Post All Of The Ways You Know To Get Free Crypto So We Can All Make It!

There are plenty of ways to earn free cryptocurrency without having to pay fees to be a losing trader like the 95% who try and fail.

Post all the ways you've earned free satoshis, linkies, etc whether it's new software, affiliate programs, etc. Pi doesn't count because you can't actually cash anything out so as of now it might as well be paper trading.

I'll kick things off.

Electroneum - mobile based cryptocurrency with simulated mining that doesn't hurt you hardware

Step 1) Install Electroneum on your mobile phone (

Step 2) Turn on mobile simulated mining at no risk to your precious computing hardware and earn free Electroneum

Step 3) Trade Electroneum on TradeOgre or other shitcoin exchange for BTC

Step 4) Transfer BTC to Coinbase, cash out buy lambo and big jugs of milk

Step 5) Look in the mirror knowing you've finally made it

Bonus: Use code 349F56 for mining bonus even more free money to add to your already infinite % returns

Brave Browser:

Privacy based browser that displays you advertisements and awards Basic Attention Tokens, which can be traded on Binance for BTC, Link, XRP, etc.

Download here:

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Brave is an awesome way to earn free Crypto right now, as well as Coinbase Earn.

People will still refuse to use these though because they're stubborn and lazy. You could literally be earning easily 10 BAT/month just for using the Browser. That's 120 BAT a year, and if BAT ever goes to $1, that's money in the bank simply for continuing to use the internet.

People are too stubborn and retarded to make the switch though. And people are simply too lazy to watch the videos and make money for literally learning about Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase Earn.

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I agree especially since it's based on Chromium and can be used essentially the same way as Chrome except with free money attached. The lack of adoption is troubling but as creators lean about the benefits I expect an influx of users.

Coinbase Earn is great although they took take a pretty big portion of what you've gained back via fees when you cash out.

I've been using brave for like half a year now but I live in australia and they don't have ads for here yet. At least I got some BAT from coinbase earn and the free grants though (which I sent to my site). Feelsbad

Absolutely agree. Electroneum is pretty based imo
I've used codes from some anons here and seen the gains rise. You can use mine and boost that shit up.

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Trading is fucking EZ.
if you can't x4 your holdings by trading indicators, then you just suck.

Bitcoin is up nearly 4x this year just from HODLING. Try actually making gains on your trades user.

Damn that is too bad, I'd expect Australia to be one of the first to have BAT ads.

Yeah definitely, hopefully there will be some catalyst that really opens the floodgates to users switching to Brave. I'm biased because I have BAT bags, but there is something fucking cool about earning BAT every month like a paycheck and then being able to give it to sites that I use every day like CoinMarketCap

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>trading indicators
where to learn

This thread is some corp shill

Just trying to afford milk

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BitMax exchange. Stake BTMX token for daily data rewards in USDT. Sell USDT for BTC or more BTMX. They have trade mining and leverage too if you wanna gamble.

Nukes multi tiered staking will be released soon. Easy money.

step 1) do long and position trades in normal market
2) once getting your portfolio to 10k or 100k, dont put any into crypto you fucking idiot
3) throw a diversified 1k into link and bit when it is ready to pull out of next tank for the memes

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SHOCK - get free Airdrop, make free rewards. Even the brainlets get this shit. Stay poor

Get your video making skills out and make a video of how to buy VID tokens. And you can win VID tokens.
Last day too submit a video is tomorrow!
See more in the link

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Where is the link to the airdrop?

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A free mobile app has been developed by folks over at Stanford.

Download Pi Network from play store!

>Hardware or internet doesn't get used
>Doesn't drain battery
>Doesn't cost you a penny

Ambassador code for frens to get 25% mining rate bonus! Use code:


Get in lads, what you got to lose?

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Living up to that Aussie criminal meme aren't you user?

>fees when you cash out.
Use Coinbase Pro

If anyone still needs a 5% bonus referral code for Electroneum you can use this 299D24

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is it even possible to transfer from your browser wallet to an exchange?

Not yet but you will be able to soon (expect a dump when that happens)