Just went all in. This thing was 35 sat just four weeks ago

Just went all in. This thing was 35 sat just four weeks ago.

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Good move fren

And its going to 1 sat in 4 more weeks

never underestimate this thing. when it moves it moves bro

Bro there is no reason to gamble on this project as of now for F.A. reasons due to the never ending delays. Chartmonkeys will buy it sure, but unlike a low cap shitcoin this coin requires massive amounts of money to move. I can‘t see that type of money flooding into this shit especially after they can’t say when the ports or alpha will be ready.

dont think is done dumping

this coin is full of baby boomer devs, they only are exit scamming, it will bled to death

This is dumb. Be a man instead and diversify your investments

boomers aside, they could have gotten competent devs other than faggots feminists
what a waste of a project

1 sat eoy

Ashanti Mutanti is actually a very competent Rust dev, just sayin.

i just sold 2 mill, a nigga in the team always means exit scams

you're gonna be on suicide watch in the next 2 weeks.


i just bought one, the team is 30 years younger, no niggers, seem decent people no degenerates, the only thing is ching chogs.

its got one of the biggest communities in crypto tho

diversifying is boomer shit

RLC makes this shit obsolete.

lol its already chipping back to 14 sat
even 12 is pushin it in reasonable expectation

diversification is a hedge against ignorance

have sex

caught in the trap of some old baby boomers hippie project, boomers with no achievement in the tech world, sad

if they dont made it in their fourties they will never make it, they are selling hippie tech to neet incels

I dont think you understand the implications of holo

it hasnt been 35 sats in 5 months you stupid fuck

31 sat close enough, still almost a triple. best RSI in the market

>muh T.A.
I wonder how well that shit worked for substratum traders who bought just before the delisting because the indicators said it was oversold.

this shiet is going to 18 sats

i mean 8 sats

impossible, the moment things settle its hitting 18

cz is a huge holder of holo, he's going to pump it through the roof

Exactly, except this time it's moving down

Lol, CZ is a holder of Bitcoin, all the suckers are holding the chuck e cheese tokens

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btc is going to tank yugely. its not going lower than 12


U already fucked up. Never trust a chink my dude

It'll be 7-8 in August, cap it

>hold Holo, ETH, and ONE

Pretty comfy.

You can't argue with stupid people. We've done our hard share of research and know where this is going. I'm in it for the long term and I've already made it with what I have in it. I live in IBM birthplace and I'm tempted to spread the word to IBM vets but I'm not sure yet. That's something I have to think about.

Comfy holding a chink scam? It's not going to be any different this time.

Watch the newest ama. I can't put into words how exciting this is. It's about an hour long but well worth the time as they answer a lot of lingering questions. Others will find out when the price finally starts moving.

Argh, bought 5 million. We'll see.

oh you very very silly man you wont have to wait till august to be proven wrong 18 sat will happen by eow

Don't be crazy. It'll be 5 sat max

Congrats on making the worst financial decision of your life. Get comfy as this bleeds down lower and lower, the team continues to not deliver , it gets delisted from binance, and everyone holding this capitulates.

seems like everyone lost faith in their ability to deliver.. and wear shoes. it will probably keep sinking

All fudders hold this coin and want my bags

Past performance is not indicative of the future.

Yeah, advice not taken.

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Pajeet phone posters galore

troo but it does in this case.

Are you serious? It was a complete cluster fuck.

Good fairly recent interview:

This thing is so controversial it’s going to the moon.

Can someone tell me what Holo is exactly?

It’s a hosting platform for decentralized apps on holochain

So it's a different flavor of etherium? With some fundamental differences?

It’s what ethereum should’ve been. If the team can deliver, holochain will unironically be the standard. Notice the fud isn’t about the tech or the product itself

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so its eth 2.0

holy s h i t
I just went all in after reading this.

Yeah its pretty fuckin dope

they plan alot of amazing things, but some old boomers can accomplish it? i doub it, tell me some past accomplishments of the ceos and devs, i dont know any

burgers are gonna dump last minute before the ban.

do it, IBM boomers are some of the most skilled devs on this planet, get them onboard

>boomers with no achievement in the tech world

why you but you never listen annon 8 sats incomimng

It's not even fud, but have you seen that fat boomer feet nacked, femminists and women?
I have a bag of 360k hoochain but I am tempted to sell them for XSN (it's not shilling)

What were mark zuck, bill gates, vitalik achievements before Facebook Microsoft and ethereum? If you’ve been following along you’ll know art Brock is a mega genius for even designing holochain which is a vastly superior product than anything out there. If you listen to what he says, he actually knows what he’s talking about and has spent most of his life thinking about things like decentralized currencies which is why he knows blockchain is not the future. They’ve also said implementing holochain is actually easier than they thought compared to more complex things they have in mind like ceptr. The only reason for the delay is due to rust which is highly secure but a new programming language that is harder to use because it doesn’t let you get away with things other languages do that might bite you in the ass later.

Good work. The sell pressure is completely exhausted

this. all of the fud is basically memes about feet and appearance.

Youre going to get holocausted.