Got fired from my sales job because i wasn't meeting quotas

>got fired from my sales job because i wasn't meeting quotas
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Are you the same autist who was posting here daily about not making any sales?

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Why were you not meeting quota?

SMB and mid market sales is about volume and activity metrics. Enterprise sales is about knowledge of you industry, product and the customer’s business drivers.

What demographic/segment were you targeting and why do you think you were falling short?

What were you selling, butthole?

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Now you have job experience, you can probably get a new job a lot easier.

Lads, I just got hired by a sales company after working at McDonald's for six months.
I'm slowly going up in this world.

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Transactional sales are mostly a numbers game. You need to understand how many calls it takes to get a meeting, how many meetings to get an opportunity, and how many opportunities to get a sale. You can influence your metrics with certain tactics, but it remains mostly a numbers game and is about scaling activity and networking for leads.

As you move in to larger enterprise sales, it becomes much more nuanced. There may be 10+ people that influence a decision. You need to understand how decisions get made internally, who the influencers are, what competing projects are fighting for the company’s attention, what their budget cycles are, etc. These sales can be 6-18 months and are as much about understanding your customer’s organization and process as they are about the product/service you are selling.

What were you selling?

Why did you fail?

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Some say it’s just new age garbage, but earn my keep in sales and conversations flow much easier with people being much more receptive to a close, generally, when I’ve abstained for months at a time. Transmutation is a very real thing in sales success.

What kind of differences have you noticed when practicing abstinence and retention?


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