Tfw fell for the college meme and now I have 21k in debt and only make 40k a year

>tfw fell for the college meme and now I have 21k in debt and only make 40k a year

fuck me

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So you only have to work 6 months to pay it off? Not bad.

>going into debt
>for anything

it's just that everyday it seems like I'm more and more destined to be middle class and that kills me

thinking of law school or learning to code

mid level provider, 150k in school debt, making 92k a year, fml... fuck college and the college meme

What's your major

Go whine on Jow Forums with the rest of the worthless suicidal cucks

political science

kill yourself faggot

That’s a good idea. Law school. More loans. My girlfriend became a teacher. Got two masters degrees from ivy league schools. 150k in debt. Her pay tops out at 110,000$ in 15 years. She’ll pay of these loans forever. Gg

graduated w/ 17k debt 1 year ago
1 year later
only 7k debt left with over 30k in other assets
quitting enslavement before anyone else i know including my father
feels good man

Sounds like that's what you're gonna do soon enough. Why not accelerate it? Nobody will miss your pointless inane posts

Oh boo fucking hoo

Law school is enormous debt. Don’t be a retard twice

get one of those dumb jobs running comms for a political campaign (aka sitting your ass on twitter all day) and charge huge consulting $$$

my gf is going to med school and isn't worried about it for some reason

Kek yeah, only 6 months. No need to pay for rent, food, or vehicle OP. No need to pay those pesky income taxes, just tell your boss to not withhold the taxes. This user said you can pay it all off in six months!

most people working campaigns don't make shit, even those working at the top don't make a ton and just hope for a revolving door job in the end

>tfw dropped out of college to focus on career and own 6 figures in crypto

>dropped out of high school at 16
>spent 6 years playing vidya, watching anime, never leaving my parents house
>tried community college, did about 1.5 semesters before dropping out again
>Over next 3 years I went from making about 11k at job I was in after dropping out again, to 45k in a new job, and was then promoted into a 80k job
>only a couple thousand in debt which I've long since payed off

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Checked. But what's your job dubsman?

Manufacturing supervisor

>graduate from high school
>drop out of community college 2 weeks in because I already had assignments due before the semester even fucking started so Fs all across the board
>work for 9 years doing manual labor making minimum wage
>jumped from job to job with each job lasting only a few months
>lived in a shitty apartment building filled with spiders and earwigs in every nook and cranny
>lose the apartment because I couldn't pay for it anymore
>become more and more depressed with each passing day
>currently work in retail at a job I'm not too sure how much longer I'll have
I honestly don't know why I haven't killed myself yet.

Hmm interesting. I'm in a logistics related position. I'm thinking about getting my mba and attacking 100k job positions down the road.

21K in debt is nothing. Now stop being a fucking idiot and get a job that pays more than 40K.

I spent a few months learning how to do financial modeling after university and now make 90K/year with a 20-30K bonus, and that is considered low for my job title.

Faggot that's no too much debt.

You'll make more salary. Be careful with your money. Google Dave Ramsey.

god i wish i made 40k a year

get cheaper rent, rent a room out. Whatever you can. This is the hardest one to change.
common dude, cooking for yourself and prepping meals is not only cheap, it's probably healthier too. You can enjoy the steak dinners after you've made it.
Minus insurance and gas what are you really paying? Don't tell me you're one of those faggots that went into debt buying a car too?

6 months is obviously extreme, but if OP gets his shit together he has 2 years tops to get rid of all this.

if law school do a cheap online law school its like 5k a year

Damn I was kind of hoping for a happy end here

>joined the military
>got injured and have 100% disability
>$3050 disability pay and $1600 a month to go to school

Feels good man