Is there a reason why you haven't bought link get

Is there a reason why you haven't bought link get

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It's about to crash down to 50 cents or less.

I did and the price tanked. So while Ive lost in the short term, I know Ill win in the long term. Just wish I had a job so I could responsibly buy more.

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Good then i'll buy more.

>he didn't work a full time job and put his life savings into LINK before it was a dollar

I bought 150. I have no more money

You should have waited.

i am never buying. this shit is such a scam. hope you like getting dumped on by the dev team and serey. did you like that 700k that was just dumped lmao

waiting on sergey to dump his bags. might go in at $1.20

Um because I don't like penises in my mouth, and buying LINK just seems a lot like deepthroating a penis


I'm thinking about exiting in september. They have enough to dump 700k for 5000 days straight. And I have little faith in staking working in the way it's been laid out or that chainlink will ever be truly decentralized.

500 days. Oops fucked up my math. Guess I'm one of those 80IQ turds that bought this shit.

>hostile towards newcomers
>only profitable if you have thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend
The whole industry feels like it's trying to keep everyone who isn't already in out and anyone that wants in needs to have a MASSIVE amount of knowledge on the subject that isn't even worth acquiring unless you are rich to begin with. So fuck it.

The real rad pill is that him, ari, hal, and a lil help from nick, dids bitcone. They are all apart of that cult and mkultrad vitalik into didsing ether. Knowing its dids the orkle troubles. They basically exit scummed BTC and dumped it into eth which was the bull prepping of 17 so they could mkultra swift and Blythe. And then they spent there 17 profets on buying fivr pajeets to be in their delphi gang. Dan gave Blythe foot herpes so she got fired by swift. Swift knew Sergey was just trying to use them to hack a bank in Crimea so they hired Dan selman to fix them but the Sergey bought dan with his money from domain squatting cryplets. But then dan was mad so he had madelyn moss spell there flyers and then tell her AI bots to spread the story about Blythe foot herpes. Ari was nervous so he convinced craj to cry in court and throw a bigmac at a judge but it only buried the foot herpes story for a few days so nick called in a favor and had john eat his dic on TV. As a last ditch to avoid getting caught Sergey convinced Steve and rory to stop playing madden and they fixed the Orkles trouble and got Blythe the dr. Scholls brand valtrex. Make of it what you will

>>only profitable if you have thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend
That's literally any investment though. Doesn't mean you can't start with like a thousand and gradually make your way up while learning how to better invest your money.

Is 8x initial investment in a year winning? Fucking a right it is.

no penii but we do like sharpies up our asses apparently.

Is this an ancient Aztec poem?

*eats your heart atop tehutikan*
nothing personell

You will more likely buy some rope and neck yourself when it is $10 by year end.

you're a long way from suicide stack.
break out those kneepads bud

Not to mention there are like a hundred other cryptos that Anons shill on here daily so there's no way to tell which one is worth getting into and which ones are just falseflaggers trying to scam you out of your money. It's so much to take in all at once and it feels like one big waste of time and resources

it's centralized via sergeys 65% bags
soon as he sells it will be hacking/fud wars for controlling shares
also craig has patents so it's probably going to zero in a year or two

Because I buy low not high

Below $10: buy
Above $10: hold

Great so 18 months till the moon? I’ll buy 1000 more tomorrow and then delete my app until election day

Lmao, his problem was that he did wait.

The barrier for entry on this site is the same for everyone. While you were perfecting trying to convince a roastie to give you an over the pants hand job many of us were lurking here.
You just arrived like a fucking mick into the USA circa 1830 and expect to “get it”.
You won’t.
You aren’t welcome here and until you realize that the memes are a cryptographic code in and of themselves you will never suss our diamonds from the cacophony.
I came to biz after being here for a decade and knew right away what was a scam based on what the shills said, they like you, don’t know Chan culture and you apparently don’t have the iq or wherewithal to do any research.
>tldr you’ll never make it.

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Because it's a scam

This. Honestly, I can't believe you guys are still around. I have to commend you on the long game. For the past two years, Link shills have been coming here to take advantage of vulnerable new members on biz. You know the whole /ourcoin/ thing? It's true. Check the archives, there were plenty of posts trying to force Link as a meme. The project is literally two guys and a whitepaper. Google isn't even using chainlink, they just wanted to shill their own services to the blockchain market. It's amazing that some of you faggots actually fell for this. I do have to admit, the fact that sergey has kept the curtain up this long is surprising. All of the other scam projects died during the bear market. Do you honestly believe a philosphy major with a minor in religious studies could be the one responsible for arguably the largest and most revolutionary technology in blockchain? think again faggot. Steve isn't even a real fucking person. Adelyn still works for her old AI company, and gets thrown just enough LINK to buy her cup of coffee each morning. Maybe she'll get around to writing a blog post on a lazy weekend. Rory got fired for not adhering to the team's strict diversity standards, he kept calling Thomas a bitch-ass faggot. The only person actually working on the project is some autist named Navyadmiral on github. Last I heard, he was picked up through one of those government "hire a retarded kid" programs. He doesn't even get paid by the team, meanwhile Sergey is dumping batches of 700,000 LINK for the Steam summer sale. How can you actually have faith in this? My recommendation, sell while it's still above $0.25.

Can't believe this isn't pasta.

Because it's not available on robinhood.

Because I don't understand what makes it valuable enough to look around for a better coin broker.

not buying your shitcoin dump

Dropping a HARSH redpill for the newfrens

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I probably lost 1 IQ deviation, but it was an entertaining read.

Buying Link is like deepthroating a penis that cums money.

About to re enter Link with my huge TRV gains. Thanks for that user, wherever you are.

I looks like its going down to around $1 before the next move in half a year, I'd rather buy at $1

It's not though

See you back at $5 soon

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I'm hesitant because i don't understand enough about crypto in general yet. Feels stupid investing in something I'm not even sure of how it works or what it exactly does. Just started visiting biz like 2 weeks ago.

I traded all my coinbase earn xlm for link and eos for eth

>Copypasta FUD

>As the price keeps tanking, the linkie falls into greater delusions, his subconscious inventing new ways to cope with a hard and uncompromising truth. The linkies project thier delusions at each other, creating a feedback loop that keep them enclosed in a cloud of hallucinations, unable to see through the facade of their false messiah. The cycle repeats itself once they all perish and a fresh batch of rookies becomes enchanted with the next trendy but worthless token. Nature can be quite tragic sometimes...

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Look at the chart. What on earth makes you think it will be half a year before the next move? Even plebbitors can see the cycle time between movements is tightening rapidly.


But also because there's too many "wallets" and I don't know which ones are best for burgerlanders. So far just robinhood...

If there is a will, there is a way. Don't expect to get spoonfed on everything my guy. If you're a burger, look into Coinbase.

My goal is to research enough till the end of the month, so I can make a decision. I have a feeling that there is not much time anymore before all of this really takes off.

Does it really matter which country you are from in regards to the wallet? Germanon here, am on Coinbase and Binance

Doesn't matter what wallet you use, you need to find a convenient way to buy BTC/ETH (I suggest ETH for faster transaction speeds) that's available to Germans. I've never used Coinbase before but if you plan to use it look into the verification checks and the holds that they place on funds. Happens to newer customers.

Once you get your ETH/BTC transfer it to Binance and buy LINK

Why aren't you Googling for answers dude? Everything is at the tip of your fingertips. The clock is ticking.

exactly this. You can tell immediately who is shilling bags and who has something legitT. Lore


It's overvalued

Yourguy dumping yo lol

Congratulations. You had the same thought as another sceptic based on the same negative biases and information sources. Hope you are feeling really comfy to be part of the skeptic delusion force. What a brainiac you are bro.

It's really not a lot of knowledge, you're just bad at learning. And the whole point of the knowledge is so you can make decent money starting with not much.

Everyone can pay attention to AXE.
AXE's goal will be global instant secure anonymous payment.
The following exchanges are online

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Let the Sergei have some burgers

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Fresh pasta. Get me in the cap.

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im winning with link 6x


He can buy Link on coinbase. No need for a transfer to binance

based oldfag

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