Who has the superior credit system?

who has the superior credit system?

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Same shit.

how many mental hoops do you have to jump through to convince yourself that credit cards aren't kikery?

>credit cards
user, do you not know about debit cards?

What're those?

This is 4channel and racism will not be tolerated. Take it to Jow Forums.org/pol

Debit card always. Credit cards are for brain dead. Seriously

>buy on credit card
>pay back full balance at end of every statement period
>no interest ever applied and extra protections under the law
Wow I sure got jewed.


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>not having a credit card that offers no interest as long as you pay on time
>not upping your credit score just because it gives you more benefits in the long run.


it's extremely difficult to do that 100% of the time

pre-paid cards > debit cards > credit cards

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Jews aren't a race and it has nothing to do with hooknoses or halfhats.
Jew is an ideology, and you can be a Jew no matter who you are.

>it's extremely difficult to not spend money I don't actually have
Kill yourself inbred

What benefit does the debit card serve you?

How is it difficult to do? You fucking learn what your payment date is and pay it off in full beforehand. He is gaming the "payment history" shit that the Credit Score companies want and accruing points if his card allows it. Hes not buying a fucking roof or 10k worth of repairs to a car at a time, he is buying a tank of gas or coffee from the store. The same shit you would do with a debit card. But in his case a thief put a card reader on the pump its the banks who have to deal with the theft of funds. If they lift your debit card you're out of the funds until some suit decides it was a legitimate scam.

What purpose does the credit card even serve then?
You're borrowing money on the pretense that you'll have it, why not just have the discipline to wait until you actually have it?
Loans are fucking dumb as shit, no matter the amount. It's an unnecessary, convoluted addition to installment payments.

>Never applied for credit ever
>Bank keeps filing black marks on credit history file because I withdraw my OWN money from the ATM as soon as I get payed
>Literally punished for not letting Mr Goldberg keep my own money

Fuck banks, fuck credit, fuck longnoses

>get credit card
>accept terms
>sign contract
>be well aware of the costs of paying later
>pay later anyway
>place yourself in unrepayable debt
>do all of this voluntarily
People like you deserve all the bad things that happen to you.

It's very easy so long as you're not a retard

Anyone who doesn't have the discipline and self control to use a credit card like a debit card in order to take advantage of those top tier perks, yet never have any debt, is a mouth breathing retard. The multiple insurance options I get plus travel discounts and rewards points are great and I've never once out any debt on it. You just pay off the card at the end of every day. The bank absolutely bends over backwards to treat you well and give you extra perks in a desperate attempt to make you spend more. As long as you are smart enough to ignore their tricks you are good.

tl;dr Visa

You're just jelly you didn't think of this before they did and they got rich doing it and you didn't.

the card provider actively seduces the user with ''''benefits''''
>100% of the time
you will fall for it once or twice

Why do you even have a bank account?
Just cash your checks, what the fuck.

Odd that it's hooknosed people who are Jews. It's almost like there's predisposition for specific behaviors that correlate with other inherited features.

Because (((they))) have created a system where if you don't regularly apply for and use credit, you can't build up a credit history and therefore can't get credit when you actually need it. So you have to play the game of applying for small amounts of credit that you don't need, then paying it off as quickly as possible. They are hoping you are weak willed or will just forget so they can charge you fees for non-repayment.

I use a Visa, it never failed me once except the Playstation Network store won't take it for some reason (it fails every time) - I think this has to do more with my shitty bank than Visa themselves though. I'm happy with it. It's probably the most important thing I have, since 99% of stuff that I buy (other than food) is from online shops.


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This. I don't have a bank account either, I have direct deposit set up on a Bluebird pre-paid card and I just use that for all my payments, and I can withdraw cash from any MoneyPass ATM. All of that with no fees whatsoever.

>actually be responsible instead of a nigger who instantly maxes it out because he can't defer gratification at the brain level
>Use Credit Card like a debit card by paying it off
>get to keep money acrewing interest for longer while also getting cash back for free

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The PS store never takes my RBC visa card.

>benefits your credit score
That's about it.

This. Everything is genetics. Our entire behaviours are deterministic. There's no free will.

That's still a bank account, dumdum. The card is just a piece of plastic with it's ID stored on it.

PSA to retards who use debit cards: DO NOT USE DEBIT CARDS. If your debit card gets stolen and someone drains your checking account, the bank is legally obligated to search for their money for 30 days at which point they give up and you have to eat the loss. If your credit card is stolen, you are on the hook for $50 or so depending on how quickly you report the first fradulent charge, at which point you are off the hook and the bank has to look for its money until it finds it or gives up. Debit cards are unsafe and can leave you broke, credit cards are always safe if you aren't retarded.

Tigers have free will to sustain themselves on vegetables, but they choose to kill innocent animals instead.

>Bluebird is not a bank account and is not issued by a bank.

>Go to car dealer
>Agree on a monthly installation
>Put a down payment in cash as well as the first two month's payment
>Actually we can't allow this as you have no credit history on file
>Can't even pay for cellular service from Verizon

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Most of you are retardes
I put hundreds of thousands per year through my credit cards and not one dollar of interest.
I use the points for frequent flyer miles and upgrade my many trips to business.

If you aren't stupid it is literal money for.othing.

Ps. American express is the best for points by a fair margin

How much have you made in interest/cash back?

don't confuse ameriwallmarts

There is no innocence because there's no free will. Evolution and quantum physics showed that something can come from nothing, therefore disproving the existence of God - the corollary of which is that there's no such thing as reason. There is no truth, no beauty, no justice, no morals, nothing. We think there is because we live in a Matrix, but that's just our perception of the world. All of this is proven fact.

For air travel, yes.
There are a other cards that give better rewards for general purchases.

>Can't even pay for cellular service from Verizon
Get Cricket Wireless then, bucko.

Problem is most ppl are too retarded to take fiscal responsibility. The credit card firms take advantage of that.

>system weeds out brainlets
Yet another reason to praise it, user.

Better yet they think it's elitist to suggest that you should treat a credit card like debit and pay it off in full every month.

Safer than cash, or safer than debit cards, which are nonsensical?
Pretty sure the entire argument against credit cards is specifically against the credit score system, and its almost mandatory status.
>have money
>can't receive service because of no credit
The only even remotely investment a credit score could make sense in is for a house or a business, and even then where were these faggots when they weren't crosschecking anything and caused a global crisis?
The credit system has virtually no business being in 90% of people's lives.
You can't even pay for a cellular plan because of credit.
Yeah but the system is beneficial for the people, right, as it continues to creep into no-risk ventures that protect large corporations who spend the money they save by lobbying their monopoly of shitty customer service and infrastructure to retain exclusive service rights.
Banks can suck my wrinkly nuts.

I like you.
You’re very based.

>>Use Credit Card like a debit card by paying it off
Europeon here. How does that happen? DO you have to connect to your bank website on the last day of the statement and you have to manually debit it or is it automated? Cause if it's the latter there's almost no difference from debit.

>he doesn’t use direct debits

>Subsidiary of AT&T
>Checking account required

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it can be automated or manual. im autistic and like to manually pay off my credit card twice a month

VISA by a mile if you are just going to use it like a normie for bills and amazon purchases. Amex is better if you need a business account or travel a lot though.

>made up FUD
I know for a fact that's not true because I don't have a checking account and I use Cricket. I just pay by cash every month face to face at the closest Cricket store.

>not using Ting

Reminder: Visa/MasterCard/Discover is a different business model from American Express.
Visa, MasterCard, and Discover make money from charging interest to the people stupid enough to not pay off their balances every month. Amex, on the other hand, makes money by enticing big-spending rich people with huge benefit programs and then making stores pay out the nose to have the privilege of selling to those big spenders.
I personally prefer the Visa/MasterCard/Discover model, but I can't deny that Amex is quite devious.

>Sprint network
Hard pass.

Source for this info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_v._American_Express_Co. (the actual opinion, not the wiki page)

I pay my credit card off in full every month. I have a perfect credit history and I get money back on each purchase. I have never gone over my limit. The bank effectively pays *me* to use the card, and there are no downsides.

>Not reading the news

So what does it change? Like you can choose not to pay everything and get your account milked with interests? Can you at least make 1-payment virtual cards so you don't give away your actual number to a website when paying online (Wikipedia only mentions that for debit cards)?

I have my checking account and credit cards with the same bank. I set it so the full balance on the cards is automatically paid from the checking account on the statement date. I'll also usually log in and manually pay off the balance before the statement date. That way the statement shows a $0 or very small balance which helps with increasing credit score.

It basically works exactly like debit, except I get cash back and more fraud protection and a bunch of other little benefits. I only use my debit card for withdrawing cash or for purchases at the liquor store since they offer a discount for paying cash or debit.

>That way the statement shows a $0 or very small balance which helps with increasing credit score.
Pretty sure it's only calculated at the end of the payment period, no? They won't ding you unless you have something you spent that payment period you didn't pay back.

Probably Visa. But I just all 3 for whatever provides best return at that merchant.

> Preferring to lose actual money when your card # gets stolen instead of having credit transactions which are cancellable in a few days with one call to your bank

Holy shit you anons are dumb. The last time I only used debit cards was 5 years ago and I had to wait months to get >$2000 back into my account after somebody stole my card number

I prefer Visa, and have no experience with AMEX. I know that Mastercard has a horrible chargeback process and always sides with the vendor. They do not have your back unless you have stronger evidence than would be required at a murder trial. MC is a good way to get scammed.

These anons are right, only niggers and air headed normies get fucked by credit cards

>its free money goy
>forget that it has worse privacy standards than google

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depends on your bank. if someone steals your debit card number but you still have the card then chase refunds all fraud purchases as long as you notify them within 60 days.

Not very many.
>all stores up their prices 3-4% to account for credit card interchange fees
>you get them back in the form of cash back
>it's free money subsidized by cash only retards
>also you can charge back anytime you get shafted by a merchant
>you're not responsible for fraudulent transactions if you catch them a month later, as opposed to 2 days with a debit card
I could go on.

The Jews have the superior credit system. All they have to do for money is to milk the goyim, simply by playing the "race" card when Judaism has nothing to do with race.

>Oy gevalt remember the 6 gorillion
>Oy veh the sand natives aren't remembering the 6 gorillion
>America; please give us money and weapons to compensate the memory of the 6 gorillion

How stupid do you have to be to go into credit card debt?

I use a debit Visa and I've never had any issue with this.
A friend of mine retardedly got scammed with his debit visa, refund occured three days after calling the bank.

Maybe your bank is shit?

Literally how you fucking brainlet lmao

Just record credit card transactions on your primary transaction log, autopay full balance, DONE

OK even if this is true
Just deduct interest and fees from the rewards to see your net rewards
If net rewards are negative, accept you're too rarted to handle a cc at this stage of your life and stahp using it

it's not that hard

That's legal jargon / a technicality

For all intents and purposes (ESPECIALLY in the context of this thread), it's just a branchless bank with a less arcane fee system

hang yourself you yiddish nigger.
gookmoot's just a cuck.
they're all shit, pay them off fully every month to fuck over their expected profit slightly
>even then they still take 6%ish off most transactions...

>t. burger

The latter indeed, and you are correct

Any credit card issuer (pretty sure our government mandates all this) will offer the option to automatically pay off the full balance via any ACH supported checking account every month in such a way that you will never be charged interest, despite having taken out a 2 to 6 week loan

Actually no, I [different user] can confirm that my "credit utilization" ticker goes up if I'm leaving fat balances to autopay rather than eliminating them myself (NOTE that I've never paid a cent of interest in my life due to autopay hitting at the end of the GRACE period, YET the "utilization" still goes up because I've got balances at the end of the STATEMENT period)

This desu

I would bet that half the "retards" in this thread are actually just shilled strawmen to bait out actual intelligent debunking posts which happen to be in support of the CC infrastructure

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It'll bounce when he's out of money rather than letting his budgetless ass spend money he doesn't have on impulse

>debit cards
Those exist in America?

tfw when not living in burger land and my credit dues are balanced automatically without me EVER missing a payment

Simple, anonymous greenbacks.
If it's stolen odds are you're shit out of luck
Easy management of your money, no need to carry cash
If it's stolen it's a direct line to your checking/savings account. Either disable the card ASAP, close the account, or be prepared for financial losses
High risk, high reward.
If you're not retarded you'll build credit.
Pay back in full, on time, and you'll never need to pay interest.
If it's stolen, your credit score will likely tank. Prepare for financial losses.

Out of all of these, I say credit > cash > debit

the average person is that stupid, yes

>If it's stolen it's a direct line to your checking/savings account. Either disable the card ASAP, close the account, or be prepared for financial losses
>financial losses
Thank God I live in a country in which any non-authorized operations are refunded entirely no matter what


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How do you buy something that's worth more than your entire year's salary? A house for example?

You get a special loan from your bank with way better interest rate than whatever your credit goy card has

Credit cards
>build credit, which you need a certain level of to qualify for certain purchase or cards with exclusive rewards (vip lounges in airports, for example, neets wouldn’t understand)

>are insured in case of theft
>come with rewards

If you get 3%cb and you put your rent on your card, you have $30 for free on a purchase you would have to make anyway.

Credit cards when used responsibly are amazing. There is no reason not to use one unless you are a low IQ, high impulse neet.

>"Christian" nation
>Literally worship credit and usury on a daily basis

There are retards in America who still won't do this. I don't understand why.
... granted, it's usually senile boomers, or tech-illiterate niggers, but it's no loss to me. I just rectify the problem and move on.

>another episode of retarded neets promoting luddism

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The one I use.


Are you retarded? Credit cards don't have interest if you pay them off in time.

>credit card has interest rates
lmao, now I know im dealing with fucking neets. there is no interest rate on credit cards, you monkey. that's the whole point of using them. you pay what you owe every month, it's basically just delayed payment.


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Great travel insurance and the ability to pay worldwide. And all that for a small fee. I'd say you'd be stupid not to have one if you travel more than once a year.