Is it a good idea to give 1 ETH as a birthday gift to a girl? I like her a lot, I had a thing with her...

Is it a good idea to give 1 ETH as a birthday gift to a girl? I like her a lot, I had a thing with her, but she lives abroad and doesn't earn that much money. She knows about cryptocurreny though. We always make each other gifts for birthday. I would send it to her on a ledger. So what do you guys think?
Bad or good idea?

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bad idea

Inb4: cuck


that creepy beta orbiter that sends you crypto currency for your birthday

this OP

>immediately sells to buy makeup so she can impress chad

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I gave some ETH to a girl I had a thing with overseas last year. She fucking lost the keys, don't waste your crypto OP.

It would be better if you give her something will grow in the near term. Gift her Raven protocol and Harmony tokens and she will appreciate it more.

Yeah Incel, like I said. I fucked her.
Okay user, thanks. I just thought I would help her out a bit. But I guess I'll stick with the ordinary stuff again

why would you be giving currency to a girl that isn't sucking or fucking your chode OP? Betamax move, she'll smell it from a mile away

Okay, I got it now. Thanks.
As I said: We had a thing, I like her, we gift each other stuff already for two years. That's all. I'll send her some Teddy then.

Don't listen to any of these faggots in this thread. Giving her money might be weird, but I like the thought behind the idea. Gift her something of more sentimental value I would say.

If she knows about crypto and wants to own some, she would buy some. I wouldn't do it for her.

just use your gAinZ to go smash

No faggot

Bought my friend 100 link for like 60 bucks. Lol haven't told him and I wont for a while. He thinks I probably forgot but itll be a good surprise when I give him something worth 100k.


Why are you giving away $100 000?

It feels nice doing things for Girls you like a lot. It hurts even more when they never return the favor if you have done lots of nice things for them. Not talking about sex like for instance in your situation.

>Give her 1 eth for her bday
>She forgets yours and sends you a message the day after saying "OMG Sorry I forgot. I was so busy."

If you can deal with the pain if of it not being returned do it.


This is the most cucked thing I have ever seen. Women don't care about men in the least. They use us for our resources and you are a pathetic beta orbiter to her.


spend your money on a hooker, not the friend zone faggit

You fucking Incels don't seem to get the fucking point. It seems to be not possible for you, that man and woman can be friend, just because they like each other?
I repeat: I FUCKED HER
Now we live far away from each other, but still stay in contact. Have sex you god damn virgins and get out if you mum's basement. Jesus Christ.

don't send her money(eth) for free, that's stupid
send her someTHING

i wish i had a gf. i would give her all my links

>gift to a girl?
Bad idea

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Fake news

Anyway if you want to send her crypto, show her your patrician side and send Denarius

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Terrible idea, she will spend it at the second

cuck cuck cuck

this has to be the worst idea I've ever seen on biz

yeah it's a great idea dude you should go for it just like you went for this gay bait

better idea, send her stinkies

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Never give somebody money or assets as a gift unless they are family. Don't be a cuck OP

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>using money to get a woman...
unless you want a prostitute

the absolute state of Jow Forums cucks

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I remember seeing a topic like this a few weeks ago. I am getting crazy?

Just tip her some BRAP, token was made for that purpose.

No that is a stupid idea. Women don't understand investment.

recycled bait

100% this. Even worse than cash as a gift

Oh look, another tinder thread. Fuck off.