Stay poor fags. I made 20 SHOCK just in staking rewards today just from holding my free Airdrop...

Stay poor fags. I made 20 SHOCK just in staking rewards today just from holding my free Airdrop. This shit is easy mode kek

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Must be a whale?


Oh yeah? I made 95 suck it biiiiitchs - i am a SHOCK Megalodon

Early bird here . do i have to claim them or they just keep accumulating until i do

Who wants to be s SHOCK whale? I do.

they build

If you don't claim no compound. So claim fast

No mor airdrop
This is biz shill
You gotta pajeet to get some shock
That or buy it

Those fucktards required an active Twitter account and a tweet for the 2nd wave airdrop. Left the telegram and dropped that shit.

airdrops have been the only thing making money besides BTC. These smart contracts may seem like dumb investments but this is based on demand and supply

Lazy shit. You deserve to stay poor kek

I guarantee this does a 100X because it's so early

Wow an active Twitter account... That's a lot to ask for $100.

I honestly wanted to give up rather than start a twitter but this isn't most airdrops so I knew I'd make it happen

top 20 holder 1%er here, this shit is going to moon mark my words

Top 30 holder. Feels good.

I saw 2 cashed in 93 SHOCK and 63 SHOCK as divs today. It's starting early for the big holders

yep I know a few of the bigger holders, they have no plans to sell anytime soon. They want to accumulate the divs, push the price up for a while before unloading. We have a small group that are doing this.

Should be noted we are on floor level, take this as you will.

What's the suicide stack I need?

>Another shitcoin of the week
It won't go anywhere.

1% of supply

I bought BOMB ad had it nearly 50x for me so I've got gains to waste