047 girls literally named "Ugly"
>hOw CaN I ProFiT FrOM sEDucINg WomEn

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I do faggot. Here's one without it renamed.
I might do this, but i'm not going to be nearly as good as the user from last night. he was a legend. what should i say?

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How is the tinder game these days Fren? I had decent success with it when I was 25-27 but now as a 28 yo boomer I feel like a dork on it and don’t want any of my coworkers to see me on there. Debating making one this weekend but I also remember how much of a waste of time it was.

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It's good. I have a gf now (ironically met her on tinder), but before that I was fucking at least one, usually two girls from tinder every weekend. The girls who just started college were the best.

What are your stats? Race/height/weight/facial aesthetics

them skanks user

i'm a white dude, probably about 5' 10" or 11", around 170 pounds, and i have a handsome face. My pics are of me in my military uniform from two years ago. Going to sage this thread now that it has nothing to do with LINK anymore.

have sex incel

Alright boys, I got one. she's unironically pretty fucking cute. Is it worth shilling?

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TOSS OUT the roasties

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she's getting impatient.

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she looks suspiciously normal
ask what size her dick is

>this shit ironically works

People are boring as fuck

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Holy shit brah your text game is awful.

That's the beauty of it. If you're an attractive male, you don't even have to try. Anyways, I'm actually going to fuck this girl this weekend. fuck the gf. later guys.

>I'm actually going to fuck this girl this weekend
nigaa, we was at:
>'inanity back!'
- like you BSing or you missed out the good part. There -was- a good part ?

Um she's not hot.
Miranda looks like a dude.
Ugne is full on make up whore.
Other girl busted.
You have no game.
Not gonna make it.

Create children with them and sell those children into slavery. EZ cash.

>being good looking ironically works
Who would have thought?

christ dude cope somewhere else

I wish i could get matches. i wish i could get a gf. this is all just so hard.

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There is no point using tinder or bumble unless you are an attractive man. Women only use it to punch higher than what the can realistically get.

If I am average in the face and below average in muscle mass should I even bother with this soul sucking app?

post face nigga I'm trying to make it on Tinder

Okay Miranda

Wtf is short/ugly gang supposed to do? I haven't fucked a woman in 7 months!

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"I'm from Jow Forums"

1.6 years here bro... just kill me now

Posting part2
>not interested in the money
kek, a rare fucking breed

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Send them a link to your website. Run AdSense, whatever else is relevant to monetize it.
Talking about crypto will be an automatic no from 99 percent of them. Tell them something more interesting to get them to click on the link.

Chick from yesterday
>right, im reading about it right now
Should i hit Liv with collective thought?

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please stop


>dont tell muh evil womyns about the singularity
unironically have sex incels

>females aged 21-34 are now paying hundreds of dollars a month for meditation and new age 2.0 woke retreats and courses to ''heal'' the damage they've done to themselves during their 17-20 year old years

>working on myself
>meditations and affirmations!
>have you heard about DMTs?

that woman is 28-36

Right, I'm killing myself at the end of this year, 29 and no gf or sex since 21. No point in living

You profit by having sex with them, we trade shitcoins to profit to use those profits to have sex, if you can cut the middleman and directly jump to the sex then you're a lucky chad

Dont do it fren, we men peak in our 30s
Plus AI sexbots are only 1-2 decades away

meant for

I’m handsome but my tinder doesn’t fucking work. Tell me my problem, I’m at the whipping post ugly/short gang

Sex is overvalued, try heroine

Bohoo last time I fucked it might as well be in my previous life if I was lucky enough

OP is an anomaly (assuming not a LARP). Either prime Ashton Kutcher tier looks or something like that going for him.

I fucked about 50 roasties from Tinder in about 4 years (6-7/10 on average, often didn't pursue very hard and turned a number of them down for any variety of reasons, also had some mini relationships), which is very successful by the standards of a non-male model (in my case, powerlifter, moderately handsome, on point text game).

It was, for the most part, a brutal grind.

"Game" is cope, it's all about looks. Chad can talk to girls about how depressed he is that his cat died, and he'd still get his dick wet.

This. OP probably stole some 10/10 chad instagram model and larped as being him.
I’m in the same boat, legitimately texting and doing this whole tinder bumble thing is draining as shit

>A man, duh

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nope, i just got semi-lucky with the gene pool. pic related.

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someone sounds jelly.

I feel really bad for the guys here who think he stole some "chad's" profile because he matched with completely average looking woman.

I just swipe right on all of them and filter out the ugly/average ones as i go, no point in reading profiles.

Bruh Miranda has a 5 o clock shadow

You're a handsome guy, though based on that pic, it's still kind of hard to believe you have it that easy. Where do you live?

which is why she's getting linkpilled, I'll post progress if any of them reply to the weird link shit i'm sending.

Ever use boosts or any of the paid features?

How many photos is the minimum to not look like a weirdo? I haven't even activated my profile yet because i only have 2 selfies and no groupshots or "action" shots

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>2 selfies
1 selfie max, u dont need group shots but girls like when they see action shots knowing that another person took ur pic

>Do I just shill them LINK?
Only to the cam girls. They are the only ones with money

>it's still kind of hard to believe you have it that easy.
I mean it's rare that I'm hooking up with a 10/10 chick, but it does happen. But if I go out on a weekend there's a pretty good chance I can go home with a solid 8/10. I don't wear the same clothes as all of the other faggots my age either, like button ups and nice pants and shoes. Anytime I go out to the city i wear cargo shorts or jeans, a t-shirt, and fucking vans. The best approach i've found is going to this huge bar with a dance floor, getting super fucked up, going to dance floor and flailing around and having fun, and women will come to you. It's happened every single time. The hottest chicks I've ever hooked up with have been from that situation. While every other group of dudes are too busy having a fucking sausage party thirty yards from all of the women, i'm there just smiling and having a good time. They like that.

No that shit is gay. One thing I have noticed though, is that the girls I meet in person out at the bar or whatever and take home are almost always more attractive than the ones i take home from tinder. On tinder, these girls are picky as fuck. In person, I actually get a chance to show them my personality, which if I'm being honest, makes it so much easier. I'm a pretty outgoing and loud person.

That's fucking gay too. My main tinder pic is literally me standing in the mirror taking a selfie with a bullet proof vest on looking like a faggot. I also have like 7 pictures up there. Stop trying to play the "hard to get" tinder profile. Just be yourself. NOTHING. YOU DO. Let me repeat that. NOTHING YOU DO will increase your chances of meeting women from tinder if you aren't 1. Attractive, and 2. Not autistic.

It's a fucked up world that I could probably break you in half, yet going home with a 10/10 chick may as well be a pipe dream. Gene pool luck really does make all the difference. Anyway, good for (You), fren.

I think Miranda has a big clit.

That's natural selection for you my dude

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what the

is this man still alive?


What the fuck are those square faced goblins? This MUST be in Muttistan...

They're all on the tricks them into thinking they're pregnant so they go for the delicate pretty boy rather than a masculine bro.

It is a different world indeed.....good on user though.

Men are a dying breed. Go outside and have a look.

>delicate pretty boy rather than a masculine bro
that's a lot of copium fren

Is this guy a virgin? Asking for a friend

what the fuck? what is wrong with their faces?

I am a pretty boy.

there's a difference between a faggot pretty boy and being a dude who is just attractive. You don't have to have a bunch of muscles or a beard to not be a fag. However, if you're getting your hair cut every three days and spending more than $30 on your daily outfit, then yes, you might be a faggot.

Getting a little sick of these topics that aren't actually business related. I didn't come here to see threads about "tinder", infact I don't see the need to discuss dating and sex on here at all. Anyway here's the blackpill : Average looking men (or below) can never be attractive to any women, ever. Growing a beard won't help. you, neither will making money or having social status. Yes women will use you, but they won't actually like you. If you actually take a moment to observe things in the real world, you'll see what I mean. In the meantime, keep obsessively discussing women and putting them on a pedastal, it's not going to help you, but it will help ruin the quality of this and other boards. Anyway I take this as a sign reddit has invaded, most people who say "have sex" are average looking onions beard posters.

tinder and bumble are kinda outdated. I haven’t been on in a couple years but that shit was plagued with bots which are prob what this dude is showing. You fags are gonna actually have to...go to a bar like every other sad fuck.