Anons I unironically need your advice

I got fired yesterday. I am a 30 year old single white male living in the United States. I have $5k in the bank, $45k in stocks, and 1 BTC. I am miserable. I have a rare problem with my legs and have had about 20 surgeries. Unfortunately some of the surgeries were a mistake and only made things worse. Now I can barely walk and it's only getting worse. I am basically bedridden. I am screwed. And I cannot focus on work or developing skills at all because I am in so much pain and stress. I do not think I will be able to get or maintain another job simply because I am so uncomfortable. What the fuck should I do unironically? This money won't last me forever. Should I sell the BTC or keep it?

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Cut off your legs and you'll have no more pain

you sell you stock and leave the btc you retard and buy more link

keep the 1 btc. dump your 45k stock for btc. sell at 100k.

BTC is last resort sell the boomer stocks as needed

Sell your stocks for silver you dumbfuck. We’re less than a year away from the crash. Sell the top you tucking retard for cash at least and go to SEA and fuck some hookers

Sue whoever called for the unnecessary surgeries and be set for life.
Pain and suffering alone should cover you.

Shut the fuck up I want real advice.

I am a big fan of BTC but unfortunately I think it would be too risky for me to buy more of it now given I have no source of income anymore. I would like to hold on to what I have though.

I wish I could do that but it's more complicated than I explained in my initial post. It wasn't really a black and white issue where the surgeon necessarily made a mistake. It was a very risky procedure that did not work out and actually made things worse. I do think it's possible I would have some sort of case if I wanted to pursue it, but I think I would probably lose.

cash out stocks for 1 more BTC and a years living

Only plausible options:

1. Spend all your time figuring out how to fix your legs, or at least notably reduce discomfort.

2. Remove legs and get a wheel chair. No more pain distracting you from what you need to do.

3. Buy BSV, which is the real Bitcoin, and will inevitably make you ridiculously rich within the next decade. Buy advanced robot legs with said money.

Your fucking legs don’t work man. If that’s true what you do is book a one way ticket to Thailand fuck as many hookers on coke as you can and then pull the trigger

>rare leg condition
>won't even tell us what it is
How do you even expect us to help?

Go out like this user

Fuck man. That fucking blows. Imo the btc is very valuable tho.

I'm with the other user, you should try and sue.

All-in on LINK, and YES, I am 100% serious.

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I didn't go into all the details because it would take a long time to explain and I already know what my options are with regards to the physical side of things. I am interested here with general life and financial advice.

To be honest I feel conflicted about this. First of all, as I said before, I think I would probably lose, although I would definitely have a case. But I also don't really blame the doctors that much. It was a very complicated situation, and sometimes surgeries are risky and don't work out. I obviously wish things had been done differently but it's not like I was fine to begin with. Even before the surgeries I was having major problems.

Is this like a Dr. House situation?

I have seen some episodes of House but I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Basically I have various structural issues with my legs and their alignment. I have had a lot of surgeries. Some of them helped a bit but a few in particular were a big mistake. 1 leg right now is sort of ok. It's obviously not great but I can at least walk around on it. But the problem is the other leg is so incredibly messed up that I pretty much can't do anything because of it.

You arent really suing the doctors, their insurance would pay for it and they might even settle it. I was being serious about amputating your legs too, if it really gets bad that's your only option left

I agree with this man!

are those bionic limbs advance enough yet?

No doctor has ever brought this up to me yet but maybe that would eventually be an option.

Move to Colorado, get that medical card, find some hippie job that doesn't stress you, and juss chill mane

Out of curiosity do you know of any examples of hippie jobs that are stress free? Maybe there could be something I could do.

>Buy BSV

You are not a lawyer and thus do not have an informed opinion on your chances. Stop sabotaging the last chance you have left (other that crypto) and call a lawyer

stop this stockhome syndrome / rationalization and call a lawyer you dumbfuck


You need money, SELL IT!

Ok, you're right that I really have no idea what my chances would be. Maybe I would easily win. But I'm actually still not sure I even want to pursue this. As crazy as this may sound, I kind of feel like it wouldn't be right to sue. I don't really blame the doctors. It was a very unusual case and they tried something that seemed reasonable at the time. It just didn't work out. That doesn't necessarily mean they did anything wrong. The main reason I have so many problems is because of structural issues I have always had, and this would be true regardless of the surgeries. Now it is possible that the doctors are more at fault than I know, since I'm not an expert, but I don't personally believe they did anything clearly wrong. Because of this I would feel like I'm doing something wrong if I sued them. Does that make any sense or am I a complete idiot?

Maybe you could try talking to another doctor about the surgery and get a second opinion on the matter.

Gotcha mate. Nah House had nerve damage from a botched leg surgery and it caused him chronic pain so he was perpetually stuck with a limp; he resorted to using a cane and downing vicodin every day.

Anyway, what sort of structural problems are you dealing with? I've got moderate knock knees and I've thought about going in for a procedure that would essentially straighten out the legs. Trying to do squats while maintaining good form is a bitch.

You zoomers are so lazy. You need to go out, find the nearest office building, give the first person you meet a firm handshake while looking in their eyes and get a real job.

Get on disability pay from the gov and chill

I get what you're saying. I will think it over some more.

I have seen a lot of other doctors. Some of them would not have advised the particular surgeries that I had, but that's because there were several reasonable options on the table and they have different preferences and styles.

Can you get disability even if your job was not manual labor?

No, it makes sense. Not to be a dick, but if there was nothing they could do and they tried to help I think suing them would be quite unfair. These people tried to help given a complicated issue. Do you really think their intent was malicious? Probably not. Dont need that karma over your head.

Their intent was definitely not malicious. They truly tried to help. I am positive about that. I really don't think I will sue.

If you went all-in on LINK you could provide oracle services and get paid in LINK.

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the guy is in pain, it is their due diligence to take care of him instead they have made a couple negligible mistake that have caused him severe pain. You really want that karma by advising him not to sue?

i understand where you are coming from user but i still think you are cucking yourself. the docs can/do mislead their patients. let the courts decide if they did anything wrong. you are not a doctor or a lawyer.

also you should think about perhaps you are internalizing your biological pathologies and sabotaging your self worth. this is a common practice. you deserve a good life

30 y/o isn't zoomer. Op you make me value my awesome life. I'm sorry your legs suck and you're in pain. I'd help if I could.

Keep the 1 BTC half in stocks and the other half in Link. You'll make it user.

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see if you qualify for some government programs and live minimally

Amputate your legs and use a wheelchair

Op, my dad is a doc and has medical malpractice insurance. IIRC, his experience (he was military, not civilian at the time) in getting sued is that there is an investigation to look for malpractice. Ended up being the patient's parent was trying to make money off of it rather than having an actual issue (such as malpractice).

If you're unsure what malpractice is, you can consult a couple different lawyers with a focus in medical malpractice. Beware, as lawyers are very in it for the money and winning, they may push aggressively on you if they think you have a case, even if minor.

If risks were brought up before your surgery with different doctors and you brought up your concerns and they were taken into consideration, likely no malpractice outside of the doctor deviating from standard surgical procedures.

Also, I have not look through all the thread, but sharing your expenses and any income (such as unemployment) would be good.

Sorry about your situation, that sucks bad man.

OP you have to be retarded.
>Apply for disablility and live at home without having to work
>Play vidya games all day and eat whatever you want
>invest in chainlink so you can get a new pair of robo legs in the future with your millions
>Do push ups and situps combined with fasting to maintain/lose weight as needed.

Have you applied for disability?

found the doctor

Yes you probably over qualify for disability. My mom got disability working mostly as cashier and a call center agent most of her career but she started going blind and had trouble working so now she's on disability

If your legs don't work and you're bed ridden and have had surgery and it effects your ability to work and quality of life you will 100% qualify, its definitely worth trying to get on it better than going broke.

Fuck off pleb

I guess the shillers are back on the payroll

Get a peg leg

Make you realize legs are worth more then btc.

Man, Off of the top of my head, keep in Mind I don't know your credentials..

Some kind of clerical gig at a small college

Systems / database administration / IT

Human resources

Parks Worker

Line service at a regional airport

Watch WHAT YOU EAT. Serious.

Fix your diet. Plant based. It will help. And take a while. Its a shit situation; but Don't give up!

In the meantime; try to find an easy job. One that is not taxing. And start working on your health and legs. Get your mindstate fixed.

Was the loss of your job related to your leg issue?

Talk to a lawyer if so. Look into disability.

Can relate. have fucked up neurological condition and have a miserable day to day life from it. constant pain, no escape. seen every specialist. I have no idea what the fuck to do, will run out of money eventually. maybe save enough for some rope.

I dont have any advice, dont know what to do myself, but I thought it might be nice to know that youre not the only user in this kind of situation. real hard to stay positive with degenerative conditions

The man needs a balanced diet of protein, fat, carbs, fruits and vegetables.

If your legs don't work why not get disability

>Systems / database administration / IT
People with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure certifications are making $150/hr. They are not difficult certs to acquire. OP still needs to go all-in on Chainlink though.

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Maybe you should get some counseling. The surgery is clearly messing with you and making you miserable, so you need to find ways to beat it. If getting another doctor to look at it and maybe help it in some way, then at least try to find some way to create happiness in your life.

These guy's get it. The solution is clear. You are disabled to a degree.
File for Social Security Disability. Average pay out is $1200 a month

He still needs to put all his assets in LINK.

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>Fix your diet. Plant based. It will help
No it won't you fucking nut

Hospitals have malpractice insurance for a reason dumbfuck

Your punctuation; is ridiculous.

Docs can indeed mislead patients. I know of a doc that knowingly allowed for defective IUDs to be installed in women with money as the motive IIRC. Guy got into a lot of trouble on that.