>he sold?
>print 5 billion tether
>he bought?
>burn it

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Mfw moon bog
>Tesla did work here too
>pic related

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You are not the real 42. I’m the tea 42

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Stephen Hawkins copied Roger Penrose
>pic related
Read his book “road to reality”
It’s a great read

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>another trinity
Quite dubious the degree of overlap is a cause for further investigation
Why was the trinity featured so heavily as a metaphysical religious concept for thousands of years before they knew about molecules and simultaneously that same concept describes the molecular geometric shape of water and within that is codified the magnetic resonance required to splay light out and create a rainbow
That’s a whopper of a coincidence

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>he had sex?
>give him STDs

Materialists would chock that up to one big cosmic accident
But it’s obviously not a coincidence
There’s something deeper at play here
These symbols seem to serve as guideposts in human development, like kinds of milestones in evolution or consciousness.
Are we being shepherded as human beings to divine knowledge and understanding?
Are these ancient symbols messages from the future, or echoes from distant more advanced civilizations that may have existed in the past (Atlantis, etc.)

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>this is super effective
>Nietzsche dies...
Such a sad end for such a beautiful man

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>he built something?
>Initiate false rape allegations and divorce proceedings and make him pay alimony and child support
>garnish his wages

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Balkans (pic related)
Sarajevo - Franz Ferdinand - WW1
Lol just what in the hell do they put in the water in the balkans?
Always some kind of happening there

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>rainbow bridge in the background
>you take highway 420 to get there

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>Mfw bard

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