We will concern troll our way to the moon

We will concern troll our way to the moon.

If we can get Congress behind this bill, it will keep out any corporate crypto from becoming dominant.

Call your representative and let them know you will not stand for Facebook and Google coin, and we will win this. This is not the last time I will post about this, join me in #boxingout big tech in crypto


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Why do you want this? Not that I don't agree, just wondering what's up.

>wanting two jewish monopolies
cmon now
they already control everything else

go back

this is gonna end up making chainlink illegal

I've been hear for over 10 years. I'm wondering for discussion, why don't you go back to Twitter?

But Jeff Bezos dindu nuthin

the rationale would be, if you get Facebook and Google coin, it will expand the market, sure, but only in favor of Big Two. Who will gradually swallow everything else. You'll end up with them (or one of them) and (maybe) still BTC, then, they'll bs the regs to set the bar of entry so high, no other fucker can or will bother. tldr, Monoply #101

No it wont. Chainlink isnt a currency.

The future of digital currency is a 3 horse race:

Government (USD)
Corporate (Libra)
Peer to Peer (Bitcoin)

This bill would outlaw ANY reasonably sized company from going into digital payments, making our competitors the government, which can't compete on a software and distribution level like Facebook and Apple with billions of dollars and customers.

You with me? It's for the benefit of all crypto holders

>trembling at the sight of FAANG companies entering the crypto space

Let zuck and Sundar on ramp the billions of NPCs and other jew companies they cater to.
If even 5% of them use Libra/Googlecoin to exchange for other digital assets we win

I work in this space and get paid crypto, so I don't think I can make the call. I worry that I will get pwned every day from shitty crypto tax law. Sorry user.

They will be forced to invest those billions in the Bitcoin protocol if they can't make their own coin, my friend.

It's not going to hurt us, it'll give more time for UX to evolve... Imagine if Napster had a law where music companies couldn't stream online

What about 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend?' Let fiat currencies and p2p currently contend openly on the market.


They don't take you social when you call big bro.

Just say you'd like to leave a comment, and if enough people call about it they will seize the opportunity to go against the punching bag of the year, BIG BAD TECH

In this situation our "friend" would be the government, since it's Big Techs nemesis.

Lets help our new friends save face - they can't regulate Bitcoin, but they CAN regulate Big Tech

The government/Fed seem concerned by Libra. You are (willingly?) shilling for the Fed/banks with this thread.

Yep I'm pretty sure you're a a glownigger.

The logic is simple: let the government just their nut and waste their time regulating Big Tech while they leave the decentralized stuff alone so we can build and shill in peace


You probably don't even live in the US Pajeet go send a letter to Modi street shitter

found the fb psyops contractor

let the kikes try to play our game. If they still stand after all the indictments something seriously fucking wrong happened

>they can't regulate Bitcoin, but they CAN regulate Big Tech
They can absolutely regulate bitcoin. All they have to do is "ban" it by forbidding any entity from allowing US citizens to cash in or cash out. They banned gold for fuck's sake. They can absolutely ban bitcoin if they want.

sorry fren, your analysis is typical zoomer "3 years is an eternity" style thinking.
Opening the door to this style regulation will only increase said regulation across the board. You really think JPM is not just going to redraft the "keep the silicon valley meanies out" and use it against bitcoin?
Such regs will actually just become a precedent once they focus the guns on bitcoin.

ANYWAY...your analysis misses a very very simple workaround. Facebook will move to Switzerland. Do you really think ppl only log into fb because its a "good ole usa company"...no one gives a shit about their physical location. This regulation would be childsplay to sidestep.

Move to Switzerland? Lol that would be a bold move.

We will use big tech as a shield against regulation.

How would JPM get a law passed that makes Bitcoin illegal when the Chairman of the Fed compared it to gold?

And since Trump is against BTC the left MUST SUPPORT IT

>video game skins and tokens are digital assets

>oy vey how DARE anyone compete with our trusted, loyal banks

You're a complete retard. Read about the history of virtually ANY business regulations; they always favor giant corporations and snuff out new competition. You leftists are fucking retards

All bobros must get on board, we must stop these fools and push to take away their right to buy crypto currencies entirely

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>the state is fucking terrified that Cyberpunk will become a reality and corporations will replace it

I hate Zuck and Faceberg but fuck the government too. I don't want to pick either side here but the thought of a corporatation rivaling a nation in power is kinda cool in a chaotic sort of way. Would like to see how a corporation would fare running a country over a state.

This. OP is a government agent trying to shill Jow Forums to support the financial status quo. The way forward in the evolution of society is to destabilize fiat currency systems and have the various forms of money content on the market and have decentralized currences win out by virtue of their natural superiority.

Ok fine even if you know it's gonna backfire and Facebook will respond with equal force, think about this scenario:

Government passes law with this bill, Facebook lawyers up and takes the USG to the SUPREME COURT and gets it reversed by declaring corporation crypto and crypto in general is protected under the first amendment.

I’m just trying to speed up the inevitable conflict to get a resolution

have you seen resident evil
it's just like that, umbrella jews and goyim(zombies)

>real life will turn into a shitty video game movie series if we don't allow the state to control everything

once the bill get passes they can tweek it however they want

I don't like this guys, what if they end up banning all of crypto because of this? I don't give a shit if zuck wants to make his shitcoin. Government intervention is never good

you posted a stupid thought and i gave you one back

you guys are in favour of this bill?

this will prevent the big companies from getting involved with crypto companies or using any form of crypto... LINK will be fuked

this is clearly a states' rights issue

So $365 million a year of extra tax to operate crypto asset? When these companies have hundreds of billions of $ in profit? Sounds like an effective way to stop them for sure!

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This draft is pretty promising. If you legally prohibit the big-tech companies from making their own thingo then they will be forced to adopt the next thingo which is chainlink. Well done trump you magnificent bastard. Forget 1000EOY, We can look at 5000EOY.

Is this another good bill?

Sir pls

>hundreds of billions of $
well somebody doesn't have a firm grasp on numbers

if someone told me biz would be the theatre for glowniggers and corporate stooges in the new psyops battle i would never have believed. what a time to be alive

Hint: Smartcontracts LLC can be defined as a big tech company too

Does SmartContracts LLC pull in 25 billion $ globally every year?

>it's another episode of 'boomer doesn't understand bitcoin'.