Is it a shitcoin?

Is it a shitcoin?

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yes, now please sell your bags to me.


Do you want to buy my bags?


i'll buy em at 0.26 a pop.

Fuck off Jew scam shills
100% shitcoin

It's due for a solid pump, but BTC keeps fucking up alt season so it might not happen for a while.

Premine shitcoin that the devs dump on idiots with a whole host of "partnerships" just like Link.

The shittiest of shitcoins

This is That shitcoin that they allow to be shilled all over youtube and the mainstream "News" sights where normal people see it and think " Oh damn, its so cheap and look what that bitcoiner did a couple years ago"

Its absolutely shit, with an insane amount of tokens max, rediculous amount in circulation, and they dump more everyday.

Their tokens are not even necessary for the network that they shill will supposedly "Run all the banks in the world soon, always very soon"

It is a complete and utter shitcoin. Id rather buy $100 worth of Reddi whip and spend a night doing whippets than spend any amount of money on XRP.

100% pure shit.

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lol this amount of fud is buy signal

XRP FUD reaching all time high levels on biz. You know what that means. Prepare for $5 sirs.

you’re 100% retarded and a virgin. they dump 1 billion coins per month into the market from escrow and any unsold coins go back into escrow extending the the escrow dump even further. you’re literally buying their bags and they don’t deny it. if you don’t die in a horrific accident I hope you kill yourself for being so retarded

Imagine buying this scam in 2019 lol you people deserve to lose all your money

Don't know much about XRP but isn't that XRP isn't used for xCurrent but IS used for xRapid.

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>they dump more everyday.
Also isn't this just because that a certain amount of XRP gets released to them every month, and they sell it to fund their projects and put the rest back into the ether. This isn't the same as dumping.

They only have a limited amount of XRP in the escrow and will run out within a few years. I don't see the problem.

the market doesn't need more XRP at all, there's not enough uses for it yet

is it not bitcoin then it's a shitcoin

they have 55 billion. They sold less than a quarter million last quarter. track it and you’ll see the problem. do you think there is enough momentum in this market to boost a coin that dumps a billion every month? stay rekt

and that's not including Larsen's, McCaleb's and other devs private bags, not including all the "Charity" donations and project investments in XRP which are buys as fuck liquidating their stashes.

All in all, it will take them decades at the current pace to dump it all.

Lol what a fucking virgin, I made $600,000 off of this coin because of my hyper-intelligence and ability to know the market would bump. I bought this shit for pennies and made a %7000 profit. Stay mad virgin, you're just mad you held on to your sheckles and now have to spend every Saturday night ringing up my gamestop order. currently typing this on my yacht. Go ahead poor fag, talk shit.

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