Harmony one

Got 500k stack. Thinking of selling my LTC for more Harmony One. Should I wait? Is there a chance we pump prior to halving?

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how are you coping with losing sat value everyday?

Ho lee fuk. Send harmonies

Been stressful op. Just need you guys opinion, I’ve been holding on to LTC for the longest.

I think LTC got priced in for halving. It pumped to 145 and couldn't sustain. I'm all in LINK and ONE now and praying for that moon mission

Litecoin was the flavour
Of the month last month, you will get more gains with a 30million market cap coins vs a top 5. not to say that litecoin won’t do well long term, I just see harmony as a moon mission should it come through, which seems likely at this point.

Thanks, I’ve been thinking of it since harmony One was at .012. I think I my as well do it. Wish me luck

i would sell... for real 2019 altseason will be Binance alts and some other new alts.

We will hardly see nasty multipliers from older coins.

Anyone buying now is going to get rekt.


I guess the pump is over so you won't get AS rekt.


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I can understand not being all in, but it is completely unreasonable to have a portfolio with 0 LINK

buy link

>We will hardly see nasty multipliers from older coins.

If harmony does a 20x I will get that tattoo.

Compare both market caps

If you actually wanna make it, go for ONE op

where is link

link is old.

Harmony is the new cool kid on the block

>The magic coin whose use-case is to continuously dump
Come on now user, even LIT is better for gains.

t. not holding ONE or LIT

LINK is still better.

It's 1 month old shithead, dump is a good sign for accumulation, one's moon will outshine your outworn grandpa link