Goodbye anons it's been a pleasure knowing you. I am completely wiped out and I've lost everything...

Goodbye anons it's been a pleasure knowing you. I am completely wiped out and I've lost everything. This is my last night on this earth. I leave you tonight with a heart felt message that I enjoyed all of my memories here but it is finally time to call it. See you in the other life.

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i'm gonna do this when I get a terminal diagnosis. so many ways to make money if you don't value your life though, user get it together.

if u die u never find out wat one piece is

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didnt read not selling



Stop being a lil bitch and get back up

I'll be joining you soon, man, make sure to use a good method and get the job done.

Goodnight, brother. We'll all meet again in the afterlife. Or, wild idea, don't be a fucking pussy bitch and keep fucking living, you stinky niggerfaggot. 42% of trannies kill themselves. Are you a fucking tranny, OP? Fuck that, keep fucking fighting until you die of natural causes surrounded by a loving family.
Either way, o7

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and another user has been sent to jail tonight. on murder charges no less.
after encouraging user #1 to kill himself, user #2 has been indicted on third degree murder. he stands to receive 5 years in a federal penetratiary
user #1, just smoke some good weed and watch a comedy. it might cheer you up. link will moon and we'll all be free, just takes some time you know


And to think, you could have bought LINK under twenty cents.

>user is gonna miss the Golden Bull Run

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do not do this. wait untill tomorrow dumbass. I've been broke broke broke living in a tent. it doesn't even take that long to recover dude.

and sold above 4$

goodbye fren :(

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Found the nolinker

Omg ur right!

Got my Nembutal ready to pin soon too, fren. I’m giving myself until the end of the month. I found a quiet place in the woods and some high test cbd capsules to take for any panic symptoms that set in, post injection.

going to be so pissed if it turns out to be some gay shit like 'it's the friends you made along the way'

he died an hero..

Dude your exhaust is aimed inside your car through an opening in the window. You're gonna stink it up. Also damage resale value. Wtf I thought this was a finance board, not a Cambodian lawnmower repair board.

Could have all the money in the world. Nobody cares about me and I’m turning 34 in a few months and I’ve never been on a date or felt a boob. :(

Don't OP you never know what the future holds, sleep it off, maybe go somewhere else to change your environment and perspective, it's going to be ok

Might as well just wait for the next great bull run. No point in ending it now. Almost all of us are disposable and nobody genuinely cares, but that is also liberating too

People care, maybe the environment you're in isn't working for you, perhaps trying going somewhere else for a bit and try something new (could be any activity, meetup, sport, whatever)

Don’t know why people try to talk you out of doing it, it’s better for everyone concerned if we end it. Besides, you guys are fucking assholes.

just smoke a joint and watch fucking how I met your mother, depression is just an illusion go for a run fucking eat almonds and shit bro, it'll all go away in a sec
put crystals in a glass of water bro

Don't pussy out of life, making money is easy, making lots of it isn't. You can always take another shot, nothing is stopping you, but yourself.

Please user don’t do it, you can bounce back.

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