Wagie, sing despacito

Wagie, sing despacito

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god i cannot wait till i make it so i can be on the other side of this shit for a change

Based. This is true talent and customer service. Imagine how much pussy these guys get being able to sing like that.

Rolling for green
Wagie, escape by buying SNTVT

So who's entitled to the tips jar at the end of the wage cycle?

Noseberg Goldstein


Asian girl was cute

Not enthusiastic enough. Your wages have been garnished. Also fuck I want ice cream now

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>work in the warehouse of a home renovation store
>know very little about home renovation
>stocking shelves one day
>"hey, can you help me with X product user?" says a customer
>I help him the best I can and tell him that he'll have to talk to someone at customer service for more information on the product
>puts his hand on my chest and insults me
I was caught off guard by that. I hate being a wagie, I hate customers, I hate life.

You know, they probably have fun doing this. This is probably the highlight of their day. This isn't so bad.

>"do you know where the screw drivers are?"
>"You'll have to talk to someone at customer service for more information on the product"
>customer puts hand on you and shit talks you to test if you're a pussy
>you freeze and don't do shit
Everyone point and laugh at user here

Haha bro, I’m just testing you, it’s just a prank

What was I supposed to do anyways? You can't beat up customers user.

You shove him the fuck back for putting his hands on you. If your employeer don't defend you for you sticking up for yourself against a threatening dude than they are as pathetic as you are. I bet you haven't been in one fight your whole life

What's pathetic is getting aggressive with workers who aren't supposed to treat you poorly. It caught me off guard, you aren't supposed to fight customers. Fuck off.

Consider what happened a life lesson. What you went through was a taste of the real world user. If you won't defend yourself and actually like you have balls, you will be trampled on for your entire life. Break your cycle.

When we finally make it and they test your generosity, remember this video

This is just fucking incredible. Is this seen as normal in the US? If you don't quit your job over this as a man, you are either a faggot, retarded or completely dead inside. And the customers that ask for this want to exert power over someone just once in their life I guess. Making someone dance and sing like a circus bear for a dollar lmao.

Doesn't surprise me with the Asians tho, they are insects after all

>wants to just be the oppressor and doesn’t want to help his fellow proletariat


i guess it feels like femdom or like overall SM powerplay feels for non-wage people

I bet you never had a real job.
When you need your job to eat and sleep in a bed then you just lower your eyes and let your pride in the changeroom.

Today I'm a young crypto retired but I used to be this slave.

is being an outgoing nornie the final redpill? they all seem genuinely happy with life

Imagine this being your life. I would much rather be some poor starving kid in Africa than having to perform like a seal in the zoo for a fat walruss

You can do whatever the fuck you want. The good thing about being a wagie is that you can be a wagie fucking anywhere as long as you didn't fall for the college meme so your not in debt. I probably tell at least 4 customers a day to apologize or leave, and I tell hajis and beaners I cant serve them because I dont speak their language even when their English is fine. Also if you ask me for ketchup I ask you to tip me first or its not worth my time. I've also only been fired once and it was because I didn't show up for a week, so I walked two blocks down and got hired for my same job at another store. I'm more financially independant than any of my peers either because I just invested in a side hustle and income assets for years instead of having debt. Being a wagie is only shit if your low test low iq and have no self esteem.

basically a faggot

after further thought, I feel like the people that work there deserve this. If you let this happen to yourself, you deserve this. This is just too funny